Written by newbees2011


She was a good girl, at least she was...

Golden satin skin, luscious bottom cheeks that formed round plump purt curves ant the top of her strong thighs, her silken slip of a dress showing every detail as her hips swayed when she walked into the room. She tapers off to slim nipped in waist giving ample to hold onto. God his imagination went wild from the second he saw her walk into the bar. He was with two other mates just out for a drink, her there seemingly to meet with a boyfriend. She was dressed to kill but somehow had a sweet innocence to her demeanor. She may have been in her mid twenties, long dark hair tied loosely up off her shoulders. Soft pouted lips the sort you could imagine rapped around your cock, after kissing her passionately. Her breasts, plump and ripe ready for the picking. The backless halter neck plummeted down to reveal just enough cleavage for her enticing nipples, oh my god, jutting eye-fetchingly through the fine fabric!

His mates were talking and laughing but somehow the sound of their voices just faded away. He was transfixed. Occasionally he acknowledged the conversation but kept his focus on her.

A little time went by maybe half and hour, this seems too long to leave a beautiful goddess waiting. She started to seem uncomfortable maybe even embarrassed, she shifted her leg and he got a glimpse of her white panties, lacy just enough that you could see skin through them. Without realizing he cleared his throat as his cock got hard. She looked up as she heard the noise then look disappointed as she realized it wasn't who she was waiting for. Then she looked up again and caught his eye, she smiled at him revealing her green piercing eyes.

He called over a waiter and requested a drink for the lady, "what ever she likes" he said. The waiter approached covering his view and then walked away to then come back with a cocktail drink. She raised her glass in a gesture to thank him and drank it down in one swallow, this is one sexy woman he thought to himself.

Suddenly there was a series of continuous loud bangs from the hotel foyer, people around screamed not knowing what was going on. She looked scared and helpless and just sat there frozen. Some men ran into the bar yelling get down. With not another thought he leaped over to her rapping her in his strong arms protecting her fall with his body first then rolling over onto her to protect her.

He held her close not realizing his own strength. After about 30 seconds she said "excuse me I can't breathe, and your digging into my hip." He loosened his grip and she turned to look at him. He had very caring blue eyes that somehow made her feel at ease with his presence being so close. He realized it was his still hard member that was digging into her backside and apologized if he seemed rude, but he had never seen such a goddess as her before. She smiled and said she has never received such a big compliment. The screaming was still going on around them. He had pulled over a sofa as he through himself, so they were not visible from the foyer and felt a little safer. He asked her why such a beautiful sexy woman was on her own. "Just a jerk of a boyfriend I suppose" she replied. "Jerk would have to be a understatement if you don't mind me saying I could drop my load just to look at your naked body". She swallowed and shifted her pelvis taken by surprise from his uncensored words. Her face got a little flushed and she took a deep breath. "He felt her enthusiasm and asked her if he was reading her ready and willing body language correctly." She said "I've never done this before but my body is so ready, oh my god my panties are so wet". Her breathing quickened as he ran his hand between their pressed bodies and slipped his fingers between her silken thighs, just under the edge of her panties, he teased her a little making her wetness run down her inner thigh. She groaned and writhed to his touch. He leaned in to kiss her bottom lip and dipped his tongue into her mouth searching for hers, she welcomed it giving back the heat of the moment. She grabbed at his belt buckle and unzipped him releasing the beast hungry for her warm wet honey...

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