This isn’t yet a reality but welcome to offers to make it so.

Cuckolding has quite a precise definition. The Urban Dictionary (yes, some authoritative source it is too!) defines a cuckold as:

“A sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife's pussy is her solely property and she alone decides which men she will fuck, even if it means denying her husband. His only access to her pussy is to clean it of the ejaculate of males she chooses to fuck.”

So cuckold is not a label that suits. I prefer fuckold. That is I want to watch to see Her be well and truly fucked and enjoy being fucked by someone else and know that that is given me enjoyment too. Call it a virtuous cycle of fucking if you like.

So the fuckold fantasy. And just like a politician’s principles, if you don’t like this one I have plenty more.

We are staying at a favourite, quiet hotel out of town. Always best so we don’t bump into people we know.

She is dressed in Her best fuck-me best. Mind you that could be a potato sack. The high heels add to the sex on two legs impression.

And quite an impression She makes. All male eyes are on Her as we settle into the bar to nurse our drinks and survey the options. Lots of female eyes too of course – a mixture of daggers and those more than just curious to ask.

I know She is already wet. The excitement has been building up as she got dressed – I can still see Her hands pressed up against the wall as I massaged her pussy from behind less than an hour ago back in the room.

We see a likely candidate sitting on his own but more than aware of our arrival. We make direct visual contact and I extend a welcoming gesture. He joins us at our table. “Hi”, He says, offering his name.

“Hi”, She says, offering our names in return.

“Would you like to fuck me or would you prefer to talk about the Warriors’ spine?”, She asks without any deliberation.

(Dear reader, there is a time and place where one could spend some time discussing the woeful underperformance of the Warriors’ spine. In case of any doubt, this is not one of them.)

Luckily our newly found best friend comes up with the right answer. It won’t be the last time that he comes that evening either.

We make small talk but it’s clear we all want to move from the entrée to the main course.

We make our way to the lift. As the doors are about to close, another small group squeeze in. Being so accommodating,

She makes every effort to make more room and steps back … the others can’t see but Her arse is now pushing against Him and ever so subtly she is grinding back against his cock.

Our number final comes up and we squeeze past the others and make our way to our room.

She quickly explains the ground rules. He fucks her. I watch this time but perhaps if there was a second time we’d be more collaborative. When She is finished with Him, he will be given his travel orders and then it’s MY time with Her.

For the second time, He makes the right call (unlike the Warriors’s spine who insist on taking the wrong options).

I’m told to take a seat which has been conveniently positioned with full view of the bed. I’m told I am not to touch myself or to take my clothes off. She likes that. She knows that if I could, I would happily play with myself and it wouldn’t take much to make me come. She wants to keep me on edge and save it all for part two.

It doesn’t take long for Her to have Him stripped and lying back on the bed.

No surprises, He is hard and already desperate to fuck Her. But this is Her show and She tells him to wait. He is lying straight down the bed – but she is across Him so that when She looks up She can see me and I can see Her.

She soon has His cock in her mouth and from the moans coming from the bed, everyone is enjoying the action.

She is careful to make sure He doesn’t come but she teases Him – and of course me – until She can’t take it anymore.

She positions herself astride Him and slowly takes His rock hard cock inside her. As she slides down his erection, She turns to look at me and smiles as She gives her body over to pleasure.

I love it when She fucks Him on top. I can see the curves of her arse and the arch of her back as she rises and falls. At times, I can see Her breasts sway as She fucks Him – no man with a heart beat could not be turned on by the site of a woman’s breast responding to the poetry of fucking.

Time stands still for me. I’m in a prison of my own making – I can’t touch myself, my heart is beating fast, and I so need release. But I can’t break the spell and the last thing I want now is parole.

Positions change. He fucks Her from behind and again She positions herself so She can see me and share in the extreme delicacy of the moment. That is, when She is able to focus on anything but the cock thrusting inside Her.

More positions. More fucking. I don’t try to count her orgasms – it could be 1 or many – but she is in experience overload.

He’s getting closer to coming – she’s made sure not to set him off over the edge but soon it is time and He finally climaxes.

They rest together to get their energy back. She kisses him gently and then tells Him his taxi on its way – it’s time for him to leave.

He dresses, we swap contact details (who knows, there could be a part 2), and He departs.

We kiss. She has that well fucked glow – the room smells like sex and I am a tightly wound ball of sexual tension.

I kiss my way down Her body and trace my way down to Her glorious pussy lips. I absolutely love how after sex her pussy lips are full and swollen.