Written by Whyme2003


I went down to park for a walk was hot so I got down to my singlet and jeans I found a quiet spot away from others laying down my eyes closed enjoying the sun,next I hear a soft woman's voice saying hello I opened my eyes and standing above me was a woman short skirt tinny tank top I could see straight up her nice shaven pussy was exposed to me,my cock hardened instantly I said nothing and ran my hands softly up each side of her calfs I could see her eyes close and her tounge licking her lips she slowly sqautted towards my face my fingers still running up and down her legs gently,her exposed nice pussy got closers to my face as she sqautted above me my tongue now close enough to take a gentle lick each side of her inner thigh I so softly took a my tongue and started to lick her pussy lips sensing her body respond to my touch and tounge quivering to my response I now flicked my tounge around her clit now swollen and moist circling her clit gently she was moaning with pleasure so I steadily and with long soft links I went up and down her juicy hot pussy tasting her sweetness feeling her start to grind my face my links got slowly faster and a bit more pressure her moans getting louder her hips moving faster my hands gripping her cute ass her pussy now wet with juices my tounge slips inside her going deep flicking her gspot inside her I feel her pussy tightening around my tounge as I dart it in and out of her she starts shaking and moaning louder my cock now dripping pre cum in my pants I feel her wanting to explode in orgasm so I get quicker and deeper inside her I feel her juices starting to run and wet my face her hips pushing her pussy hard against my tounge she comes with an almighty gush all over me her moans of enjoyment were load as she released her hot juices she pulls any her pussy dripping wet looks down at me and says thankyou have a lovely day my face dripping with juices my cock dripping in my pants I roll over and watch her walk away thinking wow that was enjoyable I lay there and enjoyed the taste of her never to see her again but so enjoyed her mmmmm