Written by Katz


I rolled up to your small cottage. You came to the door, “Hey Kiddo!” I murmured. Catching my breath at the hard muscled abdomen above the overalls that were on view. Oh there are some benefits to turning up with no expectations.  You grinned at me, your young face lighting up, I stepped close enough to smell the sweet sweat of you. No nose blocking shower in a can stink here, just honest to goddess sweat. I moved a little closer to have you put a finger under my chin and tilt my head up, dropping a quick kiss on my lips. “Come in”, you said.

“Hope you are going to feed me Kiddo, it’s been a long day and this girl is hungry.” I was probably looking at you quite hopefully. You looked a bit embarrassed, “not much in my house, I usually just fry stuff up”.

“So long as there is something in the fridge, and a beer, I’m happy to cook.” In the kitchen I ditched my jacket and boots, standing in jeans, tee-shirt and bare feet at the sink I began rummaging for ingredients while you headed to the shower. As I watched you disappear through the door, I toyed with the idea of joining you. My stomach growled. Food first.

We sat at the small table, with our meals between us. I loved the clean tousled look of you. I cleared my throat, “ummm, would you take off your shirt?” I requested, “kinda like what I was looking at before”, I gave you a hopeful grin.

You grinned right back, “Only if you take yours off too.”

Well that stumped me, but always up for a challenge, I whipped off my tee-shirt and sat there in my pink bra, giving you a shot of my set of double D’s. You looked, oh how you looked. I started to blush. You took a mouthful of food, chewed thoughtfully, swallowed, and looked me in the eye. “Bra too, if I have to sit here half naked, its only fair…”

Crikey! Well you had a point. Off came the bra. So here I am, an older woman, sitting across from a sweet young man I had only met online, with my boobs hanging free at the dinner table. You moved your fork to your left hand, reaching across the table with the right; you lifted my left breast, brushing the nipple with your thumb. Oh, oh, oh, that felt weird and good at the same time. You continued to methodically eat, while caressing my breast. I was struggling to eat, resisting the urge to come around the table and climb into your lap.

As you finished your meal, you pushed the plate aside, took a swig of your beer and then reached with your other hand, around my plate to gently cup the other breast and wipe the wet chill from the bottle across the nipple. I caught my breath, lifted my bottle for a quick drink. Putting it down I got out of my chair and came around the table. You turned to meet me, opening your long legs and pulling me toward you by my hips as your mouth opened to take a nipple. I raised both hands to support my breasts, offering them to your mouth. I could feel the molten heat beginning between my thighs. Oh lordy, this boy knew what he was doing. And then some.

You licked and nibbled until I was having trouble standing. Then you reached up, with a hand behind my head, you pulled me down to your lips, kissing me deeply. I could taste beer and smell shampoo. God you were gorgeous!

You disengage your lips from mine, moving me back and standing; you looked down at me, hooked an arm around my shoulder. “We good to go to bed woman?” you asked, the query in your eyes betrayed your youth and the uncertainty you were feeling. Yes I could turn you down now, but seriously? Would that really be a good idea considering how wet I was?

I walked through the door to the bedroom. You dropped your jeans and sat on the edge of the bed, pulling me back in to lathe my nipple with your wonderful tongue once more. Your hands dropped to undo my jeans. Sliding them down over my hips, you grasped my arse, sliding your hands around, fingers sneaking in under the edge of my knickers, running your fingers up the crevice of my butt. You released a nipple long enough to tell me, “kick your jeans off, I want you to sit on my face and give your cunt to me”. Oh! Lordy, youngsters knew how to do that? Hell yes! I struggled to get my jeans off and my breasts in your face at the same time. Giving up I turned to bend over to fight them off, you whipped my knickers down, while I peeled my tangled pants off my feet, you licked the length of my cunt, parting my lips, flicking my clit. I fell to my knees, oh shit!

You laughed. “C’mon girl, get up here”, as you slid back onto the bed. Don’t need to ask me twice. I followed you. You grabbed me and pulled me up the bed, “over here, let me have you over me’. With that I moved up the bed straddling you, to find your face. Your tongue was ready for me. Wide and rough, with gentleness finding my clit, massaging it while I clung to the bed head.

“Oh,yessss” I breathed, giving a whimper as I felt your tongue penetrate my hidden places. You licked back to my clit and then back to sink into me again. Your rhythm was relentless. I was panting and moving back and forth, trying to get your tongue everywhere. You reached around me and grasped my buttocks, to move me as you wanted. I was starting to groan a little. I looked down into your glinting eyes and blushed at my own abandon.

“You will cum on my tongue, woman. I want to hear you, so don’t be quiet baby”. I was hanging onto the bed head. Trying not to smother you, your tongue was everywhere, across my clit, in my cunt, running over my lips. I was panting fast. Oh lordy, this was sweet. Soooo sweet…..

Suddenly, you grasped my clit between your teeth, and rasped your tongue across it, back and forth, back and forth. You were gripping my butt, one finger in the crease against my arse, just prodding a little, it was exquisite, I was hitting the heights, as I threw back my head to howl, the orgasm shook me. Your tongue drove me higher, I howled again. Your strong hands held me to you as I vibrated through a strong wave, and then pulsed on your tongue.

I looked down, you were grinning back at me. Pleased with yourself. I was pretty pleased with you too. I moved down, leaving a trail of moisture down your chest. Sliding down until I reached your rigid cock. Reaching down, I slid your boxers down to free your lovely long cock. Oh heavens, I am a lucky woman. I moved further down to take your strong young manhood in my mouth, licking up the underside of your shaft, taking the head of your beautiful cock in my mouth. Licking and sucking the head as I worked my jaw a little in preparation. I wanted you. I wanted this. Your cock in my mouth. Returning to favour of what you had just done for me.

As you watched me, I slowly opened my jaw as wide as I could and slid down, down, the length of you. Feeling you slide to the back of my throat. Gagging a little as I raised my head. Going down again, I heard you moan. It encouraged me to push a little deeper. Coming up, I licked around the rim of your head as your balls tightened under my seeking fingers. Licking up and down your shaft, I could hear you panting. Sliding a hand up your chest, I found your nipple, caressing it gently, settling my nails against either side. As I moved my mouth down your cock once more, I caressed the underside of your shaft with my tongue and pinched your nipple at the same time. You jerked into the back of my throat with a moan that set me alight.

“Again”. You asked. I was happy to oblige. Feeling the length of you, tasting you, trying not to gag too badly as my throat was trying to close and was massaging your head at the same time. As I came back up, I slid up the bed, grasping your face, I kissed you deeply to give you the taste and fragrance of yourself, before kissing my way back down, licking your nipples, your belly button, down the hair line on your gorgeous belly. So glad you do not man-scape, capturing your cock between my lips, I went into rapid movement, sliding the head of your cock in and out, sucking hard, and wetting my lips, making it smooth for you. You reached for my hair, winding your fingers in it, putting pressure on my head, you tried to get deeper, as you let out a frustrated moan, I went right down again and back up to the head. “I’m nearly there woman, give me a deep one before you stop, pleeeaaase”. I took you as deep as I could. Coming right up again and the quickly back down, up again and then as you held your breath I took your beautiful cock right down to my throat and held as I felt you start to pulse. Now you were trying to lift my head, I held on determined to ensure you were cumming before I let go. I felt your cock pulse in my mouth as the first spurt hit the back of my tongue, quickly lifting my head I grasped you with my hand and watched your balls tighten as they forced cum to spurt across your belly. As you blew your load, I moved up beside you, turning your head, kissing you deeply again. Can you taste yourself honey?