Written by needingamiracle


It wasn't until I pulled my skirt down and sat next to you that I realised we weren't alone in the park. I touched your arm slowly and indicated over to where the shadow of another guy was standing. I was taken aback when you called him over! of course, it had to be your mate again! Your mate was beginning to really annoy me, upsetting all my plans and now perving on us in the park.

You stood up,redressed and tidied yourself, as your mate approached. Well, I got a quick glimpse of his features and my anger turned to lust very quickly as I saw he too was pretty damn fine looking. I quickly found him to be a gentleman as well as he reached out his hand to help me up. I arose and when I went to let go I found he held on to me just a few seconds longer. No, surely not.........I felt stirrings again and suddenly felt a renewed moistness below.

The three of us walked back to your place and this time I was allowed in. To my surprise it was a very tidy flat with nice big comfy couches. I made myself comfortable as you got a few drinks out. Your mate made himself comfortable next to me which was another surprise, but one I didn't argue with. You came back with the drinks, placed them on the table in front and sat yourself on my other side.

I couldn't believe my luck, sitting between 2 strapping gorgeous guys who seemed very attentive to me. You slowly reached out your hand and placed it on my knee and almost at the same time your mate had his hand on my other knee. Could this really be happening? I rested my head back, closed my eyes and just relaxed. Both hands began to slide under my skirt and meander up the inside of my thighs. I knew I was dripping yet again so was already smiling when I heard the comments as both sets of fingers discovered what I already knew. Feeling all those fingers rubbing, exploring, spreading my juices around was amazing.

I moaned slightly at the new sensations and with that I felt other hands pulling up my blouse and slowly sliding in under my bra. I undid myself releasing my breasts which were responding to the gentle caresses.

I heard some other strange noises but was quickly distracted by the sounds of zips opening. I reached out both my hands and sure enough, I found two warm hard cocks at the ready. I grabbed one in each hand and slowly pulled my hands down, feeling their entirety.

You both moaned and with that I had to have a look. Well, I wasn't faced with just two cocks but also in front of me stood two other cocks standing to attention. Four, large, hard cocks, I was in heaven. I sat up slightly, the hands fondling my pussy moved with me, I hadn't let go of the other cocks and so I had to rely on the 2 others to guide their cocks into my mouth. I could only just get them in but they moved back and forth in time that I had no problems keeping them in my mouth, my tongue licking the heads and lips holding them fast.

I suddenly felt a hand under each of my arms pulling me up. The guys in front of me stepped back slightly and the two guys that were sitting on the couch slowly came in behind. They all made a full circle around me and I could feel all four cocks prodding me all over. One cock suddenly disappeared and I saw your mate lie down on the couch. More hands slowly turned me around and then reached round to grab my breasts, thighs and pussy. All those bodies and hands touching me was out of this world. But to have them gently push me down on my knees and carry on caressing my body as I leaned forward and starting sucking the cock on the couch was incredible.

I sucked that cock slowly, letting my hand rub down the shaft at the same time. I could feel the cock being gently pushed up as I came down ensuring he went deep into my mouth. Every stroke he seemed to go in just that little bit more, my hand massaging his balls at the same time. The fingers around my pussy were being pulled away and to my delighted were replaced by a big hard cock probing, searching for the hole. He found it and with little effort plunged straight inside me sending me into raptures. Not only was I sucking an incredibly big hard cock, I was being fucked by one too. I sucked harder and faster as I was pumped hard from behind. I hardly noticed the other hands rubbing me all over, grabbing my breasts, squeezing my nipples, rubbing my clit, holding my hips...............they were everywhere.

The cock fucking suddenly pulled out and disappeared, but I wasn't empty for long as I son felt another one exploring, prodding, rubbing and then again staright up inside me. God it felt good, thursting deep into me hard. I had to remember to keep sucking the cock in front of me, but he pulled away too and before I knew it there were two cocks presented to me. I grabbed both of them and pulled them closer to my mouth. My tongue darting out, teasing them. Being pounded from behind actually pushed my lips over both cocks forcing them in together. The thrusting from behind stopped again and I felt a new cock enter me and begin to fuck my cunt hard and fast. The cock that had just left me turned up in front of me edging in between the two cocks I already had. THREE cocks, I couldn't get them all in my mouth. I sucked one after the other after the other, then one would disappear and start fucking me from behind while a new one appeared in front. I lost track of how many times each cock had appearred in front and how many times I had been enetered and re-entered, fucked, pumped, cocks thrust deep into my hot moist pussy.

Without warning they all pulled away, pulled me up off my knees and gently eased me back onto the couch. I smiled as I had a feeling I knew what was coming next and I beamed when I knew I was right. Two guys knelt beside me on the couch with the remaining two crouching in front over each of my knees. My hands reached out and touched all the cocks in turn, pumping them slowly, rubbing their balls and thighs. When I saw each of the cocks being pumped hard by more practiced hands I began to slwoly touch myself. One hand rubbed and teased my nipples, pulling my breasts in closer together showing the deep cleavage My other hand slid down my tummy, and down into my pussy. I was still so moist that my fingers entered me easily, I pulled them out and started to rub my clit. My fingers spread my pussy lips wide so I could be seen by the two in front.

Watching four cocks being wanked in front of my eyes. Can't ask for better than that. All four were moaning in pleasure and I was happily rubbing myself in anticipation. It didn't take long for it to be realised, I heard one say he was about to explode and withon seconds I could feel the hot cum land on my breasts. That was it, another two cocks exploded, throbbing and pumping their cum over my tummy, breasts and neck and within seconds the last had joined in squirting right into my open mouth and over my face. I could feel the last few drops of warm cum land and I knew the guys were spent...............or were they?