Written by corporategirlcd


“That’s him’, you say, as we hear a car pull into the drive and see a flash of headlights through the gap in the curtains. A mix of excitement and nervousness flashes across your face. I just smile and squeeze your hand.

This is our second meeting, so it’s not a complete unknown for any of us. We’d met at a café a few days earlier, after doing the groundwork online, finding someone you thought was hot. Touches of one of your celeb fantasies. Some slightly surreal conversation about what was going to happen, what was OK, what was not.

It’s warm inside, the fire is glowing, and everything is tidy. I’ve lit a few candles around the lounge and there’s some soft jazz playing turned down low. We’ve both had a glass of wine. I’m in my suit and an open neck shirt. We know he’ll be the same. You’re in heels, black stockings and a short skirt, and a black sheer low cut top. You look amazing. I know you’re already wet, because you’ve told me just that.

He knocks.

‘Off you go’, I say, and pinch your bum as you move to the door.

You look back at me and I’m blown away by how gorgeous and sexy you look. Those eyes that first locked onto mine that night, years back when it all began. I’m so lucky that it’s still so good. Just so good.

But you’re not actually going off anywhere, you’re just welcoming the man who is going to fuck you, under my instructions. The man who will join me as we share in your pleasure.

He enters and we both smile and say hi. I know you like how he looks. I can tell. You cough nervously and look back at me for affirmation. I look you in the eye, smile and nod.

The first 20 minutes are taken up with pleasantries. We sit on the couches – you and I on one, him on the other - and chat about … well, stuff. The trip here, finding us, what a strange business it is. He complements you on how amazing you look. He’s right.

He moves to our couch and you shift in-between us. I stroke your beautiful long hair, the smooth skin of your cheek. He places his hand on your stocking clad thigh and moves it ever so slightly up. Pushing the hem of your skirt up. You close your eyes.

‘Shall we?’, he asks.

I look at you and then kiss you gently on the lips, full and soft. He watches us while stroking your thigh, starting to push your skirt right up. You lean in hard to me and I reciprocate and we can feel the electricity.

He moves his hand softly to your breast while we kiss and I hear you moan slightly. There will be no reciprocating on that front – kissing on the lips is just for us, he knows the rules.

He senses your nipple hardening as we kiss and squeezes gently. I mirror the action on my side and you begin to relax to our touch.

We carry on like this for a few minutes and then I tell you to go and sit on the table, your feet resting one each on two chairs. We stay on the couches to watch.

‘Show us your pussy’, I say. You lift your skirt and slowly spread your legs and bare your pussy for us.

You place your hand between your legs and run a finger slowly up the crack of your pussy to your clit. I glance to my right and see that his cock is hard through his trousers. As is mine. I unzip my trousers and release my cock and begin to gently stoke my hardness while I watch you masturbate. He does the same. You can’t help but moan softly at the sight of his penis. It’s slightly bigger and thicker than mine, but that’s OK with me.

You watch us as we touch ourselves and the sight of those two erect cocks has you even wetter. You insert a finger in your pussy and start to fuck yourself while we watch. It’s incredibly horny and erotic.

It time to move things along.

I stand and undress and tell him to do the same. I move to the table and kiss you, then tell you to lie down with your pussy close to the edge of the table. He moves around the other side. Fuck, his cock is big – I can see you staring at it. I want you to want it.

You pull your top off and expose your breasts for us and now we are one on either side of you, standing over you. I take the lead and you know he will follow. I lower my mouth to your nipple and take the full firm thickness of it into my mouth, sucking, licking, gently biting. You moan as I do and then moan again louder as he does the same and you luxuriate in the feeling of us both pleasuring you. I sense you moving your hand down to touch your wet pussy, but I tell you to wait and be patient.

I lift my mouth from your breast and say ‘I’m going to show him how you like to be fucked honey’, as I move to the end of the table. He stays where he is and now brings his stiff erect cock close to your face – you lift your head and touch your cheek to his swollen hardness and bring your lips slowly into contact against his shaft. The sight of his cock against your face and touching your lips is incredible and I have my hand on my cock as I bring it near to your pussy.

I lift your legs, fully exposing your wet pussy, then start to slowly rub my penis against your slit and your clit.

‘Suck his cock honey, while I rub mine against your pussy’ I say. You don’t need any encouragement as you take the end of his cock into your mouth and lick and suck it. Seeing his erect cock in your mouth is almost too much for me, especially when you look up and make eye contact with me while this man has his erect cock in your mouth, and I slow my pace down to stop myself coming right there on your pussy.

‘Take his cock right into your mouth while I fuck you’ I tell you. You oblige and sink your mouth right down on him – I can tell you are turned on as I slowly enter you and push into your wetness. He watches me as I fuck you slow and deep, pulling my penis all the way out almost and then sliding back all the way in as I hold your legs and he starts to do the same, slowly fucking your mouth.

We continue like this for a while but then I pull out and say ‘Now it’s his turn to fuck you’. He moves around to the end of the table. But this time it’s me, not him, that pulls your legs back and I hold them while I tell him to enter you. He places the swollen tip of his cock at the entrance to your pussy, and as you feel it you push out to meet him.

‘Fuck her’ I say to him.

‘Fuck him’ I say to you

He pushes his cock into you and you gasp and close your eyes as he slowly fills your cunt. I rub your clit as his cock enters you.

My cock is still hard and you grab it with your hand and start to stroke me while he’s fucking you, and I’m still rubbing your clit. I feel like I’m going to pass out it’s so horny. The sight of his penis plunging into you, filling your pussy, is beyond words. I can see how turned on you are and it turns me on beyond belief. We can both tell he is close to coming, as are you.

‘Come on his cock honey’ I urge you, as he picks up the pace and fucks you harder and deeper. ‘Make him come, fuck him babe’.

You’re starting to lose control and all I want is for you to have the most amazing orgasm with this other man’s cock deep inside you and to feel his semen squirting in you. You start to gasp and moan loudly as you climax together and you feel him twitching and pumping inside you. I have to hold myself back from coming too, but its ok as I have other plans on that front. And they’re probably not what you are expecting.

While you both take a few minutes to recover I caress your face, your hair, your breasts, I kiss you, and caress you. You reach down to your pussy and start to stroke your clit. I can see his semen seeping from your cunt and you rub his come all over your clit while I watch and stroke my cock.

‘Now its my turn again’ I say and I move to the end of the table. I rub my cock against you like I did earlier, the difference being that this time another mans semen is making everything a lot wetter and a lot hornier. I start to fuck you, feeling the incredible wetness of your come and his in your cunt, covering my cock. While I start to fuck you, he kisses your breasts and your neck, and takes your nipples in his mouth. I know that it will not take long for me to come - the thought and feel of your semen-filled pussy around my cock is just too much.

But now, after a few horny minutes of this, I pull out suddenly and move around to the other end of the table. I tell him to stand back and watch us. I get you to slide off the table. You are uncertain what I want. I stand in front of you, my erect cock covered in his semen and your wetness.

‘Take my cock in your mouth, taste him on me’, I say

You do as you are told and slide your mouth onto my erection, deep and long.

You can taste his come mixed with yours and as you suck me you rub your clit as another orgasm builds in you. Near us, he is rubbing his freshly erect cock and starting to breath heavier as he watches us and gets off on the sight of you licking his semen off my cock. You can’t hold back any longer, and as you come, I start to too, and I pull out of your mouth and stroke my cock hard and fast for the final few moments before shooting long streams of my hot semen over your lips and mouth and cheeks. And as I finish, the scene is repeated only seconds later, as he moves close to us and does the same, his semen squirting all over your breasts and neck.

And then its over. You’ve had two cocks in your pussy and in your mouth. Our come is all over you, on your skin, in your mouth, on your face, dripping from your breasts, running from your pussy. And the look of horny satisfaction and fulfilment on your face is worth a million dollars.