Written by Katz


We had coffee together to see if we had the right connection, and ended up touching each other under the table. You had a hand running up my leg, skimming my thighs until I move away far enough to get my toes into your crotch, caressing you gently. We arranged to meet at your house the next evening for some playtime.

Here I am, making my way to the front door, stilettos tapping on the concrete, wondering what you would want to do with me. Knowing what I wanted from you. Tapping on the door, I hold my breath as I hear your footsteps on the other side. The door opens and there you are smiling at me, all six feet of you, forcing me to look up in spite of the heels.

You reached for my hand, drawing me in off the doorstep. As I moved past you I felt your hand cup my arse, felt the warmth through my skirt as I heard the door close. I stopped in my tracks as you moved closer, turning me toward you, reaching to cup both buttocks, holding me against you. I sighed into your chest as you walked me back against the wall, holding me there, lifting my butt up as you leaned your weight into me.

Lowering your head, I watched your lips come closer; mesmerized I tilted my head up for your kiss. My knees shook a little at the passion in that kiss. “Put your hands over your head”, you whispered, and when I complied you reached to grasp both of my wrists in yours, stretching my arms up. With your other hand, I felt you pulling my top up over my breasts, then folding the cup of my bra cup down to expose my nipples, your mouth was there, engulfing my breast, sucking hard, it was almost painful. As I cried out, you lifted your head and kissed me hard, pushing my head back against the wall, I wilted under the assault of your tongue.

You kissed down my throat, nipping a little on the way to take my other breast, licking and flicking the nipple, making me gasp before nipping it sharply between your teeth. I squealed in shock. Before I could catch my breath to say anything, you had pushed my skirt up, discovering I had not worn knickers. You murmured in my ear “good girl”, as you let my wrists go undo your jeans.

I looked down to see your turgid cock spring from the opening of your jeans. The thick shaft already rigid. Your hand went between my legs, opening my lips, tugging them a little while sliding a finger into the opening. I was holding your shoulders so I could stand. Hesitantly I asked, “Should we move out of the hallway? Find somewhere comfortable?”

“Oh yes” you said, “very soon, but first….” With a practiced move you had a condom on and you hands were sliding under my butt as you lifted me, leaning forward with your cock leading the way; you began to lower me onto you. As I took a breath, you took a nipple in your mouth a sucked hard as you pushed into me, thrusting as deep as you could go. Lost for words I could only hang onto you. Feeling you plumbing my depths, holding my arse, squeezing my buttocks in this wild rhythm that was you taking me against the wall, thrusting deep with your long cock, and then withdrawing almost to the end. I looked down, to see your shaft disappearing into me. I felt wild, intense, abandoned in the moment. You were so calm, while I was losing my mind with the sensations of your hands on my arse, your cock in my pussy and your lips on my breast. This was not how it was supposed to go, I was not going to last long, everything I had was focused on your cock moving in me.

Then your voice was in my ear, “I want you to cum hun, whenever you are ready. Then we will find that somewhere more comfortable that you wanted, so I can eat you out, and you can return the favour.” You were thrusting strongly now, I could feel you deep inside me, the pressure on my clit every time you were fully in was insane. I panted, “Can we get horizontal now please?”

Your reply was to hold me down onto your cock as you took two steps left to slowly ease down onto a chair with me straddling you. My heels just reached the floor. As you sat you pushed my legs wider, sliding your hands around and onto my hips, pulling me deeper. I found the rungs of the chair with my toes. “Now,” you said, “this is really what you want, hmmm?” I was rocking in your lap, controlling the movement and the depth. My pussy was soaking, I could feel moisture running down onto you. I couldn’t help but let the first whimper escape. It was so delicious, and exciting to be taken the moment I walked in the door. Oh you were gentle for most of it, until you wanted my attention and signaled that by nipping my lip gently or my nipple. Causing a short sharp pain that was not unpleasant.

I felt your breath against my ear, “Cum for me baby, I want to eat you, to clean up all that cum when you have finished.” You ran your hands around my arse. I felt your fingers against my small hole and tried to clench against them. But I couldn’t stop moving, rocking your large cock deep inside me, feeling the tension build as I panted into your shoulder, hanging on for dear life as I felt you slip a finger into me, moving it in the same rhythm as your cock was thrusting.

It was unbelievable, I rode you faster, moving rapidly up and down, forcing you deeper into me. The sensation of your finger in my arse was driving me. Suddenly you lifted a breast, capturing a nipple in your teeth, then sucking, drawing the whole nipple into your mouth, worrying it with your teeth before lathing it with the flat of your rough tongue. It was so intense, throwing my head back, I whimpered, the orgasm was building.

“Yes, baby, cum for me, I want that cum, use my cock baby, let it go, cum on hun, you want to, cum hard baby.”

I was crying out with every thrust now, riding you with abandon. Allowing the orgasm to start, shaking me from the tips of my toes, exploding, exploding, exploding….and then you were with me, one hand flat on my lower back, the other holding my hair, holding me hard against you and down deep onto you, as you kissed me deeply you groaned your own pulsing release. I dropped my head to your chest, you held me tenderly, stoking down my back. I was done, I couldn’t believe I had walked to your door less than 15 minutes ago. Now I wanted to drift to sleep in your arms but,

“Now”, you said, “my tongue wants you…”