Written by Anonymous


The house was empty and they were alone. She knew this was her chance. She followed him out of the room.

Under the pretext of borrowing a book she bent over.

Wearing her newly made wrap dress and no underwear, he could see every curve.

How about the bookcase in my room? He suggested.

Sure, she replied. Seruptitiously she loosened the dress. It gaped with a excellent view of her cleavage.

She folded her arms as she looked, which pushed them higher

He brushed his hand over one as he went to point out a book she gasped and her nipples hardened

She looked up at him. He was already looking at her. His hand came up and round her neck bringing her face closer for a kiss. She leaned into him he felt her breasts against his chest and hardened.

His other hand already around her waist loosened her dress. He opened it up and pushed it to the floor Lightly running his fingers over her shoulders and down her arms Bringing his hands up from her waist to cup and massage her breasts

She moaned and her fingers ran around the top of his shorts. Pushing them down she freed his hard manhood

Her turn to lightly run fingers over him. His thighs his chest his ass and back to his thighs. Her nails lightly scratching driving him crazy

He sucked on her neck and trailed kisses down to get breasts

Unable to control any longer. Grabbing her he swung her onto the bed.

Dropping to his knees he buried his face in her wetness. Inhaling her scent. His tongue darting out to taste her.

One taste was all it took. His hands reached out grabbing her ass and pulling her into his mouth. He licked, nibbled and sucked her wet pussy. Her moans getting louder and louder.

It wasn’t long until the first orgasm arrived. Her whole body shook beneath him. Her pussy coated his face.

Licking his lips he climbed up onto her.

Kissing her deeply as his hard shaft pressed into her. Her wetness enveloping him. He slide easily all the way in. Their bodies as one he slowly started thrusting in. Arms around her. Pulling her tight into him.

Each thrust he pulled nearly all the way out before impaling her again.

She moaned loudly. He felt bigger than ever.

Her second orgasm was building. She could feel him harden even more. Not believing it was possible. She had never felt so full.

Her body began to shake

He continued his slow thrusting. His balls throbbing.

He held her tight as he erupted hot white seed deep into her womb. She screamed into his mouth as he kissed her. Her body taking all of his seed. Filling her. Her body convulsed beneath him as the biggest orgasm racked her.

They lay together as one. Enjoying the closeness.

His hard cock twitching inside her.

He slowly pulled out and she took his cock in her mouth. Tasting herself on him. Her tongue and mouth working their magic. She could feel him hardening again. She licked his entire length. Sucking each ball in her mouth. Then in a quiet whisper she pleaded for him to fill her ass.

How could he refuse. He loved being in there.

Turning her onto all fours he got in behind her and slowly pushed. At first her tight little hole resisted but soon his big hard head pushed inside. He continued in one slow thrust until he was completely inside.

Then started thrusting. Nice and slow at first to let her get accustomed to him. Then when she started moaning he increased his speed.

He loved her ass.

He loved being inside it.

It made him so hard. He got faster and faster. Harder and harder.

With each thrust she moaned louder and louder.

Hearing her moan was always such a turn on for him and his cock responded.

He grabbed her hips and thrust deep. His balls slapping her wet pussy.

Driving her into the pillow.

Her moans muffled as he took ownership of her ass.

His cock throbbed and balls tightened.

Again he erupted deep inside her.

His white hot cum filling her ass until it leaked out.

He collapsed spent on top of her. His cock throbbing in her as she squeezed it tight.

TBC if enjoyed.