Written by Mike10NZ


... You know I'm there but your too comfortable lying in the sun. Its been caressing your body, warming it, arousing you as you dozed. You lie still feigning sleep, your too relaxed and at peace to stir.

You feel the bed sink as my weight arrives on it, you can feel that I'm close, somewhere near your legs. You know that I'm looking at you, feasting on your nakedness, all the bits that you know I love to touch, taste and enter. Youre already moist from the sun's touch and you wonder if I can see it.

You feel me position myself over your legs, directly behind you. You feel my hands start their caressing, their exploration upwards, kneading and stroking your excited warm flesh.

Moving upwards, always closer to your moistness, your buttocks. You would love to groan, to wiggle but you don't, you want to pretend your asleep, let me continue, see where I will go, what I'll do.

My hands have been all over your thighs, outsides, backs, insides, oh the insides, always getting closer to that very special place, my favourite place.

All the time you are getting wetter, more aroused. You cant help but open your legs more, like an involuntary reflex, an invite to me to continue closer.

You want me to go to your pussy, to touch it, to stroke it, to probe it, to flick my fingers across your clitoris. God you want a finger to enter you, find your g-spot. But I don't, just continuing to caress flesh so close, the occasional inadvertent accidental brush over lips and clit. Teasing bastard!

My hands move upwards over your buttocks, kneading them, stroking and caressing them. Massaging them so that you know I can see your butt-hole as your cheeks part. You know that I'm teasing you; you know I know you would love me to rub your arse, even nudge it with a fingertip.

You also know that I'm as hard as rock by now. That Im dying to put it in you. Am I naked? You do not know if I took my clothes off or not.

I continue to massage up from your butt to your lower back and then up your spine. As my hands rub upwards you feel me rise on my knees and lean forward.

I lean upwards across your butt. At last you feel it, my hard cock, as it bumps into your pussy lips, trapped in the join of your crutch. It hot and so hard. You can feel the head wedged against your opening. Oh please just put it in me", you yell in your head. "I want that cock in me!"

As I return my hands back down towards your buttocks my cock moves away from your pussy but you can still feel the heat on your lips. So close, it was so close it sliding in.

I continue to rub back up your back and each time you feel the change in weight as I lean upwards. You feel my hard cock sliding into the crack of your arse, sliding forwards so its entire length is resting in your crease. Its hot, radiating heat into you. God you want me to put it in you. Anywhere, just get it in.

I slide back downwards and as my cock leaves contact with your body you raise your arse up, presenting your now dripping pussy at me. You know I can see what you want, you know I will oblige.

Without any noticeable change in my position you feel me lean forward and this time my hard cock heads straight into your pussy. It pushes into your lips, forcing them apart, and continues in. It is hot and hard but you are so wet that it slides easily in, stretching you wide, filling your pussy with cock.

You moan with pleasure and satisfaction, thank god its in there, and you start to push backwards to meet my thrusts. I want all my cock in you and you want to ensure you get it all. It deep, as deep as it can go. You love it; this is want you love, want, need.

You know that I am loving it too. You can feel that my cock is as swollen as it can get its rock hard and pounding into you.

All the while you can feel my hands gripping your hips to pull you back onto my cock, you feel my hands venture around to touch rub your clit, to fondle your breasts.

You love it as my hands caress your buttocks, fingernails stroking downwards from buttocks to inner thighs, so yummy. My hands excite you, add to the pleasure that the cock is giving to your pussy, you know you're cumming soon, so strongly.

You feel my hand on your arse, teasing around that other entrance you know I like to be in, the stimulation is getting too much, there is no return. You going to cum, you know that I will feel you cum and I will join you, unload my hot spunk into you.

That thought is the final trigger, a cock thrusting in and out, a hand teasing your arse, a hand caressing your body, me groaning and sweating behind you is too much and you start to cum.

It rocks your entire body, like a seizure and you groan loudly in release as your orgasm sends waves of pleasure through you.

You feel your pussy clamping on my shaft and feel that my cock is swelling as I start to cum too. You love to feel me cum in you; love to hear me cum as warmth spurts from my cock into you. You can feel my hard cock pulsing in your pussy, pumping cum into you.

God you feel fucked, so as we lean forward, my hard cock still firmly wedged in your pussy, you think that this is just the start. The afternoon is young and there are other things to be had, other ways to cum, and other places to use.

You think "God I'm glad I had a lie in the sun and what a dream". Or was it? You put your hand down to your pussy and return it to your mouth.... no that is warm cum, tasty- your favourite, evidence that you had really been fucked. Thank goodness.