Written by Slipperysam


Quick Get In

“Quick get in” she whispered, giggling “before anyone sees you!”

He shot a glance left then right. No-one seemed to be taking any notice of him, so he stepped one long leg in behind the curtain and in one movement had drawn himself into the cubicle with her.

“What do you think?”

She stood before him in the short cut flowery dress she was thinking of buying. He eyed her legs, then her bulging breasts.

“They look fine to me” he offered, placing his hands on her waist. He leaned in to kiss her.

“No don’t” she giggled again. “Someone will hear us”

“They will if you don’t quieten down” he said sternly. “Shhh”

He pulled her against him and this time made sure he found her lips, forcing his tongue inside her. She relented and letting her arms drop down to his back she dragged him back against the wall with her. As the kissing became more urgent she felt him hardening, felt his dick pressing hard up against her stomach. She thought about protesting again but suddenly, didn’t care. If someone found them, well too bad for them, she thought.

She gasped as he released her mouth, and gasped again as he immediately started on her neck, delicately nibbling his way down to her chest. At the same time his hands found the zip on her back and quickly drew it down. Meanwhile her hands had unlatched his belt, then had his button and flies open. As she felt the dress slip down her shoulders she got her hand around his cock and started to pull on it as best she could while it was jammed between their bodies. She found it was already slick with the first of his spunk.

His hands went to work on her bra clasps and soon, it too, slackened and slid down between them. As his kisses and nibbles marched down her chest onto her boob, she loosened her underpants with her thumb enough for them to drop down her ass and straight away she could smell the hot vapours rising from her already wet honey pot. As they dropped the rest of the way down her leg she shrugged her bra and dress down further before raising her arms to the top of her head, lifting her breasts up to his mawing mouth. She quietly gasped again as his mouth enclosed on her breast bud, first once then again soon after as he found the other.

Already she felt her coogie beginning to ache for him. As she looked over his shoulder and into the dressing room mirror, she pulled his shirt up to his shoulders and watched the white trails her nails left on his toned bronze back. While he continued sucking and biting lightly on her nipples, she drew ever deeper figure eights on him, eventually working her way down to his jeans. With her thumbnails dragging into him all the way, she leant forward partly over him to drop his drawers to her knees. She could suddenly smell him too, his heat releasing the fumes of his body spray. His scent and the familiar smell of his crotch mingled pleasantly in her nose as she drew in her sharp horny breaths.

She ground her wet puss onto his thigh as she leant back to lift her breasts even further to him. He responded by lifting his leg, and standing flat on one foot and on the toes of the other he pushed his muscular bare thigh into her groin. Her wetness flowed out on to him as she rode his mouth with her breast, and his leg with her groin. She felt the familiar burning, needing to pee feeling that came with her orgasms already upon her. This urged her on and her gyrations increased as she tilted her pelvis to ride further and further up and down his leg.

They were both breathing hard now, coming to the brink together quickly. She sensed it in herself and pushed him back lightly to lower herself and take him in her mouth. She could not wait to feel his hard prick fucking at the top of her throat, but he caught her as she began to bend her knees.

“No no!” he whispered desperately trying to be quiet. “I’m too close. Bend over. Let me fuck your tight cunt”

She looked into his wild eyes briefly before she turned to put her hands on either side of the wall astride the mirror. She arched her back down to lift her wet womanhood into the air for him and watched him take his position behind her. She saw him look briefly at the curtain, then down at her ass before he took himself in one hand, and while he steadied himself on her lower back with the other, slowly pressed himself inside.

She felt him slide inside her, the delightful stretch of the first penetration evacuated another gasp from her, and a grunt from him as he settled inside her at his fullest girth. Without pause he drew back and began a quick constant thrust in and out of her. Her hands lost their grip and edged up the wall a tiny way with each of his attacks. She could feel how slick she was, how easily he swung in and out of her. She watched her tits swinging back and forth in the mirror with the force of his deep drilling, her areola and nipples rise up toward her and down again to gently slap on her belly in great pendulous arcs. She pushed back in time with him and felt his thighs and pelvis banging against her, sending painful pleasurable waves across her, into her. She glanced up and saw his face, full of concentration as his brow furrowed and bobbed up and down in time with them. She could feel him swelling and it wasn’t long before she could hear the tiny grunts that gave away his closeness to cumming. She tightened her leg muscles in an attempt to quell the slapping noise as he banged against her, looked down to concentrate on the feelings she felt building inside her, willing them up into her body and very soon she too brought herself to the edge. Each thrust now was pushing her closer. She felt his hands tighten further on her hips and tilt her forward slightly. Before she could think any further he struck her at such an angle that her both her clitoris and her erogenous zone high inside her copped five blasts of him in a quick succession.

With a stifled whelp she came hard against him, her pussy sensitised and tightened but he did not slow. Ten more thrusts and he himself swelled within her and she felt the filling, mushy sensation of his seed ejaculating deep inside her. She looked into the mirror to see his face contorted and twisted, his mouth making the shapes of the words he forbade himself to say. The sight of him, then the pulsating of his rod as it coughed out the last of his dribble into her, the sensation of his spunk so far into her brought on a second climax, and she pushed herself hard onto him, and, screwing her own face up, she bit her lip as her second euphoric orgasm swept her away.