I have to give her credit - it was a good idea.

We had never met. In person, that is. We were both on a dating site (more accurately, a site more for hook-ups than dating), and for some time had chatted on-line, flirting and joking, sharing fantasies - some quite filthy. It seemed we got off on similar things. She sent me some photos showing off her wonderfully full breasts, smooth ass and moist, puffy pussy, and I reciprocated with a series of photos of me playing with myself, stroking my cock as I imagined myself buried between her legs. We hadn’t yet shared photos of our faces, content to enjoy the images of each other’s bodies.

She lived an hour away and we had vaguely discussed meeting. One night we were again chatting on-line and I was telling her how I’d like to fuck her while she was blindfolded, so that she would be forced to focus on the physical sensations while I had my way with her.

“I’d totally let you do that to me” she wrote.

“Of course you would".

“No, seriously, I would love you to do me while I’m blindfolded. And before we ever meet face to face.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I’d wear a blindfold, you would come over and fuck me, then leave before I ever saw what you looked like.”

I had to pause to take that in. “Do you mean you’d let yourself be fucked by someone you’ve never met?”

“It’s not like we’re complete strangers - I think I know you a little. You certainly haven’t been holding back.”

“But you want us to have sex having never seen each other’s faces?”


“But what if it turns out I’m an asshole who’ll steal your TV?”

“Well, don’t be,” she said, “And anyway, my TV’s old and crappy so you’d be doing me a favour.”

And that’s how the planning began. Over the next couple of nights we discussed the arrangements. She would book a hotel room (in the end she decided that having a stranger in her house wasn’t the best idea) and I would arrive at a set time. She would be waiting naked on the bed, with a blindfold on. We agreed on a safe word, and that I would stop everything if she felt uncomfortable. Otherwise we would be silent. After we had finished I would leave - she would never see my face.

It was crazy and erotic.

Due to various commitments we wouldn’t both be free for a couple of weekends. She made the booking at a hotel nearer her place and then we got on with our lives.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t my normal productive self at work for those next few days, and I had to keep turning away from people to hide my frequent erections.

Finally the Friday arrived. I left work dead on time and hurried back home to get ready, making sure not to get involved in any accidents on the way back. I showered and shaved, and brushed my teeth (twice). I had carefully selected my outfit, but as I was getting dressed I realised how unnecessary that was. I sent her a text to let her know I was leaving, then I was off.

The drive there seemed to take an eternity, but eventually I found the hotel. I texted her again to tell her that I had arrived, then collected a key card from Reception.

I slowly made my way up to the room. I paused at the door, knowing what was waiting for me on the other side. I slid the card into its slot, turned the handle, and walked in.

The lights were on, but dimmed. The room itself was pretty standard, with the bathroom door to my left, a flat-screen TV and desk against one wall, and a couple of armchairs in the corner. There was a queen-sized bed in the middle of the room flanked by bedside cabinets with matching lamps. The sheets of the bed had been turned down.

And lying in the middle of the bed was a naked, blindfolded woman, whose body I recognised from various photos.

There was no pillow under her head, and her hair was spread out beneath her. She was breathing a little heavily, and I watched her breasts gently rising and falling, her dark nipples erect. Her legs were parted slightly and as I walked to the end of the bed I could see the wispy curls of hair surrounding her pussy and the glistening of her juices.

I walked over to the far side of the bed and stood there, watching, with my erect cock straining against my trousers. Finally I reached out and with the tips of my fingers I traced around the outline of her nearest nipple. At my touch she breathed in sharply, then started moaning as I brushed my fingertips up and down her breast. I let my fingers move up her chest, along her neck. She was breathing through her open mouth and I let my fingers explore the inside of her lips, feeling the warmth of her breath.

I swept my fingers back down her body, along her abdomen, towards her crotch. I ran my fingers through the curls of her pubic hair, then with just the tip of my index finger I caressed the damp edges of her warm, engorged pussy. She started to squirm as I stroked her along the length of her opening, circling the nub of her clitoris. Finally I penetrated her, again using just one finger. She was moaning as I fingered her pussy, and this grew higher in pitch when I started to use my thumb to massage her clit at the same time. With my other hand I started to massage her breast, rolling her nipple between thumb and forefinger. As I maintained my rhythm her body started to shake and her breathing grew faster and faster and then suddenly her pussy contracted around my finger and her whole body tensed as her orgasm jolted through her.

I withdrew my finger and stepped back as her breathing returned to normal. I undressed, finally freeing my cock from it confines. I climbed onto the end of the bed and knelt down between her legs, my face close enough to her pussy to feel the heat radiating from it, admiring her wetness.

Unable to hold back any more I pushed my face against her, this time eliciting a gasp. My tongue pushed past her entrance, as I started to lap up the juices that were oozing out of her. With her legs clamped around my head I started to caress her thighs and ass with my hands as my mouth explored her depths. Moving my mouth up a little I found her swollen clit and once there my tongue started swirling around it, flicking up and down. She was still on edge after her first orgasm and so before long she started shaking again. She pushed my head hard against her pussy, crushing her clit against my mouth and with a series of grunts exploded against my face.

As her body relaxed I knelt up and straddled her abdomen, the top of her pubes tickling my ball sack. I leaned forwards and took both her wrists, pinning her hands above her head and then I kissed her, my tongue entwined with hers, sharing the juices that she had smeared over me.

Then, crawling up her body, I positioned my cock above her breasts. She squeezed them together and I pushed my erection between them, and with small, slow thrusts started to titty-fuck her. She brought her head forwards and open her mouth, licking the tip of my cock with each up-stroke.

I could tell I wouldn’t last much longer and so rolled off her. I reached into one of my trouser pockets and took out a condom. Returning to the bed I rolled it over my rigid cock. Again I was between her legs but this time I took my cock in one hand as I positioned myself over her. Without entering her fully, I pressed the tip against her opening, teasing her, which elicited further moaning. Then with one forceful motion I pushed forwards, burying my cock deep in her tunnel.

I held still for a moment, enjoying the long-awaited sensation, before I started to rock back and forward. I was grinding my pelvis against hers, pushing against her clit rather than thrusting in and out. She wrapped her legs around me and reached up to pull me closer. Bending my neck down I could draw a nipple into my mouth and started sucking. She then took my head and kissed me again, ours tongues once more probing each other’s mouths. The rocking of my hips grew faster and more urgent. I could feel my orgasm approaching when again her body tensed, and with a shudder she came once more. This time though the pulsations of her pussy walls was enough to send me over the edge and with a guttural groan I thrust myself deep inside her as I came, spurt after spurt of cum erupting from me.

Exhausted, I slumped onto her. We embraced for a few moments, then I pulled out of her. I removed the condom but then returned to the bed, this time kneeling over her head, with my now-flaccid cock hanging over her face, the tip smeared iwith cum. I leaned forward and again was face to face with her pussy, but this time in a sixty-nine position. I opened my mouth and took her still-swollen clit between my lips. She in turn opened her mouth, engulfing my cock and gently started sucking on it, coaxing it back to life. Soon I was hard again, and started fucking her mouth as I lapped up all the pussy juice that continued to flow from her. Once more I felt her body tremble and her breathing grow faster and then she let out a squeal, her moans muffled because of her cock-filled mouth, as another orgasm swept over her.

I then got up, still kneeling beside her head. She rolled towards me and I guided my cock back into her eager mouth. Rather than trying to force it all the way in, I only gave her the end as I kept hold of the shaft. I started to pump my cock as she worked her tongue around the head. I could feel the pleasure building inside of me, and I leaned forwards, my weight on one arm as I continued to wank into her. She reached up and started to squeeze on my nipple with one hand, while with the other she started to massage my balls. The combination of sensations proved enough, as with one final groan my cock exploded and I unloaded into her mouth.

Her lips released me and I bent down to kiss her again. I could taste myself on her.

I got off the bed and got dressed. I left the key-card on the desk and left. I was completely drained and so had to concentrate hard on the drive home, but made it back in one piece.

I went inside and took out my cellphone to send a single message:

“Thank you.”