It’s late as I arrive into town.

The only eating place open is a tired looking café with curtains hanging limply in the window.

On the window next to the door is the menu. It offers nothing surprising which is typical of the small towns I visit regularly.

I glance cursorily in to see what it looks like inside knowing that no matter how it looks I’ll be trying the food as I’m tired and hungry. Behind the counter stands a man in his late forties early fifties with his hair under a white hair net required to be worn. However when our eyes meet I could see a flash of fire in them that piques my interest.

I go in further and am about to place my order when he says sort of abruptly “kitchen’s closed…you can have a pie or something but there is not much left.” The pie warmer sits there with two pies on the shelf. They look hard and as if they almost beg me to take them and put them out of their misery.

“Nothing else?” I ask. “I’ve had a long day and am tired and hungry. If you open the kitchen for me I’ll take the meal away”.

He looks at me as if making an important decision. “Where are you staying”, there’s not much accommodation in town and everything is booked out due to the seaweed conference being held here”.

“Fuck!” I say to myself under my breath, thinking just my luck a one horse town fully booked. I look at him and see he knows I’m pissed off.

“Tell you what,” he says. “I’ve got a spare room at my house which you can have for the night. I’ll even throw in a quick dinner and breakfast. How does 150 sound?”

I look at him again, I take in the hair, the smile, the flashing eyes, the potential figure hidden by the bilious smock he is wearing. “Sounds great,” I reply, “I don’t snore and I’m tired so I won’t be keeping you away from your bed too late tonight.”

As I said this I could see him looking at me again wondering if he was doing the right thing by inviting a stranger into his home.

“Ok, give me a couple of minutes and you can follow me home”.

I go out and sit in my car and look at the main street of town. It is empty of life and even the storefront signs hang listlessly screaming out their lack of interest in the town.

A car appears next to mine and with a toot of the horn signals me to follow. Following his car I also wonder as we head out to the edge of town am I doing the right thing. However I know I have to carry on with this as I have no other option at this time.

His indicator indicates a left turn and we enter a driveway which has nice shrubs each side well shaped and well formed. Our cars come to a stop and as I get out he says “It’s not much but I call it home. You can have the room out the back that way you won’t be disturbed by the traffic”.

I grab my bag and follow him to the room. On entering the room I am slightly impressed at the size of the bed as I enjoy sleeping in big beds. It goes through my head as it does every time I stop in a town for the night …is tonight going to be the night….to date it never has but perhaps tonight it might…..

Shower is through there he says pointing. I nod my head abstractedly. I’m tired and just want to eat and go to bed. He looks at me and says “Have a shower and freshen up, I’ll get the kettle on make some tea and get dinner on. How does a small steak and salad sound? Just come through when ready, I’m also going to have a quick shower so don’t be surprised if I’ve changed when you come through.”

Nodding I watch him walk out the door. I open my bag and get my toiletries out then realise I have almost run out of soap. I have enough so taking my clothes of I walk into the shower room. In front of me is a floor to ceiling mirror. I look at myself thinking that I’m not too bad for my age. Playing squash and swimming has helped keep me in shape. I know from changing room glances that my tackle is up there with the best so I’m not ashamed to get naked when required. Turning the shower on I like the way the water burst against the shower wall spraying a fine mist. The glass walls steam up as I get in and feel the water blasting my body. I enjoy the stinging lash as it cascades down my body. With my soap I sensuously start to soap up my body. It may seem strange but I love the feel of my hands as they glide over me caressing my nipples, stroking my thighs, cupping my bum. I moan slightly to myself as I start to feel the day wash away and my body start to relax. I gently wrap my hand around my cock. Glorifying in the feeling as it starts rise with both the physical and mental stimulation. As I sink into my own little erotic mind I am not aware that my bathroom door has been opened. However I am aware when the shower door is opened.

“You didn’t have a towel”, a voice says. “I bought you one”. I snap out of my moment and see a shape through the steamed glass. I cannot make it out, and feeling a little embarrassed I mutter, ”Thanks”.

“Are you ok? “Is there anything I can do to help?

Inside I say to myself “Of course there is can’t you see I’m horny”. However I remain calm and say, “No I’m fine”, and then on impulse add, “But if you want to join me I won’t mind”.

I turn my back to the door a little concerned that I may have offended them. As the water cascades over my body I imagine that they have gone and I am again left to enjoy myself.

I jump slightly….there is someone in the shower with me, my heartbeat increase slightly in apprehension. I feel warm hand encompass my buns. They clench slightly in response. A hand slides around my hips and tentatively fingers my manhood. It twitches in anticipation. The other hand slides over my chest tweaking my nipples as it passes, they harden with the touch.

I reach around behind me not too sure what to expect. I’m excited and nervous. I feel like a naughty school kid in a shower not too sure what the boundaries are. Am I allowed to touch, am I allowed to explore, am I confident I can do these things? Questions flood my mind.

Hesitantly I let my fingers brush against the body behind me. Then I make contact with a semi erect cock. I pull back slightly but then a hand guides my hand back again. I grasp it within my hand and try to imagine what it looks like. It’s not circumcised where as I am. That feels a little different. I reach further back as he moves forward to rub his cock between my cheeks. I fleetingly pull him closer I like the feeling.

Simultaneously he is stroking my cock with long rhythmic strokes. My cock continues to grow in his hand. It is enjoying the feeling while my mind is racing….what do I do…what do I want him to do….I move slightly away from him but now he takes a little control and pulls me back into him his hard manhood now pressing into my butt crack rubbing himself up and down maintaining the rhythm with his hand on my cock.

I can’t help it, I have to see his cock. I turn quickly in the shower…we are now face to face, cock to cock I look down at it… fantastically hard…. knob red…. throbbing slightly. I lean down and place my lips over his left nipple and let my tongue stroke it hard….I feel it coming alive…..while we continue stroking each other’s cocks…I then slide down his body pulling my cock out of his hand and take his glistening head into my mouth. I enjoy the smoothness of it…..I enjoy the size of it….fuck it I just enjoy all of it.

He reaches down and gently forces my head harder into his groin. The water cascading over my head exhilarates me more and I want to take all of him deep inside my mouth. He starts to move his hips gently but forcefully making me take it all in…I gag a little at first but then get used to it…. My hands move up his body to his chest where I find his nipples. Then I feel him grab one hand and lowering his head he starts sucking on two of my fingers with the same cadence as his hips. My own cock is now straining as I imagine him doing this to my cock…..I can feel the pre-cum oozing out…..

Without warning the water stops.

“What the fuck is going on here?”

Dazedly I look towards the shower door

“You Bastard”, the voice says. “You’ve bought another one home haven’t you? But what really pisses me off is that you started without me. You know what that means!”

Through the mist I can see a figure standing at the door staring at us. By the stance I can see they are a decisive and controlling type person.

I reluctantly let his cock slip from my mouth. I sort of huddle down not really knowing what to expect.

“You can get out of here now!”, exclaims the voice. I start to rise and am immediately told “Not you! Him”. I huddle down even more not knowing what to expect. He steps over me almost apologetically as if he knows or understands what may be coming. I look up again and they have both gone. I can hear loud voices coming from my bedroom. I slowly start to stand. My cock is shrivelled and looks pathetic. In fact, I look pathetic. I reach for a towel and wrap it around me. As I shuffle towards the door I’m apprehensive about what is on the other side. I peek around and gasp.

This time it is my turn to be disappointed. He is laying on the bed while his cock is being stroked firmly. He is also licking the pussy that is being pushed into his face. He seems to gulp at it as if it is driving the air from his lungs as it is being thrust hard and fast against his face.

“What are you looking at, you started before me so I have to make up time, get your cock over here!”

A little shaken I went over to the bed. I’d not been involved in such a raw sexual experience before.

“Let me feel your shrivelled up cock in my mouth I hope it’s better than what it looks now”.

Without missing a stroke, she moved her head around and literally engulfed me. The warmth of her mouth on my cock was a shock and she sucked very hard on it as if trying to suck it off my body. It was a weird feeling but as she did it I felt myself starting to respond. She suddenly spat it out and said I did not say you are to enjoy it. I don’t want you getting hard yet. Lick my nipples slut get them hard like his cock is nice and hard. I want to enjoy both of you sluts because you started without me.

I start to suck and lick her nipples feeling them grow in my mouth. She pushed hard against my mouth trying to get her nipples in further, however I sensed that if I was to nip them with my teeth she would enjoy the flashes of pain as I nipped them.

I felt her start to tense up with the pain so I slowed a little but at the same time I moved my hand down to her pussy sliding two fingers in her......feel free to add more