We had been coming to our little patch of paradise for so long the kids now came up on their own with friends, we had made some awesome friends over the years.

Being able to sit on the steps of our deck with a coffee in the morning and watch people arrive at the beach and settle in and catch up with friends as they walked past was my favourite thing to do.

One of my close holiday friends that I hadn't seen for a number of years walked past and as I called out hello I noticed she seemed to have lost her spark which is one of the things my husband and I loved about her.

Jess stopped sat down and we talked, turned out her husband had passed away in an accident so she was all alone this trip. I told her no way! And insisted she stay at ours for the week in the spare room.

There was something about her that always made me gravitate to her. Jess was about my age with a lovely figure considering the kids, and a sparkle in her eye.

I'd never considered being with a woman before although I knew hubby would love me to. If a woman could turn my head it was jess.

I informed hubby as to what was happening and organised For him to pick up more wine as we may be indulging ....

Jess and I went round to hers and glasses on wine in hand we started packing her up, she asked if she should bring togs, I said with a cheeky grin it depends if your planing on skinny dipping or not!

She laughed and said " I havnt done that in years!" She then asked what I thought of the blue bikini.

Best you put them on for me to see I suggested thinking she would go to the bathroom to change.

To my surprise (and delight) she proceeded to strip in front of me. I said "well if I'd known there was going to a show I'd have got a comfortable chair to watch from!"

She laughed gave me a sexy dance and next thing she's naked in front of me, I'm there mouth agape admiring her stunning figure while she puts her bikini on. I stammered out "you look fantastic in blue"

and left the room suggesting I needed more wine. In reality I wanted to hide my flushed chest and face. God she looked hot!

When I came back a little more composed and with a full glass she announced " all packed ready to party!

For the rest of the day we chilled out reading, chatting playing cards bananagrams and drinking way to much.

Hubby returned from surfing to find 2 Giggling school girls reminiscing about boyfriends laughing hesterically. He rolled his eyes and said I'll get dinner on then?"

We both looked at him and burst into laughter.

We all retired to bed after dinner, I wasn't sure if it was the wine or seeing Jess naked but I was so horny I practically threw hubby on the bed and tore his clothes off, I wanted him in me now!

I fondled his soft cock and proceeded to put all of it in my mouth ( something I can't do when he's hard) and licked and sucked him till he was hard!

I decided I loved the feeling of him growing in my mouth and made a mental note to do this again as I'd never given him a BJ when he was soft before.

I then climbed on top and slipped his cock in my now smooth wet pussy and rode him up and down all the while rubbing my clit with one hand and pinching my nipples with the other.

I'm normally a conservative lover with soft quiet moans (always worried the kids would hear) but tonight I let loose moaning loudly and calling out for hubby to fuck me deeper and faster till I came all over him and collapsed on his chest kissing him deeply and telling how much I loved him.

I loved the feeling of him still inside me and it wasn't till he started slowly moving in and out again that I realised he hadn't cum yet!

He rolled me onto my back and proceeded to fuck me with long slow strokes which felt wonderful. He said I want you to cum again so I gently rubbed my super sensitive clit till we both noisily came in a sweaty heap.

He said I'll cook again tonight!

I wondered as I drifted off if Jess had heard us.... I hoped she had.

The next morning I was awoken with breakfast in bed by hubby. He informed me he'd made breakfast and coffee for Jess and left it on the breakfast bar for her, he'd knocked on her door and told her where it was as he and a mate were heading off fishing for the day.

When I ran out of coffee I slipped on my red satin bathrobe, I love the feel of it on my naked skin and headed to the kitchen for a top up and panadol for the mild hangover!

I found Jess perched on a bar stool eating at the breakfast bar and reading the paper.

She was dressed in a mans business shirt with not many buttons done up! Giving me a great view of her lovely breasts, I felt that flushed feeling again only this time my pussy started tingling.

When Jess saw me she jumped, "sorry I thought you'd gone out aswell" I smiled and before I realised I d said it I said "great boobs, wish mine were as good as yours" then brought my hand to my mouth to stop more coming out!

We looked at each other for a bit until Jess burst out laughing.

"Well then, you've seen mine when do I get to see yours so I can compare" she very sexily said. "And by the way, can I just say your man must be good in bed to have you moaning so loudly last night!"

My other hand raced up to further cover my mouth and hopefully my embarressment. Which served only to allow my bathrobe to fall open exposing my cleavage and smoothly shaved and still a little swollen pussy!

Jess's eyes dropped and surveyed my body then let out a soft whistle, "wow what a MILF!" Hubby's a lucky guy!

I took a deep breath stepped forward a took her face in my hands and kissed her, Jess's arms slipped around me and she kissed me back her tongue sliding over mine exploring my mouth. It was so sensual so different than my hubby so sexy so yummy, I wanted more!

I let my hands wander down over her back and down to her to my surprise naked butt and pressed her body into mine.

Jess broke from our kiss looked me in the eye and said follow me.

I felt like a naughty school girl as I followed her to her room holding her hand the whole way.

For the rest of the day I explored her body, kissing and nibbling on my first set of breasts, tasting kissing and licking my first pussy and enjoying the same in return. I loved every part of it, we showered together and I gently soaped her body down and went down on her pussy again till her knees buckled and she asked me to stop. I was insatiable, I now realised why my husband loved going down on me.

Hubby found us that evening snuggled on the couch under a blanket with wine in hands and a cheese platter within easy reach.

He looked at us not really sure what was going on and said " I'll get dinner on then"

I replied to hubby winking to Jess "go have a shower and clean yourself up, don't worry about dinner we've something ready for you to eat here" and lifted the blanket to expose our naked bodies........

Let me know if you liked it, first time writer.

Mr Jones