Written by Rose


I was told to wear a blue dress and no underwear, meet at the bar and sit in the corner cubicle. While rifling through my closet looking for dress i was to wear i was feeling tingles down deep in my core. I had heard his voice before and seen his magnificent body but not his face.

I had my shower, did my hair and makeup. Splashed perfume all over and put the Blue dress and stilettos on. We jumped into the taxi and hubby Charles told me to be calm as i looked absolutely ravishing. He slipped his finger into me as we drove closer to the city lights, i could feel myself getting wetter and hornier. Charles always knows how to get me really sensitive and horny. Hopefully i didn't wet the cab seat to much. As we entered the bar i could feel the moisture between my legs go cold as the evening breeze blow up my dress slightly. The corner booth was occupied by a very handsome man that i hoped was him. We went to the bar and bought our drinks and wandered over toward him. He stood up and introduced himself to Charles and turned and winked at me, took my hand and said that i was more beautiful in person. Jason was all man . We had some mild chit chat getting to know each other, it was very nice. The first thing i felt was his hand slide across my leg and open them slightly. I hope you have listened to my instructions completely he said and i nearly choked on my drink as his fingers breached the friends barrier to the warm depth of my inner pussy. Omg it felt so good to feel him touch me. Charles was grinning from ear to ear. He loves to see me pleasured.

We all decided the bar was to busy tonight and left for Jasons place.

We got there to find the fire wonderfully warming the log cabin, sheep skin, red wine and cheese all ready for our return.

I received a wonderful massage over my whole body from Jason and both men sucked and nibbled on my pussy till i couldn't cope any longer. I was desperate to let go but i had been told not to until instructed. Charles got down on the sheepskin and told me to ride him while Jason took me from behind. The DVP was amazing and i was begging to come. Jason pulled out of my pussy and slid into my bootie and as he did he whispered into my ear, "you have permission to cum". As he slid into me Charles thrust his cock in hard and thank god i was aloud because there was no stopping the wonderful orgasm that hit me. It lasted for ages. The men then swapped positions and again i couldn't stop, my body was so sensitive and aroused that i couldn't stop cumming. We stayed the night and i was treated like a queen. Every couple of hours i was awoken to a cock entering me and every time i came again.

Oh what a night that would be.