Written by Jimmyzbob


... She walked around behind him. He craned his neck to follow her movement. A slender finger was placed upon his cheek pushing him back to his eyes pointing forward. he had no idea what would happen next and the tension was palpable.

He felt her the pressure of her thighs and groin push against his buttocks. The material of her dress smooth against his skin. As she grinded in to him her hand slid up over his buttock and across the naked muscles of his back the warmth of the her fingers changing to the sharp electric sting of nails as her hand glided back towards her. His head made the smallest movement back towards her and instantly Smack her palm came down like a vipers strike on his buttock. His head snapped back instantly her control now more than purely emotional. His desire to please her will was all consuming.

He felt her dress start to inch up between them, slowly, tantalisingly, he heard a zipper slide down. The knowledge of her nudity was torture. The pictures he had seen had got him so hard and his memories of these images made his cock grow as big as he could remember. At this moment his memory was interrupted by the little black dress being tossed over his shoulder.

Another playful smack landed crisply on his buttock and one word "Crawl". On all fours he climbed up on to the bed and made his way to the headboard. he heard her kicking off her shoes and slipping off her stockings. "On your back" As I roll she takes first my left wrist and then my right. Before I know whats happening her stockings are looped around my wrist and the headboard and I am tied to the bed.

I pull against them briefly but realise they are totally secure. I look up and she is stood there astride me smiling down looking magnificent. Her nudity is total, my submission is total, her control is total .......