She was home by herself. All of her flatmates were out. She had the whole house to herself and she was enjoying the peace and quiet. She was however, a little bored and was sort of wondering what she was going to spend her time doing. She had flicked through all the TV channels. Nothing was on. Well nothing decent anyway. She had sat and looked through a couple magazines on the coffee table. Again, there was nothing decent to read, just trashy gossip mags. What she wouldn’t do for a good porn mag she thought to herself-some nice pictures to look at and some hot stories to read. Nancy wandered through to the kitchen and tried to make herself busy. She hated it when it was all noise at the house and wished that it could be quieter and now that it was, well, she wanted it to be noisier again.

Nancy had managed to fill in a bit of time by pottering around the house, doing bits and pieces here and there, but when she looked at the clock she realized that she was still going to be there on her own for a while longer. Then, there was a knock at the door. Thankful for some company finally, she headed toward the door, hoping that it wouldn’t be a door salesman or God preacher though. When she got there she was welcomed by a lovely surprise. It was a guy, but he wasn’t there to sell her a vacuum cleaner or preach about heaven. In fact, she knew him, which was a bonus. It was Ben. She said hello to him and stepped aside to allow him to walk in to the house. He didn’t say a word to her. She asked him if he would like a drink or something to eat. Again, he said nothing but just stared into her eyes. It slightly turned her on, having him stare so deeply and intently into her eyes.

She turned to walk away to head to the kitchen to fix herself and him a drink, wondering why he was not speaking a word. As she turned he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back toward him. His other hand moved to the back of her head and he pulled her face close to his, kissing her lips firmly. Her lips parted and slowly his tongue slid into her mouth, dancing over her tongue. Nancy could feel his body pressed against hers and could feel his heart beating in his chest. His hand from her wrist moved to her waist and he pulled her against him again, now allowing her to feel a bulging in his pants. “Ahhhh,” she thought to herself, “he’s in the mood.” He remained silent as he began to remove her top, starting unbuttoning it from the top, revealing her bra-covered breasts as he reached halfway. Once he got to the final button he slipped her shirt off of her shoulders, and rested his hands on them. As he continued kissing her, they slipped down slowly, onto her nice large, see-through bra-covered tits. Ben’s hands caressed softly over them, moving in a slow circular motion, making sure his palms covered every inch of breast. His thumbs delicately played with her nipples through the material of the bra, until they were firm and erect, pushing against the fabric. He shifted his kisses away from her mouth and started to make his way down her neck, continuing on to the tops of her breasts. He didn’t stop there but carried on kissing the exposed flesh of her tits above her bra. He knelt down now, with his face level with her tits. He kissed them through the bra and darted his tongue over the erect nipples. Nancy could still feel the sensation surge through her body at the touch of her tongue. Her pussy had begun to get very wet by this stage. While his tongue and lips were playing with her tits, Ben’s hands had moved down to her jeans. Quickly he had the button undone and the fly unzipped. He tugged the jeans down over her legs as Nancy wriggled her hips to help him out. That left her standing there just in her bra and panties. Her hands went to his shoulders and she moved her feet apart slightly, opening her legs wider. Without warning Ben gave her a hard, fast slap on her ass cheek that both hurt and felt really good at the same time. She moaned in delight and pushed her tits against his face more, as he began taking them, bra-covered into his mouth.

The entire time Ben had remained silent and this just turned Nancy on more. With his left hand he cupped it and slid it between her legs. He began grazing his fingers against the outside of her pussy, tracing the outline of her lips with her fingertips. Her knees just about buckled at his touch and she had to steady herself against him. She instinctively began pressing her cunt against his fingers, wanting them inside her. Meanwhile his right hand had moved up her back and swiftly unclasped her bra. He pulled it away with his teeth, revealing her C-cup tits to him. Promptly he covered as much of one as he could with his wet, warm mouth, his tongue darting and flicking over her hardened nipple while with his right hand he cupped and caressed and squeezed her other breast. His right hand was thumb rubbing back and forth over her nipple. He worked his left hand faster now, rubbing it back and forth over her pussy, through her panties, harder and faster. He could feel her clit, erect, behind her panties and paid special attention to it with his thumb. Nancy couldn’t contain herself any longer and started moaning “Ohhhhhh, yeeeeessssss, mmmmmmhmmmmm, yeeeah, that’s it…….ooooooohhhh my god yes!”

This just spurred Ben on further and he tugged hr panties down, revealing her shaved smooth pussy. Nancy stepped out of her panties and felt Ben’s hands traveling up the inside of her legs, back up, getting closer and closer to her hot, pink, wet pussy.

Ben was still fully dressed, but Nancy knew that he wouldn’t allow her to undress him. He’d do it when he was ready and wanted to, which she was hoping would be soon. She really wanted to taste that cock of his and feel it in her hand, mouth and pussy. What she could feel at the moment though was his hands, slowly making their way up her legs. As his hands were moving upward, his mouth was moving as well. It had left her tits and was kissing its way down over her stomach, roughly going to be meeting his hand at the same time. His right hand gave her ass a forceful slap and this sent signals of pleasure through her body, making her moan again, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmhmmmm, yeahhh!” His fingers were now tantalizingly close to the top of her inner thighs and she could just about feel his warm breath against her shaved pussy skin. She was dripping wet and could feel her juices trickling slowly down the inside of her leg. She was sure Ben would be getting a very strong smell of her sweet, pussy juices. She desperately wanted her pussy filled with cock but knew she’d have to just keep waiting. He loved teasing her. Now that her tits were free from his mouth and hands, Nancy had began touching them, caressing them, stroking them, rubbing her thumbs over her nipples. She knew Ben enjoyed watching her touch herself and she was doing it partly for his benefit and partly for her own horny benefit. All of a sudden, she couldn’t feel his fingers on her skin and his mouth was moving away from her pussy, not closer. She opened her eyes to see what was happening and now saw Ben standing up in front of her, taking his top off and beginning to unbutton his jeans. These fell to the floor, leaving him standing in just his boxers. She hoped that he would take these off now as well, allowing her to see his beautiful erect cock. She badly wanted it in her mouth and pussy, let alone wanting to just see it.

He was just teasing her. Annoyingly, he left his boxers on. She could clearly see the bulge in the front of them and wanted to just rip them off him. Ben knelt back down in front of her and replaced his hands where they had been just moments beforehand. Nancy still had her own hands clasped on her breasts. His mouth began placing light kisses on her lower stomach, between her belly button and her pussy. She felt as though she was going to orgasm at any second, the moment his fingers brushed her clit even. He was good; he knew exactly what he was doing and how frustrating it was for her.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCK YEEEEAHHHH,” she suddenly screamed as Ben’s fingers made contact with her clit. He was rubbing them back and forth, side to side, round and round. Her first orgasm rocked her whole body she could feel it from the top of her head to her toes. As it began to subside, Ben slipped his fingers inside of her and when his tongue darted out and flicked over the tip of her clitoris this sent her over the edge again and her second orgasm in as many minutes surged through her, “MMMMMMMMMMMM OHMYGODDDDDDDDDDDDD, YEEEEEA, I’M COMMMMMING, DON’T STOP LICKING AND FINGERING MEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

Eventually, her second orgasm passed as well. However, she could feel deep inside her that she had plenty more where they both came from. Ben was now just gently slipping his fingers in and out and swirling his tongue over her clit. Her whole cunt area was supersensitive from her two orgasms, so he was being very slow and gentle with his touches. After a couple more minutes he stood up from kneeling in front of her and finally removed his boxers. He grabbed hold of his erect cock at the base of it with his left hand and with his right hand on Nancy’s shoulder he pushed her down onto her knees.

“Yessss, this is what I’ve been wanting for!” she thought to herself. She opened her warm and wet mouth and Ben fed his cock into her mouth. She sucked on it, good and hard. She was determined to make Ben break his silence, make him moan and grunt as she sucked his cock. His hands moved to the back of her head, pulling her head forward as he pushed his cock in past her lips. Her tongue traveled up and down the length of it, she licked the head, her hands cupped his balls. All Ben did was quietly sigh. This made her work harder, but she didn’t want him to blow in his mouth. Roughly 5 minutes after she’d started giving him the blowjob he pulled his penis out of her mouth. It was nice and shiny and wet from her saliva. Ben then placed both hands on her shoulders and pushed her back gently, so she was lying on her back on the floor. He then grabbed her wrists and made her hands push her tits together from the side. Ben then straddled her chest, with a knee either side. He began titty-fucking her, sliding his wet cock between her tits. He pushed it through far enough so that she could just stick her tongue out and lick the tip. He switched between long slow thrusts and then short fast ones. At one stage Nancy managed to get the whole head into her mouth and licked the droplets of pre-cum from his cock. They tasted good. Again, Nancy didn’t want him blowing his load yet, but she knew that he wouldn’t want to yet either. While he was straddling her chest, he reached a hand behind him and slowly stroked her pussy and clit, working her up into another very wet and horny state. As her hands had her tits pushed together, her fingers were able to reach her hard, hard nipples and play with them. She knew Ben would enjoy watching this. His cock was beginning to dry out a little bit between her breasts. Really wanting to impress him and turn him on, Nancy spat some more saliva onto his cock as he pushed it forward toward her mouth. This earned her getting him to slide two fingers into her pussy and graze them against her G-spot. After another half dozen fast paced strokes of his cock Ben got up off her chest and gave her a hand up onto her feet. She was ready for another orgasm and to be fucked by his cock. He shifted behind her and moved her toward the couch. He pushed her shoulders forward, making her bend at the waist. Mmmmm, she thought, he’s gonna fuck me doggy style. She felt his cock head rubbing around the outside of her pussy, brushing against her lips, teasing her. This made her even wetter. He’d slip it just inside her cunt, then pull it out again, then slip it back in a little further. She just wanted the whole length in her now. After repeating this process a few times, Ben finally gave her what she wanted and began pounding her pussy, and hard! She loved it. She had never been fucked so hard and fast before. He was thrusting so hard it was making her tits sway back and forth. His hands held her hips, then a hand slapped her ass, then a hand reached round and grabbed hold of a swaying tit and cupped it, the thumb rubbing her nipple. His other hand reached and found her clit. She was in heaven! She was enjoying feeling his cock ramming her cunt, his fingers rubbing her clit, his hand holding her tit. She didn’t want it to end.

“Ohhh, yeeeea, that’s it Ben. Fuck my sweet pussy, give me your cum, I wanna feel you blow inside me. Mmmmm, faster!” She said this knowing that he was probably fucking her as fast as he possibly could without breaking his cock in half, but said it anyway.

With so much attention being paid to the most sensitive parts of her body she knew her climax was building and when it arrived it was going to arrive big time. She could just feel it beginning to build now and hoped that Ben was gonna last for her. The hand holding her breast squeezed a bit tighter and he started rubbing her clit harder. Both of them were by now building up a good sweat from this workout. Nancy pushed herself back toward him as he thrust into her. She reached a hand under her and rubbed his swinging ball sac as he fucked her. Finally he couldn’t last any longer and groaned very loudly “OHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKK MMMMMMMMM!” This made Nancy rub his nuts faster and she could feel it make his cock pulse and throb in her more. He slapped her ass again and pounded his hard erect cock into her. Her orgasm was building more and more with each thrust of his penis. Both of his hands had returned to her hips now, allowing him to push and pull and thrust as hard and as rough and as fast as he possibly could. She stopped rubbing his sac and instead moved her fingers to her own clit. She rubbed her fingers in very fast, very small circles around her clit, making waves and waves of pleasure crash through her body. This combined with Ben’s cock in her cunt equaled a shortcut to her orgasm almost. Now that Ben had broken his silence, he was making the most of it, “Ohhhh, fuck yeah, mmmmmm Nancy, oh, your pussy’s so wet and hot, ohhh, I wanna give you a nice big load, fuck it feels goooooood. Ride my cock, drain my balls, I wanna make you come all over my cock!!!” The dirty talking from Ben just helped her to climb higher toward that orgasm.

“UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH, BENNNNNNN, I CAN FEEL……..IT……I’M GONNA…..OHMYGOD. DON’T STOP POUNDING. I WANT TO FEEL YOU CUM. I’M….I’M, MMMMMMMMMHMMMMMM, COMMMMMMMMMMMING NOWWWWWWWW”. It hit her with such a force that she almost crumpled to the floor from its power. It was a series of 1, then 2, and then a 3rd orgasm in a row. Each slightly larger than the one before it. As her 2nd one died down and the 3rd one hit her, she heard Ben moaning, “UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH, HERE………I………UHHHHHHHHH…..GONNA…..FUCCCCCCKKKK YEA……COMMMMMMMMMING!” and she felt spurt after spurt after spurt exploding into her pussy. There must have been at least a dozen spurts of come shot into her pussy. They both collapsed forward onto the couch, Ben’s cock still snuggly fitted into her pussy. Nancy turned her head slightly and murmured to Ben, “Mmmmm, thank you, thank you so much.” Before they both drifted to sleep Nancy heard him replying “The pleasure was all mine…..”