Written by vampypet


You know how I love to jog on my treadmill with my tight bike pants and jogging bra. You know what time I do it so you arrive just before I finish. You peak your head around the corner and sneak a look at me running, my tits boucing up and down and my ass begging to be held by you. The music is blaring out some old rock tune as I start to warm down. You walk in the door startling me and say "I'll help you warm down my love".

I smile at you with beckoning eyes as you walk up to me and kiss me. I kiss you back with more passion than you expect. You kiss me hard and I taste of salt, so wet to touch I feel you rise at the thought of what is to come. You undo my bra as you kiss my neck and I moan still a little breathless from running. My tits are released and you move down and kiss each nipple delicately, you suck them in one by one and hold my breasts, large soft and sweaty and you moan as you get excited. One hand moves down into my bike pants and I moan as you reach my entrance. I arch toward you begging you to go in but you pull out and pull my pants off. You move down to kiss my soft mound that is pushing up toward your mouth, my pussy starts to moisten and I spread my legs as you move in and lick my salty but tasty folds. I start to throb as your tongue flicks my clit. I lift and open just for you and you press your tongue into my pussy, oh my it so hot. I want more as you finger my ass just a little. I gasp as one finger enters my ass and one finger enters my pussy. More juices flow and your face is wet from my exploding with excitment. "I need you in me now" I cry. "Soon my love, soon" you say. You lick my clit and making me squeal as you push most of your hand in my pussy and three fingers in my butt. Push harder and harder until I cum with a gush all over your hand. You pull you hand out of my pussy and reach it to me to lick it. I taste so sweet on your fingers baby.

You come back up to kiss me and mingle my sweetness between us. I lift my hips so you can enter my cave with you large erect cock ready to penetrate me. I moan as it enters and you push in and out while you kiss my neck and my tits. I lift you off and push you back. I wanna suck my juice off your cock baby. Mmmmm, so nice, I lick and suck and fondle your balls while I squeeze your ass. I suck you in deep and hard, gagging just a little as I pull you in and look to you with my hazel gold eyes, you smile at me and mouth "I love you" in the heat of your excitement. Your almost cumming so pull off me and throw me onto my knees. You ram straight into my hot wet wanting pussy and I gasp. I am breathing so hard and want all of you. You finger my butt with 3 fingers preparing it for you cock. You ask me "do you want it here baby" and I reply in a moan "oh yes baby, take me now". You pull out of my pussy and holding my hips you slide you large fat cock into my tight hot ass. I push back to you wanting it all and you are suprised how ready I am. YOu fuck me hard and pound my ass while you lean on my back and finger my clit making me cum all over again. You cant hold back, it is just so tight and wet and hot and you explode deep inside my ass. I moan loudly as it hits the spot pull off you and push you into my puss. Ramming hard you cum a little more and make sure both my holes get filled. Oh fuck, you are good my baby, my love. Let me lick you clean I say. You lean back and watch the cum leave me then I turn to lick you again. You start to stiffen at the touch of my tongue and say "Round two is on it's way"