Written by Jimmyzbob


She had told her husband what she would be doing, shown him photos, explained. She didn't know or care for his views as he went to open his mouth she had placed a single finger across his lips, kissed him on the cheeks and left him with a pile of pics of the man who would in 4 hours become her lover.....

He sat in the hotel lobby as arranged. He had 2 glasses and a bottle of deep red wine sat waiting as ordered. She strode in with the confidence of a woman who knew every word of the messages she had received was true and that this man desired her absolutely. The little black dress hugged the contours of her figure and yet moved with her body.

She smiled down at him as he went to talk her fingers snaked around the neck of the bottle, her other hand gripping the front of his shirt. She drew him up on to his and continued her glide through the foyer. He stumbled behind her drawn along not by her tight grip but by his desire for this sensual being.

She turned him and pushed him backwards. His back contacting the back wall of the lift. In one motion she entered the lift, hit the button and pushed herself against him. Her breasts pushed in to his chest pushing his back hard against the mirrored wall of the lift.

He placed one hand in the small of her back gripping her close the other fell on to her thigh as her leg slid up his side. They kissed deeply the pressure of his lips speaking of a controlled, passionate urgency. He slid his finger tips along her thigh waiting for them to carress panties. They slid round tenderly on to her bare buttocks. She had come dressed prepared, he realised, with nothing under her dress to stand in front of his suddenly hard cock......