Written by Huntsman54


It started with a story I wrote for the KiwiSwingers story website. A couple of days after the story was published I received a message from a Wellington based couple saying they enjoyed my story and could we chat. I was flattered and happy to agree. I checked their KS profile and was pleasantly surprised to find they were not only a good match for me in that we seemed to be seeking similar things from the site, but they were also an attractive couple.

Our chats seem to confirm the similar interests - it appeared that as a couple they were well into experimentation with a high level of kink and plenty of B & D. Chats continued until out of the blue they suggested that we meet for a drink. They said they would like to discuss my story with me. A CBD bar and time were agreed for the following Friday.

I approached the meeting with some trepidation. The story I had written was a fantasy situation, one that I have dreamed about but one that I wondered if I would ever be brave enough to pursue.

Arriving at the bar I immediately spotted the couple and they rose to greet me as I approached their table. Kate was tall, maybe an out 180 cm but with stiletto healed boots which went to above her knees, she towered above my 175 cm. Rod was about my size but he hung back a little allowing his wife to greet me with a handshake and a peck on each cheek. Almost as an after thought she turned and introduced me to her husband. Rod was ordered to get drinks and Kate and I walked to a table which was situated in a dark corner of the bar. As I followed her I noted her very short sundress which hugged a tight figure and legs to die for.

Rod returned with the drinks, he, like me, but was carrying a little too much weight but what was most notable was how he fluffed around Kate checking she was happy and comfortable. It was becoming clear very quickly that Kate ways the boss in the marriage!!!

Indeed it was Kate who was doing all the talking albeit small-talk initially until she suddenly the questions became a bit more personal. First she raised the issue of my story and asked me directly whether the story was factual, based on an actual experience or a figment of my imagination or perhaps, my fantasies. I immediately replied that it was one of my fantasies. She then asked whether I regarded myself as Dom or submissive. I replied certainly submissive to which she responded that she wished to check on my obedience.

She was facing away from the other bar patrons but I was amazed as she wriggled around for a bit and it became apparent that she was removing her panties. She then held out to me a pair of black lacy panties and instructed me to go to the "men's room" and put the panties on and return my own underwear to her. I grasped the already very damp panties and while my mouth must have opened in surprise she highlighted that the dampness of the panties was already evidence that she was turned on by the prospect of me as their slut and slave.

It did not take any persuasion for me to obey my first instruction. I can only be honest and say that my equipment is modest at the very best but the excitement of the situation had me at full stretch and it was an interesting exercise tucking the tackle into the fairly brief and very damp panties but mission accomplished I returned to the restaurant and handed my own underwear to Kate and she immediately reversed her earlier action and wriggle her way into my underwear.

She then stated that the switch was both physical and symbolic - I would now be treated as the panty wearing sissy slut that I was and she was the one who wore the "man's gear"!!!! She then commanded her husband to undo his trousers and show me his panties. Rod said "yes mistress Kate" and immediately opened his trousers to reveal a pair of pink frilly panties.

Kate then announced that she was taking her two sissys home and looking forward to a night of her being pampered!!

We walked to a nearby car parking building and as we arrived at their car Mistress Kate commanded that Master Rod and the Slut were to strip to their panties before they were allowed into the car. Rod immediately obeyed without question and began removing his clothes and jumped into the back of the car. I hesitated but after a quick look around decided to quickly remove my clothes and get into the car. Clothes removed I tried the door of the car but was alarmed that the door was locked and I could hear a car coming down through the car park. Alarmed I pressed myself to the side of the car and tried to hide myself as I saw the headlights sweep through the car park the car seemed to slow as it passed us and i was shocked as it stopped in from of our car and the windows opened revealing four young women who on seeing me waved and cat whistled at me . I was much relieved when they then moved on and even more relieved when Mistress Kate leaned over and unlocked the passenger door and I quickly scurried into the car. Mistress Kate advised me that she was very disappointed that I had hesitated before removing my clothes and this was the first stage of my punishment.

There was one more incident on the way home when we were on a double lane road and Mistress went to park a large truck. However instead of passing she only drew level with the truck and then turned on the inside light and sounded her horn. I looked up to the driver of the truck and was shocked to see the driver staring down at me in just my panties. He gave a loud blast on his horn and the thumbs up sign which obviously satisfied Kate and she accelerated away again.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and we arrived at a pleasant suburban house and pulled into the automatic garage.

Mistress Kate swept out of the car and straight into the house telling me to follow Master Rod’s instructions. He directed me to proceed into the living room where he knelt down and indicated that I should do the same beside him. So we waited ……………(To be continued if there is interest....)