Written by jimmyzbob


... His fat cock waited, throbbing, aching for her. She lowered herself and he closed his eyes anticipating her warmth enveloping but it didn't come. He felt her shins land across his upper arms her weight pinning him to the bed. Her tight wet pussy was inches from his face. A slender finger slid up, right in front of his nose, it rested lightly on the clit which glistened slightly in the dim light.

He craned his neck, his tongue pushing forward. Desperate to taste her, to please her. The heel of her other hand rested on his forehead pinning his head to the bed and simultaeneously ringing her forward the finger stroking even closer if possible. So close that her knuckles grazed across his face as she stroked her pussy.

This teasing just added to his erotic thoughts, drove him further down the maddening road towards desire.

Her hand moved from his forehead "stay" she said with a smile. Her hand reached back gripping his cock expertly gliding up and down his shaft. She started easing back slowly inching away from him. All the time gently, sensuously stroking.

She put her hands onto his chest as she nestled his cock between her buttocks. She clearly enjoyed the ecstasty she was bringing to him with every inch of her body, knowing the depth of desire he was experiencing for her.

She lifted slightly higher than before and with a shift of her hips he was inside her. The wall of pleasure which had built up with her teasing and domination was released as a crashing tsunami of pleasure crashing over both of their bodies. She was grinding hard in to his pelvis, he could feel pleasure emanating from every nerve in his body as the writhed together he braced hard against his bonds allowing her to push against him.

She moaned deeply climaxing with a spasming of her body, convulsing on top of him sparking, like a detonator, him to explode deep inside him. She collapsed on top of him. their bodies becoming one as her hands rested on top of the stocking tight around his wrists.