We looked at each other’s profile and liked what we seen, so after talking on line for a few days we decided to meet for a drink in person so after working out where we would meet and picking a time, I got there about 10 minutes early and found a quite spot near the back and where I could see the front door, my phone went ding ding then I see you walk through the door with your partner and you tell him to stay at the bar while we meet, so you grab a wine and come over I stand up to greet you with a kiss on the cheek then we sit down, the small talk starts, talking about what we are after then I feel your hand on my leg, I could see your hubby could see everything that was going on he could see your hand was getting very closer to my cock, next thing you ask do u have a car here and I say yes so you say let’s go, so u pick up your phone and make a txt, and then u say let’s go so we head back to ur house and as soon as we get inside u grab my hand and push it up under ur miniskirt to find u don’t have any panties on, then u tell me to strip and just as I get all my gear off ur hubby walks in the door and sees me standing there with my cock hard as and u on ur knees u look up and tell him to hurry up and without warning she was ready for both of us to fuck her and fuck her we did