A story for my girl while I was away.....enjoy


It was just a usual day for us we both get up at the same time and while you are warming up the shower, I go and warm up the coffee machine and bring you a coffee in the shower. You take a sip and give me a kiss and say “thank you”. I pull you in close as our wet naked bodies press against each the feeling we had missed while I was away. Straight away you feel my cock starting to rise as I kiss you on the neck and have my arm around your waist. You start grinding into me and you want more but I stop you and push you against the wall, hold your hands above you head and kiss around you driving you crazy. You say “put it in me, I want you now”……….”no” I said. You can wait. We finish the shower by me washing you.

You leave the house feeling a little unsatisfied and on you way to work send me pictures of the beautiful sunrise saying you are thinking of me and but how I left you a frustrated and your pussy still need me to be inside filling you up. I go about my morning and decide to have some eggs on toast and thought I would build the sexual tension some more. Even though there are some serious health and safety risks cooking naked, I think it’s worth it to turn my ‘one’ on.

I start sending you pictures of me cooking naked first just of my chest and then one of my half standing cock. You reply you tease and continue to send you pic of my tanned butt (got some tanning in Fiji) and a couple of video of just lightly caressing my cock for some visual impact. You reply and say you want more….but again I say no. The reply I got was ‘grrrrr but horny’

I went to the supermarket to get dinner, I wanted to make something special for you tonight and make you feel like Queen of the world. When I decide to turn up the heat a little it’s about 10am, just as I was thinking about texting you, I get a text from you asking if I was coming for lunch……perfect Segway I thought to myself.

I started to think about what I wanted for lunch, it was so clear I wanted, no I thought to myself I need you so bad, you are what I am going to have for lunch, you. So I sat on the couch and pulled my pants down and making myself hard by slowly stroking my cock thinking about where we might have sex at lunch, I sent you videos of my downing this and pre-cum started very quickly as it was rock hard with the prospect. In the videos I send, I start telling you the I want to make love to you at lunch time and that I can’t wait till tonight. You reply I am so fucking horny right now, you have been teasing my all day. The last video I send you is of pre-cum all over my tip and all over my hands. I have to stop myself from cumming. You send me a message saying fuck you I’m at work and I am busy but can’t concentrate and you tell me to hurry up and get in here to take care of your now tingly and moist pussy.

As usual I am running on M time and am a little late it’s 11:55am, I message to say I’m leaving the house in 10min -15min, I also say that I’ll message you a count down from the GPS. I am also doing this to build some anticipation. Your heart is elevated a little with the anticipation, wishing I was there now already as you have an early afternoon meeting. Its 12:05, you have not heard from me and the office is all pretty much cleared out for lunch. 12:07 I text you leaving the home lover, I am so horny, I will drive the V Dub like I stole it. Your heart skipped a little thinking finally this is going to happen you had already been waiting and teased all day (FU M you thought but with one of your sexy smiles).

You look around and there is no one in the office and everyone has gone. While M was away you had worn out the vibrator having hot video sex him, so you decide you might have a look for a replacement vibrator as it’s a regular feature of our sex and love it vibrating on your pussy when we are slowly fucking. I text you 15min and I’m going to suck your nipples. It’s 12:10. As you start to surf scrolling through the different vibrators and how they may feel on your pussy, this excites you press your hand on your pussy, holding it in tight on the outside of your stockings with your legs slightly apart. I text you 10min, I’m going to lick you pussy until you cum. It’s 12:15.

Jesus M you thought that thought nearly made you cum. As you continued to look at vibrators you started thinking what they might feel like inside you, how would they compare to M’s cock and how girthy they are touching all the sides of your pussy. You are grinding on your chair your panties are wet and you can’t help it, you didn’t even notice it but you are slowly rubbing your hand outside your stocking and your legs have opened wider, slightly leaning back in your chair. I text 5min, its 12:20, I am going to fuck you slowly and passionately where ever you want my baby.

It all becomes too much. The sexual tension build-up of him being away, early this morning, the sexy as fuck messages, what might happen, where it might happen and it’s only five mins away, is he going to take me somewhere? Would we do it here? We had talked about it but never thought it would actually happen and I just couldn’t wait your pussy was just so wet, so hot with your heart and mind racing, you just couldn’t wait. You slipped you stocking and sexy see through underwear that M had brought on his way home. It was hot anyway and no one would notice if they walked in. You had a quick look around to check and then put your feet up on your desk and started to rub with 2 fingers around your clit. It was wet and you thought well M this is your fault for making me so fucking horny maybe I let myself cum once before he gets and your rubbing your clit and slide your fingers around the opening of your pussy, it doesn’t take anything at all and you can feel yourself about to cum…….and you think we are running out of time and nothing may happen anyway, its already 12:30.

When you hear a man’s voice “can I help you with that”, you were in the moment and got quite the surprise but couldn’t quite stop cumming as hot flushes overcame your body, not quite there you quickly turn around and see walking towards you, with my cock bulging in my pants. You are surprised to see me as I had never come in the office and you had thought you had just been caught servicing yourself. To your delight it was me, I said “I had arrived a couple of minutes ago, you must have lost track of the time and I was sneaking up on you and watching, even though you were looking around”, we just had a moment looking into each other’s eyes but before you even had a chance to say another word….

I grabbed you and pulled you in tight, like this morning but tighter, hotter our breathing was already very elevated, hearts nearly popping out of our chests. We are kissing passionately with me leaning back on my desk, my legs open again and I am in-between them, both hands on your face kissing and pashing in such a flurry. You think fuck we are in the office, Its 12:35 and you go to push me away because it’s not long before everyone starts arriving back from lunch. But horny crazy T says fuck this it is way too hot, we shouldn’t be doing this but I just can’t stop. I’m looking at you in the eye’s and I know exactly what you are thinking. I say “were doing this”.

I push you back some more, I am lightly squeezing your breasts and you put your head back, I start to kiss your neck just down from your ear just how you like it. Still feeling you breasts I work my way down your neck and unbutton your top, only 2 button’s but enough to expose your beautiful perky soft breasts through your see through bra but not expose you too much in case someone comes in. I am still kissing my way down and have now reached your nipple, I lightly bite and suck on each of them while I alternate squeezing the other breast with my hand. Your pussy has never been so wet and the whole situation and feeling makes you cum and little. I see your cum running down your leg. Its turns me on so much seeing that and say “that’s mine”.

I hop on my hands and knees. I catch your cum with my tongue as it’s running down your leg. I run my tongue up the inside of your leg catching every drop of cum that has escaped your pussy making the nectar my prisoner in my mouth. My tongue finally reached your pussy that I could see was pulsating at the touch of my tongue and every lick. While I am still licking your pussy, I lift you a little to sit you on your desk, I also pull in 2 chairs to place each leg on the chair. There you are on your desk with me between your legs licking from your bum to the top of your hood running my tongue each time over our clit in full view of the office if someone was to walk in. That thought made you feel the wave of climax spreading throughout your whole body, unable to hold back you let out a moan and squirt into my mouth. I have it open and you fill my mouth up with cum. Your body shaking a little you watch me lick and clean all of the sweet tasting cream up and swallow it all.

12:45, time is running out and you have not had me inside you and if it’s the last thing you do today is that I am going to fuck you here now right now. You grab me by the chin and pull me up. “You need to me inside me” you say. I say “no”, “what” you say. “I have not been building this tension all day for you to tell me to get in you”, I said. “What do you want ?”, you ask. “BEG” I say.

No words are spoken, you just smile as you already knew I was going to say that, one of the best things being with your soul mate that sometime you don’t need to say they just know. You grab me by the hand and take me to the board room, glass walls and window with an adjacent building not too far away. I’m standing in the in the board room my cock so hard it almost hurt, you had been waiting to see it and get your hands on it all day. I sit in the director’s chair, you pull my throbbing member out in all its glory of the light the tip glistening like a shining star. You lick the tip of my cock, there is honestly the most cum you have ever seen without seeing them cum. You take my whole cock in your mouth, I let out a massive moan and you engulf the whole thing. You continue to suck lightly and massaging my balls at the same time. I say “stop I’m going to cum, stop” but there is a little dribble of hot cum ooze out the tip and light use your lips to suck it off

Standing up, you put yourself on the boardroom table and spread your legs, looking at the clock and a quick check of the office it’s still clear but its 12:47 not long, it could be any minute someone comes up the stairs, but we haven’t finished he has to finish. You also haven’t waited all day not to get the big black (beige) cock in me. So you as you told an beg M, fuck me on this board room table now my pussy wants you, my pussy needs you. I need you. Please fuck me M, right here right now I can’t wait any longer please M, Please give me your cock, hurry we might be caught or run out of time. I beg you”. I just smiled as you unlocked my pants.

I walked over my cock still raging hard standing to attention focused on the target, when I look up as I continue to walk towards you across at the other building hard to look into but see a couple of shadows, I think maybe someone is about to watch what is going on maybe just a shadow but ether way I didn’t care maybe even makes this ridiculously intense situation even better. My cock finally reaches the your pussy, you lying back on the board room table and me standing at the end. I gently place the tip of my cock on your clit like a bee landing softly on a frangipani. You stare at me while I rub my tip on and around your pussy, you are holding each breast with your hands squeezing them softly. Your juices are flowing and going on the board room table, you orgasm just from my tip as I tease you edging it in and out.

Sitting up a little you were able to reach me butt, you lift your legs a little and place one hand on my right cheek and then the right hand on my left cheek and squeezed as hard as your little carpel tunnel hands could. With a big handful and pull me into you. Sliding my shaft into your pussy, you didn’t do it quickly just slowly and let my cock slowly fill you and push the sides of you pussy out until my cock was rubbing on your g-spot, you instantly came looking at each other in the eye as you did. I put my hand around you and start pushing in and out, sliding my cock in and out. You arch your back and we both moan out of excitement and pleasure.

I am fucking you with good rhythm and you want to come again, we are hot and sweaty, you tell me to pull out I do and you squirt all over my tummy, cock and ball’s. It was so hot, I my cock back in and as I continued to fuck you we were close, so close nearly all of our bodies touching each other. We began to kiss passionately, your nipples rubbing on mine and I’m deep inside you. It was becoming all too much I tell you “I’m going to cum” not before I trust deep into your pussy building just a little bit of speed. I’m moaning loud and you are too, you are pushing your hips into me to make my cock go deeper. That’s its I let out a big moan and so do you, we look at each other in the eye and I pull out of your tight pussy and just explode onto your stomach and the cum just keeps coming out. I keep going with my hand rubbing it on your clit and still cumming. Your body starts to shake uncontrollably and push out the biggest squirt. On my cock, on my balls, on the table, on the director’s chair this makes me just keep cumming also hot white cum going all over your pussy.

We just look at each other both couldn’t believe that this had happened, where it happened and that…… had saw…..just as we are thinking that we see the main door open in the reflection, we quickly tided ourselves up and tried not look like we just been fucking all over the office. I sat in the director’s chair to cover the pool of squirt and you sat in the chair next to me both of us looking out the window to give us a chance of catching our breath before we have to talk to anyone. We look at each other wondering if anybody had been watching us. We didn’t even eat but that’s ok because we are shredding. I was still so horny every day thinking about that we made love 2-3 times a night for a very long time…

The next week it was gratitude day where you had to say something nice to someone. Every single person in the office sent you a message saying Thank you T the show of you and your partner, was amazing, can’t wait for part 2. Everyone a similar message, even the directors. You asked one of your work mates “what the hell is going on” She just said “look T cameras everywhere and they shared the video with the office as it was too good not to”.

I thought to myself…..damn right there will be part 2, was the best lunch ever.

I love you baby I hope you enjoyed. XOXOXOXOX