Hey babe, here's something that i think you should know:

So, I had a late night date and decided to wear this nice red dress that i hadn't worn in a long time. Went out to the bar to meet my date on Friday night, James, who was pretty cute. He wore slacks and a button up shirt. We chatted and drank for a little while, then decided to dance. As we danced, I thought he kept on grabbing my ass, but it was a couple of guys behind me that were getting a cheap feel, at least at first.

After a bit, James started grabbing my ass, lifting the bottom of my dress a little as i grinded up on him. I could feel his cock getting hard as we danced and felt his hands on my bare ass and eventually he guided his hands to the front of my dress (glad I decided to not wear a bra). The dance floor was pretty crowded, so I didn't worry about it too much, but I did feel a couple extra hands every so often graze up against my ass. James slowly felt up the front of my dress and his left hand pinched at my nipple through the dress, making my nipples hard and clearly visible. As he played with my nipples his other hand slipped under the front of my dress, his fingers searching for my pussy. I was already starting to get a little wet, so he had no problem sliding a couple fingers into me. He slowly pushed his fingers into me and I moaned as i continued to grind away. Another man came up behind me and started grinding on my ass, his cock clearly hard through his khaki pants. He pushed up against me, hard, and groped my thighs and body all over. His hand found my pussy that was still being fucked by James' fingers, and the new guys fingers entered my pussy slowly. The two of their hands alternated going in and out of me, making me get even closer to finishing. I was about to finish and James kissed me deeply as both of them shoved their fingers into me as hard and as far as they could, making me almost scream, luckily my mouth was preoccupied. As I finished, the two of them took their hands away, and James led me to a table for a seat. But before I sat down, i wanted to go to the bathroom to clean up.

While in one of the stalls i overheard a couple women at the sinks talking. "Did you see what your man was doing?" one of them said. "Yea, the bastard fingered some slut with another dude. what the fuck is that bitch all about, huh?" the other said. "She's a dirty slut, don't worry about her, she's probably gonna get gangraped or something." "Serves her right, let's get her back real good." "What do you have in mind?" "there are a lot of guys here, let's tell them she wants to fuck and suck all of them, at once", "yea, let's wait till her boyfriend takes her to her car and have everyone fuck her there" "that little slut wants dick, then she'll get it" and with that, they left the bathroom laughing. I was a little torn on what i wanted to do, but i wasn't opposed to getting fucked by a bunch of guys at the car, so i figured i'd let James know what was up and see what came of it.

When i went back to the table, i told James what i had heard, he was intrigued to say the least, but wanted to make sure i was safe if anything did go down. So, the plan was simple, he invited some of his buddies to meet us at his car, not to fuck me, but to protect me, just in case. We stayed at the bar for a little longer, and throughout the night, i saw lots of men staring at me. Of course i gave them something to stare at too, by bending over enough for my tits to fall out or enough for my pussy to show from the back, among many things.

When we left, i noticed at least four or five guys leave at about the same time. James' friends were at their cars, close to ours. As we got closer, they pointed out the guys following us (7 total). We got to the car and James sat in the driver seat, me in the passenger seat. The guys following us stopped for a minute, i guess just realizing the other men at their cars nearby, then turned and walked away. I thanked James with a kiss, a deep one, and put my hand on his crotch, rubbing slightly. His friends walked over and saw us making out and James had begun pushing the straps of my dress off my shoulders, exposing my breasts completely. I unzipped his pants as he fondled my breasts, his friends gathering around the car. He pulled his cock out of his boxers, and i gripped it firmly, pumping his shaft up and down slowly. He then grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down to his dick. I licked the tip, then the shaft and finally his balls before putting my lips onto him and deepthroating him. He pushed my head up and down on his cock, to his pleasure. I got up to my knees and he shimmied my dress down and onto the floorboard as i continued to suck him off. He then rolled down the windows, they were getting a bit foggy and i could hear his friends talking about how good at giving head i am and about how they'd love to fuck my ass, my pussy, my mouth and do anything else they wanted to me.

I got up onto my seat and stuck my ass out the window, much to the surprise of several guys, making James rise up out of his seat so his cock would still reach my mouth. I felt many hands on my ass and pussy, feeling me at first, then exploring my pussy and ass with fingers, then i felt a tongue touch my pussy, and it sent a shiver down my spine. He licked me until i was dripping wet with desire and i felt the head of a cock rub against my pussy a few times before it entered me slowly at first. He grabbed my hips and drove his cock into me as hard as he could several times and he came very quickly, unfortunately. I was enjoying that kind of fuck, but he finished too fast for me, luckily he was replaced swiftly by another cock. This guy fucked me long enough to make me cum first, and when i did, he pulled out of me. I felt hands lift my ass as the door opened up. James then came over to my side and pushed me out of the door as he sat on the seat, he then lowered me on his cock as his friend stood in front of my face. I took the cock that was in front of me, and sucked it just as hard as i had been sucking James. James fucked me pretty good, but as he got closer, he stopped and pulled me off his dick. He then guided himself to my ass and used my juices and his precum to loosen me up a little before very slowly pulling me onto him. I was surprised at first, but enjoyed it, my mouth opened wide as his friend fucked it good. Finally James was as far into me as he could be and i was in heaven.

I reached for the cock in front of me, only to find that it was gone and he lowered himself to be able to fuck my pussy instead. I got a good look at the guy about to fuck me, a somewhat fatter man, but with a decent cock. He hovered over me as he guided himself into me and then started grabbing my breasts as he pumped away. James said he was getting close and i told him to cum in my ass, before he did though, he grabbed me and forced me down onto his cock as hard as he could, causing me to gasp and making him cum. When he was finished, his friend picked me up and pushed me up against the car, lifting one of my legs onto his chest as he continued to fuck me. He grabbed my ass and played with my pussy as he continued.

Finally, he was getting close and he pulled out of me and pushed me to my knees. He jerked himself off until he came on my face and when he was done cumming, he pushed his cock into my mouth, making me taste my own juices and lick up the rest of his cum. James still had three other friends standing around, dicks in hand, ready to fuck. I waved them over and started giving handjobs and blowjobs to them, changing periodically between them. One guy started cumming on my neck, another came on my face and the other continued to jerk himself off, enjoying the show. When the two had finished, i sucked off the last one until he came in my mouth, his cum dripping out a little as he finished. Finally, when everyone was pleased, i got back into the passenger seat of James' car and we drove away. And, yes, i was naked in the seat, smiling.