It is a weekend morning we head to town and go shopping. We spend ages walking around the shops and malls. After an unsuccessful shopping trip to town we are in an elevator of a store travelling towards the ground floor, holding hands, our fingers stroking each others. With your other hand you hit the emergency stop button and bring your lips to mine, saying "We've only got a wee while, 10 minutes at the most...time enough...for a...quickie" I push you back against the wall as we frantically unbutton each others tops and move our hands down to the others waist. I undo your jeans as you loosen my shorts. I slip your knickers down to just below your knees as you help me out of my boxers.

I kiss my way from your lips, down your neck to your shoulders. I kiss my way to your bra covered breasts as you run your hands through my hair. I move my hands to your back to unclasp your bra, but you moan "No...there's not enough time...leave it...on". I kiss your breasts through your bra and flick my tongue over your nipple. I feel it harden inside your bra as I caress my fingers over your other one. My right hand is gliding over your stomach, moving its way down slowly. Realising we don't have time on our side I continue to kiss my way down your body. I grasp your bum as I run my tongue over your smooth bald pussy, searching out your warm womanhood. I brush my lips against your clit and you tremble in delight. I gently probe inside you with my tongue, one of your hands at the back of my head pushing my face between your legs, the other softly stroking your own breasts. You part your legs slightly wider, allowing me in a little deeper. I look up at your face and we gaze into each others eyes as I go down on you.

By this stage 5 minutes have past and you sigh quickly "Mmmm, time's running out, enter me." I stand up and holding your hips, turn you around so you are facing the wall. You put your hands against it as I stand behind you and slid my way into your pussy. I’m still holding your hips and pull you toward me as I push forward. I lean my body forward and kiss the back of your shoulders as you run your tongue over your lips and groan "Ohh, faster, faster, I wanna come."

I slip one hand off your hips and move it under you, cupping it in your soft pubic hair, my middle finger seeking your clitoris. You push yourself back against me as I press myself into you, my lips moving to the base of your neck and your earlobes. My other hand begins caressing over your left bum cheek and the back of your thigh. You take a hand off the wall and cup one of your breasts, rubbing your thumb against the nipple that is poking through the material. Your face turns over the shoulder I've been nibbling and you press your mouth to mine, your tongue forcing itself into my mouth. My middle finger is softly rubbing against your clit as my penis is still sliding in and out of you.

You rub your tit faster as you begin to moan "That's it, unnnhh, we'd better be quick."

Suddenly I feel the surge of orgasm in my thighs, moving up toward my groin and as I do I use two fingers on your clit. You pinch your erect nipple between your finger and thumb and the sensation of this combined with your clitoris being stroked and my dick inside you tips you over the edge and we both climax together, our mouths pressed together, but both of us still able to release a satisfying moan of pleasure. Our orgasms had barely subsided when suddenly the lift kicks back into life and we both begin to redress before we reach the ground floor.

As the doors of the lift slide open, we walk out together, hand in hand, both smiling from the fun we've just experienced. No-one around us is aware of what went on and luckily no-one notices the buttons on your top are mismatched and the slight bulge still in my shorts.

Later that same day, we head out to tea at a restaurant. We both have our entrees and mains, then as we sit looking at the dessert menu I reach out and grab your hand, slowly stroking the back of it with my fingers. With my other hand I reach under the table and gently run it upwards from your knee. With a sparkle in my eye, I suggest "How about we skip dessert, huh?" You seem happy with that idea and ask "Where'd you have in mind?" as I kind of nod toward the toilets. Looking around us, we see that the restaurant is fairly busy and no-one would notice us disappearing together. You look back at me and so "Ok then, but we'll have to be quiet." I quickly reply with "Making it so much more intense...". We stand up and walk toward the toilets, both of us heading toward our own ones, but at the last second you walk into the Gents behind me. We head straight for the cubicle at the end of the line. The cubicle door goes right to the floor, so our two pair of feet won't be seen. We shut and lock the door behind us and begin kissing each other, running our hands all over the other person. This time we are able to take things at a much slower pace than earlier.

The buttons of our tops are undone by each other, I leave your bra on and as I go to undo your pants you stop me and say, in a whisper "You've had your fun today, it's my turn now." I begin kissing you again as you undo the belt on my trousers and drop them to my ankles. You kiss your way down my body and keeping our eyes locked you kneel in front me and slip my boxers off with two hands. Before your hands slide their way back up my legs, they undo the skirt you are wearing, allowing your left hand to slip inside. Holding my erection at the base with your right hand you take me in your mouth and begin running your tongue over my tip. My legs almost buckle under me from the surges of pleasure and I quickly sit down on the toilet lid. Your eyes are still gazing into mine as you have your lips wrapped around my penis. Your right hand is softly caressing my scrotum, as your left hand remains inside the waistband of your skirt. You take my cock out of your mouth and gently kiss my groin, inner thigh and stomach. You stand up and stare into my eyes as you remove your skirt and slip your knickers off. You pause for a moment, letting me gaze at your body, before sinking back down to your knees. Your fingers slide, feather light, over my stomach and up toward my chest as your tongue licks my shaft. Your fingertips find my small, erect nipples and you caress them ever so softly, it sends a huge current of pleasure rippling through my entire body. My hands stroke your arms, our skin barely touching, causing both our bodies to tingle in delight. You stop kissing my erection and kiss your way back up my body.

The entire time, both of us have kept as quiet as possible, not wanting anyone to hear our moans and groans of ecstasy. You hold my erection in your left hand, slowly sliding it up and down as you lightly kiss my body. My legs are parted and you stand between them, you right hand braced on my left knee as you move your mouth to suck on my nipples. My hands slide down from your shoulders, down your side and to your bum. I caress it as your tongue lick my hard nipples. You stop stroking me with your left hand and move both it and your right hand to my shoulders. Your mouth carries on upward, over my chin and back to my mouth. Lifting your left leg first you move it over top of my right thigh, then you lift your right leg and lift it over my left thigh. My legs close together. Your pussy is positioned right above my erection and bringing your mouth to my ear, as your nibble my earlobe you ask "Do you want to make love to me?" I nod my head in anticipation, my hands still gripping your backside. Agonisingly slowly, you lower yourself down onto me and begin to rock up and down gradually. My whole body explodes in sheer pleasure as my dick comes into contact with your pussy. I shift my hands to your hips and I begin matching your rocking with mine. I pull your hips down as I lift my pelvis up and lift your hips up as I rock backward.

You wrap your arms around my neck and rest your head on my shoulder, breathing heavily into my ear, whispering to me "Ohh, yeeeeesssss, this...slow and soft great, just as good as that quick fuck we had earlier..." I move my face toward your bra covered breasts for the second time in a day and am pleased to see your nipples pressing against the material in a state of erection.

…As I feel my cock being surrounded by your warm wet pussy, my hands move swiftly to your bra strap. I’m dying to unclasp it and release your tits from the constraints of your bra, and allowing me to suck on your sweet nipples. In one quick motion it is undone and you shrug it off, revealing your breasts with their hard nipples. You bring your hand to the back of my head and pull my face into your chest. With an open mouth I happily begin licking and sucking and teasing your nipples. First your left and then your right. This oral attention your nipples are now receiving surges through your body and makes you begin to rock harder and faster on my cock. My hands grip your hips, my fingertips pressed into your flesh. I feel bolts of electricity course through my thighs. I begin thrusting harder into you. This whole time we are keeping as silent as possible so we are not overhead. We talk to each other by staring deep into one anothers eyes. I see you biting your bottom lip and your breathing becoming shallower and faster. You bring your mouth close to my ear and tell me “I want you to come in me, Come in me hard!” This almost sends me over the edge but I’m determined to hold off waiting for you. I take your nipple in my mouth again and dart my tongue over the tip of it. I get the seal of approval from you by hearing you moaning quietly, very quietly into my ear. My cock is sliding in and out of your very wet pussy easily and I can feel your juices smothering my cock, running down onto my balls. Moving your mouth to my ear again you whisper to me, “Do me doggy. Fuck me from behind.” I let out a barely audible groan, with my mouth still wrapped around your nipple, as you say this. Slowing our thrusting and rocking down you stand up, my hard dick sliding out of your pussy. You quickly bend forward, your two hands pressed flat against the back wall of the cubicle and I stand behind you. Spreading your cheeks apart with my hands I slide my cock into your dripping wet cunt slowly, inch by inch. AS soon as the whole length is in, I pull out again and then thrust in again. You match my rhythm, pushing back and moving forward. I watch my cock pounding in and out of your pussy. I have one hand on your hip and the other reaches under you to cup one of your tits. My thumb rubs your erect nipple. My other hand on your hip moves and I press my thumb against your asshole, moving it in little circles. You let out a wee whimper of pleasure. I feel your legs trembling slightly and guess you’re close to orgasm. I speed up slightly, feeling a big load building up in my balls. You take one hand off the wall and reach backward, grabbing hold of my thigh. Not being able to be loud makes it all the more intense and I know that we’re both going to have earth-shattering climaxes. You turn your head over your left shoulder to look at me and you murmur “I’m about to……I’m…I’m gonna…come!!” Hearing you say this and feeling your pussy suddenly clamp tightly around my cock I lose all control and with one final thrust I feel my orgasm erupt into you and I hold your hips tight as I spurt repeatedly into your contracting pussy. My legs almost buckle, as do yours, and it’s only luck that prevents us from collapsing. I leave my cock in you, long after both our orgasms have subsided. When I do pull out, you feel a mixture of our juices flow out of your pussy and down your thigh. You run your finger through it on your thigh and staring into my eyes you slide your finger into your mouth, licking it clean. You then kneel down and give my semi-soft cock one last little suck.

We then both dress quickly, hoping we can exit without being caught. The cubicle smells strongly of sex. I leave first to make sure the way is clear, but before I do, I turn and face you and give you one last kiss of appreciation, my tongue dancing over yours, before I pull the door open and lead you out…