Written by Mike10NZ


…you enter the room with a deliberate slowness that ensures that you see my reaction to the delicate revealing slip, red bra and red panties you are wearing. All you are wearing! Your eyes catch mine as I briefly look at your face before my eyes drop, down to your breasts, further down to the junction of your thighs. You see the smile of approval form on my face as I take in your beauty, concealed behind almost see -through fabric. You know that I am being turned on by your sexy presence; you know that there is a hardening of my cock in my pants but you are not going to rush.

You want to tantalise me, tease me with glimpses of bare skin, breast, crotch and buttock as I sit there. Sitting on that chair, getting aroused, becoming horny as.

You know that I what to rush to you and touch you but you know that I’ll wait and let you lead the interaction. You feel my stare, my eyes probing and searching, it turns you on. You like been wanted in such a primeval way. You know that soon enough I will be in you, deep in you. But for now it is a visual show, you want to turn me on, tease & arouse me so much that I’ll be so hard when you finally envelope me in your moistness.

As you get aroused by the thought of me imagining fucking you, your moistness makes the sheer panty material become even more transparent. I know, that you know, that I can see the outline of your womanhood, the lips so inviting, now clearly visible. You know that I want nothing more than to bury my mouth over them, to lick every inch of your moist warmth, from top to bottom, inside and out. To nibble and tickle your clit, to push my tongue into your pussy, to lick down the entire length of your pussy to the soft sensitive area between pussy and ass.

You wonder if I might even lick close to your ass to tease you. You hope so. You know that my cock is rock hard, straining to get out, wanting to have your lips swallow it. You know that I like to have my cock in your mouth, for your lips to slide up and down the shaft while you suck and lick the head with your tongue, as I fuck your mouth, looking down to see it disappearing.

As you move closer towards me you look at me and see that I am staring at your groin, focused so intently, so you move your hand down and pull the sheer red fabric to the side exposing your moist pussy to me. You see me shudder as I absorb the view of that most tender of places. This causes you to get even wetter, turning me on just turns you on more.

Oh you just want to sit on my cock, which has made a clearly visible mound in my pants. You want to impale yourself on my entire length, to grind your clit against me as I thrust in and out of your pussy. You want my hands to roam over your body, to caress your breasts, to rub your buttocks, to feel your butt. You want every part of me to stimulate you so that when you cum, and boy are you going to cum, it will involve every nerve so you will scream in ecstasy & pleasure.

You want to cum so that it causes my cock to swell in you, intensifying the feeling in your pussy, and then unload it’s cum into you. You want to feel me cum, every muscle tensing as I reach that moment with you.

You continue to move nearer to me, almost to within arm’s reach, your red, now wet, panties slowly falling to the floor. Your red sexy bra follows it, your beautiful breasts revealed. You know that I can see all of your pussy, smell your heat and arousal, knowing that I am so turned on that nothing will stop us having a powerful fuck, a deep hard fuck.

As much as you would like to drop to your knees and suck me, you just want cock, you want to be penetrated, your pussy filled with iron hard manhood. You notice that I have removed my pants and there is a stiff cock there in front of you. You consider turning around and teasing me with your ass, you know I’d like that, the view of your pussy and ass in front of me, so close. A choice of two pleasures , inviting, but which would I like to take.

But you want cock in your pussy first; the ass can wait, so you back in towards me knowing that you can sit down, directly onto my cock, sinking down until its full length is deep in you. So you do.

As you sink down onto my waist, my hands come around and cup your breasts, paying attention to your nipples. Stroking, circling, gently tweaking as they harden to my fingers.

One hand leaves your breasts and slowly glides over your belly, arousing nerves, down to your pussy, eagerly searching for your clit. Your brain is crying out “Oh, let the fucking start in earnest”. This is going to be sweaty, hot, satisfying sex and you will not stop until I have cum in you, in your pussy, in your ass, till we have both cum numerous times. This is now you like to spend a quiet morning………..