Written by TRIPLE_X


I like the fact Penny has her girlie times, female bonding devoid of men. Sometimes she is out for the day, sometimes for the evening and her occasional trip to Wellington for catch ups means both.

A few months since her last visit down south where a number of her oldest and dearest live I heard her on the phone planning something. Sure enough, I’m consulted and another weekend is planned but Jessie is to come and stay up here.

The normal tease and lewd suggestions utter from my mouth as the thought of Jess and Penny together often fuels my imagination. “ Cool, we can have a pyjama party, eat popcorn, do our nails and then get naked.” “Dreamer Troy, as is the normal response.”

Jessie or Jess is an old school friend. When I say old she is in her mid thirties but to look at her you’d have to guess thirty at most, like Penny. Must drink from the same fountain of youth. A petite five foot four and very attractive woman with short hair and always immaculately dressed, the nature of her corporate position and taste for finery, like Pen. When we do venture out together occasionally I like to hang back when possible, as the gazes they inevitably get from men and woman are testimony to their being gorgeous. A libido and imagination like mine and it’s not hard to wander and picture these two writhing around naked together enjoying the fruits of their loins, so to speak.

Penny knows full well and first hand about my sex drive and how I would encourage and indulge in extra marital. I no longer subscribe to “If you loved me you couldn’t or wouldn’t.” It’s because I lust and love Penny so much and what I have and share with her is so real, open and honest I believe sharing one another outside the norm but within guidelines you can have your cake or pussy and eat it too. As far as I’m concerned it’s our own restraints, humans and society that is, that place emphasis on monogamy and the one partner for life, or one at a time anyway. Anyway I digress.

The weekend of Jessie’s visit came around quickly and we had arranged to pick her up from the airport midday on the Saturday. Her entrance and approach through the gate was reminiscent of a scene from the movie Miss Congeniality. Purposeful strides as if on a catwalk, a radiant smile under the typically immaculate styled hair, knee length boots under her short designer skirt and under her white pleated blouse those delicious perky breasts I have yet to sight outside the confines of her clothing. I strain to glimpse at the detail of the lacy bra only just apparent to which my imagination adds a skimpy G-string covering what has to be one cute pussy. Hugs and kisses all around and we head for home.

It’s enroute home with small talk and what is planned that I first get to hear about the lingerie and adult toy party happening at our place that evening. Apparently Penny had only just got confirmation just half an hour earlier while I was in the airport bathroom. Something about the owner being a little sick but they had found a stand in. Penny had planned it to coincide with my night out, one I generally plan when Pen’s friends are in town leaving girls to be girls. It was to be a girls only party so a need to know.

Not long home and the girls had out the wine and cheese board. As they caught up with the goss, who’s doing who and what, I slipped away to my office and then back th five o’clock heading for a shower. Sitting down for a quick wine with the girls at their request I couldn’t help notice, although the giggling should have given it away, they had nearly finished two bottles already. Good on them. Catching up, unwinding and not driving anywhere. The topic naturally progressed to the ensuing party, I brought it up actually. Mention of the dildos, strap-ons and vibrators not only heightened the giggles but brought on talk of what I’d be missing, as if I hadn’t already mulled over the potential. I noted the nipples under Jessie’s blouse almost staring at me now, quite at attention and her legs parted just enough so I could glimpse her panties. Nice what a few wines and naughty talk will accomplish. I so wanted to jump across the coffee table and bury my fingers in her pussy right in front of Penny. Penny even uncharacteristically rubbed my crutch as I got up to make for the bathroom as if to check for a hard on. It was now. More giggles from them and I exited knowing they hadn’t quite had the time or wine yet to suggest we all fuck each other.

Only moments into my shower and the ensuite door opened, Penny had come to check on me. Yeah right, she wanted to see if I was playing with my cock. Casually undressing she said her and Jess were getting ready for the party, she was expecting around fifteen to turn up sevenish. Her social interaction with Jess, talk of sex and toys had clearly made her horny, as she needed no invitation into the shower now that her clothes were discarded on the floor. She dispensed with the casual petting as her mouth went straight down on my cock sucking it like there was more wine in there. I wasn’t about to complain. Running my fingers through her now wet hair I kept up with her rhythmic and deliberate pumping of my dick. Although she appeared to be on a mission and clearly wanted to take my load in her mouth I couldn’t resist the smorgasbord her body offered, I wanted a little of everything.

All but tearing her away from my crutch I help her up press her back against the cooler shower wall and slam two fingers into her well lubricated pussy. No objection and not phased having been deprived of the cock sucking I proceed to insert a finger into her tight arse. Her voluntarily spreading wider an indication of approval. The finger fucking was relatively short lived, as horny as we both were I had to have my cock in her now or run the risk of losing my cum to the shower floor. I spin her around, her bracing against the wall instinctive as I slip my cock in and the audible noises no doubt alerting Jess in the next room to our whereabouts and goings on. Even though the warm shower was cascading over both of us I couldn’t help notice and appreciate just how saturated with juice her pussy was. I reach around and as if pushing both our buttons I stroke her clit but a few times before we cum in unison. As I pull out, the shower sensitive on my cock I can’t resist poking her for good measure, the combination of both sex juices now making there descent a testament to the lust we both share.

Dressed and ready to make my exit to have a few beers with a mate and stay over I notice the door ajar on the spare room. Without too much deliberation I duly note Jess, not yet dressed, but in delicate lingerie, her arse more perfect than I imagined there in a g-string. I’ve got to work out how I can have some of that.

As I depart in my taxi the first of the girls are arriving, seems everyone is catching taxi’s looking to make a night of it.

A fun night at the local with Geoff playing pool and swapping fishing stories was ended abruptly when he received word one of his kids was being taken to hospital. Not serious, just a fall from a bunk that needed checking out but he had to go and mind his daughter. Not a problem, it was already 11pm, home wasn’t far away and getting a taxi was no trouble.

As I pulled into my driveway I noticed most of the lights out in the house. Fair enough, it was quite late and Penny and jess had been going since midday. Oh shit, I left my keys inside as I hadn’t planned to be home tonight. Not quite sure if penny was asleep as yet I climbed the fence to tap on our window as I could see a light on. When I peered in the window I nearly bit my tongue. Not only was she awake but she wasn’t alone in there. Laying spread eagled and naked on the bed Penny was pursing and biting her own lip as jess was administering a pussy licking any guy would do well to watch. Because of our tinted windows and the interior light on I knew from earlier experimentation that they wouldn’t be able to see me standing there so I figured on watching although my cock definitely wanted some of what was on display.

Jess naked also with her clothes strewn around her feet was clearly concentrating on Penny’s pussy as I watched her lick and suck those beautiful protruding lips normally reserved for me. It wasn’t until Jess rose from her knees and penny’s trembling thighs I got the full picture. Jess was stunning. I marvelled at her fantastic tits, another view of her spectacular arse and then the blonde mound between her legs. The fur covering her own pussy lips almost a pleasant surprise as Penny had been clean-shaven for so long now. It wasn’t till she made her move I noticed the toys on the bed, a dildo and vibrator I hadn’t seen before. Someone’s been buying at the party or perhaps they were host gifts.

It was about this time also as jess swung a leg over penny and placed her fanny in her face assuming a sixty-nine that I pulled my cock out. Hell if for no other reason but to stop it being strangled in my pants anymore. As Jess resumed the almost passionate licking of Penny’s pussy lips, her tongue darting in and out, her hands upon penny’s thighs I thought I saw Penny hesitating. It was to my knowledge her first time after all but perhaps she was just taking it all in. I know I’d be a little in awe with the same task at hand. Penny has little option but to taste the honey as Jess rocks back almost planting a kiss with her pussy lips smack on Penny’s mouth. Penny notably lurches but what I can only imagine was sweet pussy juice now around her face has the desired effect and the hesitation turns to one of a keen student. The kissing, licking and poking of their pussies ensued for several minutes, my own hand stroking my rock hard cock.

As if on cue the girls reach for the new toys and any more synchronized I’d swear it was rehearsed as they both insert then bury those toys where my cock should be. Poetry in motion and a dream come true for me as I watch oblivious to their state of climax. I was having a guess as to Penny’s pending orgasm due to her arching back and panting when suddenly Jess hopped off and went for my bedside draw. She pulled out our strap-on dildo and proceeded to place it on Penny. Now either Penny had talked about the strap-on, shown it to jess at some point or perhaps this isn’t the first time.

The crutchless strap-on in place around Penny’s shaven fanny Jess wastes no time in straddling and mounting it. Not a centimetre wasted as her mound and moist lips parted to engulf it. This time Penny needed no encouragement as she worked Jessie’s clit, her other hand fondling those great tits.

Jess used little effort to reach around and re-insert the waiting dildo into Pen’s saturated hole, the gyrating and soft mound clearly having an effect on her clit also. I can only imagine the immense pleasure, and watch as the two of them rock and roll. The new position visually stimulating yet again I up the tempo on my cock now seeping pre-cum. Penny appears to cum first as she nearly bucks Jess off, I can hear her now as she screams aloud. Jess removes the sodden dildo only to grab her own nipples as she too jerks in successive waves. I have to take a few steps back so as not to unload on the house, the cum all over the grass should be gone by morning.

A quick glance in the window again as I put him away and ponder my next move I see them kiss as Jess slides off Penny’s makeshift shaft. What a sight, what a memory, what am I to do. I decide on the next move making my way back over the fence and to the front door. I ring Penny’s cell phone in the hope she in her room. She answers and a quick explanation of why I am on my way home follows. I pace outside for ten minutes giving Jess the time to shift her sweet arse and belongings back to her room and Penny to straighten herself and the room up a little, another phone call and she opens the door. I refrain from mentioning the still flushed cheeks as I enquire about her evening. On our way to the bedroom I refrain from mentioning what I had just witnessed so as not to embarrass her right now. I refrain from mentioning part of the miscellaneous packaging still on the bedroom floor or the partially open draw at my bedside. But what I don’t refrain from is pulling up the gown she is wearing as I push her on the bed, and pulling out my cock to fill her pussy. I don’t expect any resistance and it isn’t long before cuming as I still have the images of their sexcapade fresh in my mind.

I still haven’t let on I know but hope it may well come in handy one day to bed the both of them.