Written by jimmyzbob


... The ferocity of her passion was near overwhelming. A tsunami crashing in to him possessing his senses with its irresistible force.

Suddenly she withdrew. He paused shocked at the suddenness of her withdrawal Her blue eyes sparkled with mischief. The doors slid open behind her and she spun on the spot and strutted away from him down the corridor. She turned a glimmer of a smile her finger flicked a beckoning and he walked forward mesmerised her deep inside him had fully, willingly, delightedly submitted to her every whim

They were in a hotel room now. She tore off his shirt as he dropped his pants. He stood there his hard cock pushing against the fabric of his boxers. She pushed gently on his shoulder and his knees buckled. She giggled, fell back letting her dress riding up. He was at the foot of the bed her legs either side of him.

He bent forward aching to taste her. She placed a finger on his chin stopping him dead. The finger then descended lightly on to her clit crcling lightly. He moaned gently, frustrated yet excited, knowing he was not permitted to go 1 milimetre closer. She writhed lazily on the bed she could see her pussy slowly change as she her finger motioned across her lips.

She drew the finger up towards her and he felt a heel dig in to the back of his shoulder. Every fibre of his being wanted to dash forward but he resisted the temptation. He savoured the moment, savoured anticipation even savoured the sharp pain in his shoulder. His tongue parted his lips and the tip touched her, electricity flowed between. He started moving over her slowly enjoying the smell, the warmth, the flavour and eventually the growing wetness. Her legs enveloped his head as her writhing grew more intense. Her legs parted and he took his opportunity standing up, dropping his boxers his hard cock stood proud an inch from her wet pussy.

She rolled to one side and in one motion was on her feet. "Who said you deserved to fuck me....yet?" She said the mischievious twinkle returning to her eyes.

"Umm.... I thought you might like it."

"I will" she replied "but not yet. Right now its too early, too naughty." Her hand was on his shoulder bending him in half..... and snap. Her hand hit his naked buttock.....