Written by Andre du Mornier


The usual alarm clock buzz, the hasty jump from bed, shower, shit and shave and off into the car for the commute to work except....the turn of the key elicited no response from the starter.....bugger, a flat battery!

Never mind plan b was available. A rummage for change and a dash to the bus stop, just making it in time for the 0612 to Britomart.

Somewhat flustered and a little sweaty, i slumped into a seat and observed my fellow passengers. not much of note with people either nose down looking at their phones or listening to music tinnily escaping from their ears through intricate minute speakers.

The bus bumped along for a few stops until a nice looking lady hopped on and came and sat next to me. I couldn't help but notice the long legs encased in fine fishnets and a skirt that was unwilling to cover a modest amount of thigh. We exchanged a quick glance and then pretended not to notice each other as the journey into the city continued

as we rocked and swayed in our seats i noticed her thigh brushing against me and i thought i detected a suspender clip but i could have been mistaken! Soon i was convinced she was rubbing against me so i threw caution to the wind and put my hand tentatively against her leg. Quick as a shot, she grabbed my fingers and used them to caress her thigh, making sure i could feel the tops of her stockings and the slight bulge of flesh they created. Without hesitation, she put her overcoat over her lap and soon i was tugging at the hem of her skirt, riding the material up the smooth material of her fish nets until i found the lacy tops and the exquisite softness of her upper thigh. In turn she had managed to get her hand onto my rapidly hardening cock and was teasing my bell end through my boxers. I ventured on and as my hand progressed up her thigh, her legs drifted apart and i found a smooth mound unencumbered by material and i could feel the swollen labia at my fingertips. Her fingers were now prising my cock out of its confines and started to pump the helmet as my fingers entered her moistened pussy. As she expertly worked my cock to full hardness, i found her swollen clit and, working some pussy juice up on to it rubbed it hard in a circular motion. we were both breathing much deeper as each worked the erectile tissues of the other. I could see her biting her lip and i could hardly contain the orgasm building in my loins, when suddenly, she gripped my rod extra hard and i felt a gush run over my fingers as her pussy contracted and she came, barely able to stifle her gasps as her orgasm built in her. It was all too much for me and my seed issued forth from my rampant cock as her fingers encircled my angry purple cock head.

As our orgasms subsided, we both looked at each other with a knowing smile as the realisation of the mess we were both sitting in hit us. I had blown a load over my black trousers and she had gushed and was no doubt damp around her arse.

we both waited until the bus had disgorged its passengers to get up and quickly scuttled off to the loos at the station to clean up. As luck would have it, we both exited the toilets at the same time and although feeling a little sheepish, she kissed me on the cheek and pressed a piece of paper with her number on it into my palm, and with that was gone.

Guess I'll be taking the bus more often from now eh!