Written by Slipperysam


I sat uncomfortably in the waiting room. The clocked ticked loudly as the time wasted away, but not loudly enough to drown out the coughs and hacks of the waiting rooms custodians. Young babies grizzled and complained occasionally in between bouts of the ringing phone and the efficient clicks of the receptionists keyboard.

Eventually the white door at the end of the waiting room opened, and Nursie appeared. She looked straight at me and wangled her upheld finger inward toward herself, beckoning me into the cold sterile corridors of the doctors’ offices.

I stood and walked through the door which she held open for me. As I passed I could smell her, faintly a mixture of medical alcohol and talcum powder. She let the door close behind us, and as soon as it had clicked into place she brought her hand down smartly on my backside. I jumped as she struck me, and she whispered as she followed behind me "I've been waiting for you."

She overtook me in the hallway and lead me around first one, then two, then three turns, eventually stopping at a door near the back of the building. She removed a key from her waist pocket and turned it in the lock of the door. The door protested about the disturbance, clicking loudly and then creaking, and it released a musty unused smell when it did finally yield under the weight of her shoulder. She told me to walk through, which I did, and she closed the door firmly behind me, locking it again.

The room was almost overcome with boxes of files, some teetering upon each other at awkward angles, threatening to fall and spill their belongings at the lightest encouragement. Light came in through a small high window at the end of the room and glistened off the dust whirling in the air that our intrusion had stirred up. There was a small hand basin, a chair and, buried under another pile of disorderly looking cartons, an examination couch. Nursie lifted the file boxes from the couch one at a time, turned and dropped them heavily to the floor behind her, each making a slapping sound as they sagged and settled.

"Alright, up you get." She motioned to the couch. She pulled out a small step from underneath. I stepped up, swung myself onto the couch and lay on my back against the cold vinyl.

"We won't be needing these, will we? Get them off." She pointed at my trousers. I raised my backside and slid them down to my ankles, where Nursie pulled them off, folded them in half over her beefy arm and laid them over a file box.

I was already beginning to get hard. Earlier in the morning, when she was applying the ointment to the tiny burn I had given myself while trying to fry my breakfast naked, I had stood immediately to attention the minute she touched me.

"Well, you are definitely recovering!" she had remarked. She swiftly dealt it a blow on the head with her pen and amazingly my erection disappeared as quickly as it had arisen, as if she had vanquished it with a magic wand. "You may need some special treatment later. I will make you another appointment this afternoon" she had said, facing away from me while she busied herself with the dressings. 'She was like some kind of snake charmer' I thought. 'Or worm charmer.' I chuckled at the thought of her at home with her worm troop, tapping them with her pen as they performed tricks for her.

It was intoxicating, having an older woman in complete charge. Stimulating. Under her control entirely, well certainly my penis. And then, later that afternoon, in that strange storage room, I found out she could charm more than worms.

She looked down at the bulge beginning to appear in my underpants and slowly brought her hand over to gently rub me through them, which very quickly brought me to near full attention. "We won't need these either" she said, and tugged my underpants down from under my backside, down my legs and removed them, folded them and lay them neatly on top of my trousers.

My half hard cock flopped onto my belly, and lay there, gently twitching in time with my heart. Nursie reached under the couch and pulled up a short red strap with holes and a buckle, rather like a wide dog collar, which was firmly attached to the wooden frame. "Put your wrist in here" she said quietly, looking me straight in the eye. I did not move. "I won't hurt you" she said.

I gazed back at her, frowning slightly. What was she going to do to me? I was already stiff enough and turned on enough not to care, so decided to give in and I lay my wrist over the strap, which she deftly fastened over it, threading the holed end through the buckle, and gently tightening it. She lifted my hand and gave it a gentle wriggle, as if shaking my hand in a greeting. I assumed she was checking that I couldn't get free. Then she pressed on my fingernail, whitening it for a moment before releasing it, and watched it fill with blood again.

"Good" she murmured. "Tight but not too tight." She winked at me and leant across to the other side of the table, her round tummy touched my dick as she leant over, and the waft of medicinal alcohol and talc once again enveloped me. My cock slid across my stomach an inch or so under her weight, slippery! What! Had I already cum a little? This was more interesting than I had imagined it would be. I had fantasised about being restrained before, imagined it but had never had it done to me.

Nursie made short work of the second wrist strap, testing again for tightness and circulation to the fingertips. The she crouched down by the side of the couch and reached around underneath it.

"This bed came from the Able Fletcher Institute" she said, from somewhere below me.

Where had I heard that name? I furrowed my brow in thought for a moment, trying to tie the name to previous conversations.

Eventually I made a connection. Able Fletchers was a mental hospital, closed down years ago! My mind suddenly matched the name to a place. What was this bed then? Some sort of torture device? No. Maybe for restraining patients, mental patients, out of control loonies with three times their normal strength. I imagined inmates fighting against the nurses and orderlies, being dragged to a seclusion room and being tied to something like this, something well made, by professionals, probably unescapable. The thought pounded in my head! This was the real thing! I probably couldn't get out of here even if I tried!

I looked at Nursie, now only seeing the top of her forehead and her hair as she fossicked about under the couch. Did I trust her? I did not know if I could. It might even be too late. I tested the binds - I could move but only slightly. They felt secure, much stronger than me. My dick hardened further.

Nursie stood up and she reappeared beside the bed with two stainless steel poles, both bent slightly in two places, and on the end of each was an oval shaped flat piece of metal, aluminium probably, each with another dog collar like strap. 'What the fuck were those?' I thought. Nursie placed one in a socket on the side of the couch near my knee and left it stood up over me, bent slightly outward and away from me, and began inserting the next one.

'Shit! They're stirrups!' The thought crashed into my head. 'Like for smears,.... and childbirth... and operations! Aren't they for girls....?'

Before I had really comprehended what was going on, Nursie had my foot, still in its sock, lifted up and strapped into the stirrup pedal. As she reached for the other foot, I asked her "Have you done this before?"

My voice sounded tinny, small. It had a slight tremor as well. I sounded like a child. Please miss don't hurt me was what it really meant, and I damn well knew she thought that as well.

"Shhhhhh" she said, the sound effortlessly came out of her, as she finished fastening the last belt. "I will only be doing nice things to you. I don't think you will realise how nice until we are finished, and I don't want...." she looked down at me, first at my cock, then my legs, then me, " ...you to move. It might... not be so good if you move"

"What’s that, what are you going to do, I think I should know..."

But before I had finished, Nursie had taken a roll of tape from her pocket. Paper surgical tape, maybe one and a half inches thick on a large roll.

"Shhhhhhhhhhh" she breathed again, as she tore a short length off the roll and efficiently pressed it over my mouth, smoothing her fingers over it to ensure it was well adhered.

"Shhhhhhh. I know you are going to like this, ..... a lot" she whispered. "and I don't want anyone coming in here because you can't control yourself and call out too loudly. You just have to trust me."

Now I was tied at both wrists, feet up on the stirrups and strapped in, and tape over my mouth. Fleeting thoughts of 'how did I get myself into this' and 'what if she leaves me here' passed through my mind. Too late now, I resolved to myself. Better just go with it. I tried to slow my breathing down.

Nursie opened a drawer in the side of the couch and pulled out a paper sheet and a stainless steel bed pan. My eyes got wide. What the hell are you doing now?

She asked me to raise my bottom, which I did, and she slid the cold pan underneath. I felt the deep cold of the steel on my warm backside, stinging. I looked back up at her from where I lay, head down lower than my arse. It was hard to lift my head but I managed it in time to see her pull a plastic bag of water from between her breasts! More 'what the fuck' went through my head. This was getting further and further away from where I was comfortable with every passing minute. Attached to the bottom of the bag was a two metre long, slightly coiled plastic tube. She lay the bag on the bed, and walked to the end of the couch, then she pushed the stirrups up so my knees were over my head, feet above my hips, and clipped the poles into place. I felt like a baby about to have its nappy changed, my arse lifted well up for close inspection. I could feel the coolness of the air against the totally exposed inside of the cheeks of my ass, which was three or four inches off the bed and now lifted clear of the bedpan.

She put the paper sheet down on the bed in front of the pan and picked up the end of the plastic tube. Wide eyed, I continued to stare at her, concerned about what was coming up, but not wanting to make a noise in case she stopped and I didn't find out. She took a tube of lubricant from her pocket, along with a pair of latex examination gloves. "I don't want you to get my toys dirty" she whispered, as she pulled the gloves nimbly over her hands and squeezed a good dollop of lube onto the end of the tube and over her right index finger. "We need to get you all nice and clean"

I kept watching her as her hand disappeared from view, I felt the cold sexy slipperiness of the lube being smeared around my anus. I closed my eyes. I had never done this before, rubbed my anus, not me, nor let anyone else, but the feeling right now was magic. I could feel my dick now bumping right off my stomach where it lay, twitching up each time my heart beat, and I could hear my pulse flowing hard in my ears. A slow quiet moan escaped me as she slowly rubbed around and around. Suddenly, she pushed her finger inside. It hurt a little as I stretched to accept her stubby finger tip, but I gave surprisingly easily, and she slowly pushed further inside me. My nostrils flared as they tried to let enough air in to meet the demand of my heaving lungs. I felt snot being blown down on the the tape over my mouth, but could do nothing about it.

"You are a virgin" she breathed. "So nice and tight, oh you are going to enjoy this"

I opened my eyes to look up at her, she was not looking at me, but staring at my ass. I could see her shoulder moving in and out in time with the sensation of her finger moving in and out of me. I tightened my sphincter around her, gripping her. She looked me in the eye and stopped her movements.

"Just relax, it feels better and it won't hurt if you relax."

I let her go, lay my head back and looked at the ceiling while I concentrated on what I could feel, first one knuckle, then eventually two. After penetrating, in fact violating me a number of times, she removed her finger. I looked up at her again to see her now with the lubed up tube end. I felt her push it a little way inside of me, much smaller than her finger, then watched as she lifted the bag a couple of feet above me, and gently squeezed. I couldn't feel the water going in - it must have been the same temperature as me because of where Nursie had stowed it, somewhere in the depths of her bra. Wow she really knows what she is doing, it occurred to me. There was no sensation of cold but soon there was a sensation of... fullness. Not really sexy, nor pleasurable, not uncomfortable either, just a sensation of expanding, filling. The bag was roughly one third smaller than when she started when she kinked the tube and pulled the tip out from me.

"Push it out" she said. "It will clean you up."

I pushed a little and heard the sound of water going into the pan, felt the warmth of it trickling down from my ring. Nursie re-lubed the tip and flushed me out twice more, emptying the bag.

"Ahh nice and clean. Now for your surprise" she said.

'Ah I think I have already had plenty of surprises today', I thought, as I watched her reach again into the drawer and this time pull out two shiny plastic dildos. One was shorter than the other, fairly slim with a slight bend about two inches from the tip, and was metallic in colour. The other was around two inches in diameter, about twelve inches long, pink and monstrous. 'Oh God' I thought. 'That had better not be going into me'

Nursie placed the metallic shaft down somewhere out of sight near the end of the couch, and pushed the pink monster into my hand which was still strapped to the edge of the bed.

"Hold this properly, like a man" she leant down and breathed into my ear. "I need some fun too"

She put one of her feet up on the step, lifted her smock skirts above her cellulosed, bumpy thigh, pulled her gigantic white bloomers aside to exposed her hairy, great pussy. My cock was straining so hard it no longer rested against my belly. It hovered in mid air like it did when I was a teenager. Veins stood up along both sides and it's eye wiggled up and down, as if trying to mesmerise me as it throbbed. It ached so much to be touched but I could not get my hand even near it.

She lifted herself on her toes, put her far knee on the side of the couch next to my knee, held my hand tightly onto the monstrous dildo and slowly, ever so slowly eased herself down along its shaft. I could feel my eyes widening as I watched that hairy hole swallow almost its entire length, all the way down, inch by inch, until I felt her wet pubes, then her full wet hot lips against the top of my hand. My cock felt as if it was going to burst, like one of the veins was going to rupture. I could feel an orgasm stirring inside me, even though I had barely been touched at all.

Nursie pushed herself in and out against me, riding that enormous pink stick, ever so slowly, her eyes opening and closing as she went up and down. Each time she came right down to the end she brushed my hand with her black curly hair and burning wet lips. I felt her wetness slowly being pushed down the shaft on to my hand, a little more each time. Her strong scent came to my nose and I breathed it in, thick and heavy, almost acrid.

After a time, she reached down between my legs and took up the silver prong, applied it with lube and lowered it again out of sight. She removed the bedpan, to my relief, and wiped my arse with the paper towel, all the while sliding up and down that pink pole, my hand struggling to keep it upright for her, jamming its butt against the wooden side of the bed.

I had seen a dildo like that silver thing before, for men, in the adult shops. It was a .... t pleaser or something. It was bent a little to get to some spot in a man from his ass, ... P Spot. It suddenly came to me - P spot, for um... prostate. That’s right - I had read the package on a few of them. I wasn't really keen to try it, but apparently supposed to be good? I guessed I was about to find out.

Nursie, still sliding up and down, slowly pushed the silver thing into my ass. It was cold, and wider than her finger, so it hurt a little, but thankfully she was gentle.

"My little virgin" she sighed, looking down on me. "No virgin now"

She turned the dildo inside me - I could feel the bent tip searching, then suddenly it found what it was looking for. Pleasure shot through me, like a burning bolt of lightning coming from my ass, along some mysterious connection to my balls, then up my gut to my chest. I felt my eyes widen and my cock jumped straight up.

"Ahh there it is" sighed Nursie, watching my eyes, and she gave it another small movement. I felt my cock twitch and a huge orgasm stirring deep inside me.

She rubbed it back and forth, it was so slightly painful at my entrance but the pleasure was so intense. I began to sway with the movements, cut off moans trying to escape from under the tape over my mouth.

Without a word, as I bucked slowly and ground the back of my head into the couch, Nursie took my cock in her other, still gloved hand and very quickly rubbed it up and down.

Within four strokes, the orgasm burst forth. Flame like sensations shuddered through me simultaneously from my feet and head in toward my middle, and shot up my cock. I bucked and contorted in spasms of joy as huge globs of my spunk shot forth, onto the wall, onto Nursies arm, onto my chest, spasm after spasm after spasm. I must have shot 6 or 7 loads of spunk out of me in that 40 seconds.

I have never had before, nor probably never will have again, an orgasm as hard or as long as that!

Thankyou Nursie! The pleasure was all mine!