This is the follow up from our Bach. Reading that may explain what's happening. Thanks to my wonderful sensual friend who helped sharing her fantasy....

Hubby just stood there mouth trying to form words until he finally said "so straight to dessert then"

Our Soft breasts/bodies were pressed up against each other, our hands running over smooth skin. In the course of a day I'd found I love the feel and smell of long fragrant silky hair, her long fingernails grazing me, sweet musky smelling skin. And of course feeling and tasting her and teasing as I like to be teased....

I motioned for Hubby to come join us, as he walked toward us I said " let us help you get ready for your shower" we both fell on him like hungry cats stripped him of his clothes and shared his cock while we knelt in front of him.

I admired Jess's technique as she licked his tip and then wrapped her lips around him and slid up and down getting him deeper and deeper than I have ever managed. I looked up at Hubby, his eyes closed and face contorting and twitching with Jess's movements.

I stood and kissed him passionately and then moaned as Jess slipped her hand up my thigh to find my very wet and swollen pussy!

My mind racing, heart thumping and body responding to the pleasure she way give us both. Hubby broke our kiss to moan in appreciation, I looked down to see Jess's nose pressed against his pubic bone.

She popped him out of her mouth tilted her head and coyley said "was that ok?"

Hubby just nodded looked at me then Jess and tried to speak, again no words.

Jess and I feel on the floor in laughing at the situation. I stood and said " let's get you showered then so your ready for dinner.

Over the next hour I showered and pampered my man all the while telling him about my day. To his credit Hubbies hard on never softened in fact I'd never seen him so hard. Occasionally I'd give him a quick blow job but could only get half way down his shaft. ( I needed coaching tips from jess)

I helped him into a light robe we used when moving from the spa back to the house and he helped me dress in some sexy lingerie. Lingering around my pussy and giving me teasing licks and nibbles as he dressed me.

I explained we had sushi and saki for dinner which Jess had organised.

When we walked out to the kitchen Jess greeted us in suspenders and high heels kissed us both and said "dinner is served, please follow me"

What followed was a wonderful meal with Jess serving different course's and refilling glasses, each time she served jess would slid a hand down to caress a breast or nipple or shoulder, each touch was erotic and electric.

With the mains finished Jess announced that dessert would be in the lounge, as I followed her in I admired her lovely bum as she lead us in those heels with suspenders dangling around her thighs.

Upon reaching the fire She turned and practically dragged me into a 69, I was presented with a lovely closeup view of her pussy and as she started teasing my lips and exploring me again my mind tried to explain the last 24hours only to be interrupted by her finding my clit with her tongue and waggling her pussy in front of me asking for attention which I duly provided

I was in heavenly bliss when I remembered hubby, I turned and saw him slowly stroking himself , I motioned for him to come over slipped the two fingers out of Jess I had in her pussy, reached up grabbed his cock and pulled him down.

Jess realising what was happening wiggled her butt signaling to go for it.

I then feed my husbands cock into another woman's pussy with his balls gracing my nose. Every 7th or 8th stroke id pull him out and swallow him finding this position allowing me to go deeper until I felt him in my throat!

I slipped him back in Jess and she started tencing her butt and moaning into my pussy , hearing this I assaulted her clit with my tongue and fingers and then let my tongue rest at the spot where her pussy and his cock met, tasting Jess's juices on Hubbies cock and seeing it up close slid in and out drove me over the edge. I moaned deeply and loudly and seemed to remember saying "fuck fuck fuck" a lot!

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In the spa might be next, had a friend give me some ideas......