Written by Suzynn


I could feel anticipation everywhere; the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy. I tried to calm down, but nothing I tried seemed to work. There was no reason for me to be nervous, I had dated a few guys before, but for some reason this guy really made me buzz. As a friend of a friend I had met John occasionally and found we could laugh and have a joke together. Something about him stirred my insides, I had to remind myself that we were only casual friends and that I didn’t want a relationship at the moment. Previous boyfriends had let me down; at this stage in my life I was trying to get a career. I was independent and strong and I certainly didn’t need a man trying to change things about me as they had tried to in the past. I just wasn’t a housewife kind of person.

Today should have been an ordinary day, no different to the rest, except it was different… this morning he had asked me to meet up with him for a beer in the evening with some of his friends. Now this normally would have been fine and given me no reason to feel nervous as I had met several of his friends before, but after agreeing on a time and place he gave me the one of his flirty side glances and a subtle wink. For a split second I actually thought he was flirting and hinting at something more, but then the subjects changed to work again and I left them all to it forgetting about the wink until I was getting ready to go meet him.

Remembering the possible wink I looked into my wardrobe, wanting to find something a bit revealing but not over the top, what if I read him wrong and he wasn’t into me? But what if he was? I settled on a short black dress with a low cut front and strappy back. Luckily I have long legs and could pull off a short dress and high heels. A little bit of make-up and tied my hair into a ponytail and I was ready to go. I played that wink over and over in my head, trying to work it out but getting nowhere. He was cute, in fact he was really quite handsome but not the kind of guy I had ever thought about dating… he had a charisma and didn’t seem to be the “relationship” type.

Not being a big drinker I had offered to drive so I pull up outside his house and see him waiting outside the door for me, with a beer in one hand he locks the door and wanders down to jump in my car. Leaning over to me he gives me a kiss on the cheek and says “Have I got a night planned for us.” He’s started early obviously, and being really cryptic tonight but instead of opening a can of worms I ask him “Where to now?” He names a nice pub below one of the big hotel chains in town and I set about driving us there. He insists I park in their undercover car park and we wander in to see who else had arrived. Danny and his girlfriend Lisa are there already at a table for 6, with them is Lisa’s best friend Janis. We join them and I hug them each kissing cheeks as we go. I don’t know Lisa well but she’s quite cheerful and seems really pleasant and her friend was really bubbly and outgoing. About 10 minutes later their other friend Dylan arrives with a man I don’t know – he’s introduced to me as Brad and I blush as he gives me the once over before kissing me on the corner of my mouth. I need a drink I tell myself.

Walking to the bar I was joined by John who mentioned there was a tab open for them and that he was shouting because of a promotion. I had only planned on a couple so ordered a Vodka & lemon. Returning to the table the conversation had become jovial and energetic and it was easy to fall into good conversation and easy going jokes. It was also easy to forget I was supposed to be driving and before I knew it I had had 4 drinks and was feeling quite tiddly. Brad and Dylan were really pleasant and I ask them how they knew the others, they grin and asked if anyone want another drink. Were they avoiding the question? Never mind, I think, and re-join the others. John comes in close beside me and whispers to me “Are you enjoying yourself?” I nod enthusiastically and he smiles at me. John looks at all the others and asks “Is it time yet?”

I feel a little confused and setup, everybody else knows a secret that I’ve been left out of. Disappointment washes over me as I expect them all to be going out somewhere without me being invited, but John grabs my hand and we all head out of the bar and towards the hotel elevator. “Go with the flow, you’ll love it” John whispers into my ear. Considering the fact that I’m suddenly out of my comfort zone, all I can do is follow.

In the elevator I notice Danny running his hand up beneath Lisa’s skirt and I hear her giggle. Lisa’s hand then reaches out and slides into the back pocket of Brads jeans. I looked up at John with question and concern written all over my face, he lifts my chin with his thumb and forefinger and smiles down at me, lowering his lips to mine to kiss me gently. “It will all be good, just relax”. My body starts to give me the tell-tale signs of lust and I hide my face shyly as I automatically lick my lips.

I start at the sound of the elevators ding and the doors slide open to the 3rd floor. We all exit and, following Dylan walk the short corridor to a room that he opens with a key. I follow the other 6 almost dutifully and enter a large apartment style room with a separate bedroom off to the left and a huge bathroom on the right. I’m finally realise what’s going on – boy have I led a sheltered life, I never thought people actually had parties just for sex. Isn’t that the kind of stuff that was made up for porn movies and men’s fantasies?

John looks at me and asks “Are you alright? If you want you can leave at any time, there is no pressure if you don’t want to be here.” I nod at him and lift my eyes to his and tell “I’m OK”. He smiles and leans down to kiss me. His lips are so warm and tender and I felt myself melt into him. His hands went to my shoulders and gripped me tight, without them I thought I would fall.

As he lifts his head I open my eyes and see the others kissing and touching each other. John leads me towards a comfortable looking couch in the corner of the room and sits down, pulling me onto his knee. He pulls me down towards his face and kisses me again, this time with more passion. I feel his tongue licking against my lips asking permission, I open my lips to him and our tongues meet, dancing together as they twist inside our mouths. He moves beneath me and slowly rotates our bodies so that he is beside and almost above me, pressing into me as he starts kissing and nibbling his way down my neck. I run my hands over his chest and feel the taut muscles twitch at my touch. As his tongue runs across my collar bone I little moan escapes my lips. Forgotten are the others in the room, all I can feel is John and his lips and fingers. His tongue travels down into my cleavage as his hands cup my breasts, thumb and forefinger gently squeezing my nipples as they harden. I lay there taking it all in, the sounds of lust in the room, the musky scent of the man licking his way back up my neck. The feeling was surreal, I was sure I was dreaming but so hoping it was a new reality.

Opening my eyes I look into Johns face, he lifts me up so that we are both standing. Leaning down his fingers trace the outline of my knees and slowly travel up the outside of my thighs. Reaching the hem of my dress his hands slide under each side of my dress and slowly continue to rise, lifting my dress up past my hips uncovering the black lace of my g-string and rising up over my waist. His hands pause when they reach the level of my breasts, bunching my dress beneath my armpits. He leans down towards my stomach and kisses my bellybutton gently, trailing his kisses up towards and over my ribs and to the lower region of my cleavage stopping when he reached my bra. Looking up at me his smile widens, feeling a little shy I turn slightly so my back was facing the others in the room. My arms are pushed up by my dress being lifted over my head. My vision was obscured as it passed over my eyes and he removed his hands from me leaving my blind and exposed. His hands grip my breasts and gently caress them, his breath hot between them. I startle when my dress is lifted from my face and frees my arms and I look down and, expecting John I look into the eyes of Brad.

John had slipped behind me and brushed my hair from my neck and started kissing around the very sensitive neck line. Brad stands and looks down at me, “Is this OK for you?” he asks. “I’ll try” I croak. He lowers his head and kisses me passionately and I give in to the amazing feeling of 4 hands and 2 pair of lips touching me all over. I start to weaken at the knees. John held me from behind and lowered me to the couch once again. Brad knelt beside me, leaning over me as he begins to kiss me more passionately now. I lean forward when his hands travel down my shoulders toward my bra clasp, allowing him more room to undo it which he did with ease. He lowers the shoulder straps and breaks the kiss to look at my uncovered breasts. Resting his weight on one arm he fondles my breasts with the other, caressing and squeezing while re-engaging our kiss.

I had forgotten John for a second but quickly remembered as his hands travelled from my ankles up to my knees, pausing to slowly part them. I resist slightly and the pressure of his hands increases, I relent and allow my knees to be spread apart and his hands make their way up the inside of my thighs. I want to concentrate on the kiss that I was receiving from Brad, the musky smell of him, the taste of his tongue, the warm firm lips pressing into mine, but I’m distracted by the presence of hands teasing my thighs and a warm tickling sensation travelling up my legs toward my pussy. I feel his breath against the lace of my panties and let out a small moan into Brads mouth. My thighs are pushed open a little further and I feel light kisses against my mound through the lace. Brad begins to kiss and lick his way towards my breasts and nipples, sucking them in deeply and leaving playful nips as he moves back and forward between the two. My insides begin to clench as Johns tongue begins to push its way between my lips to rub against my clit. Through the lace his tongue creates a friction I had never felt before. Brad whispers to me, “Do you like to suck cock?” “Yes” I moan feeling so much pleasure in being asked. Seconds later Brad is standing on the couch so that his crotch was directly in front of me, balancing against the wall behind us. My hands head straight to the fly and undo the 4 buttons of his jeans. I spread apart the fly and lower the jeans down past his hips. His tight boxers have an enormous bulge in front and I rub it through the fabric. Feeling my panties being drawn to the side I gasp a little as a finger slides inside me, the tongue still working against my clit, sucking and pulling me in. I feel greedy as I quickly remove the clothing in front of me and release his nicely trimmed erection, I admire it with my eyes for a split second and quickly run my tongue from the base up to the tip. I hear a moan from above me and suck him deeply into my mouth. The sweet taste of his cock, the hard yet velvety texture and the fullness of him in my mouth was more of a turn on than I could have imagined. Along with this was the deep throbbing of my own genitals as, now two, fingers were twisting about inside my pussy, and the pressure of Johns tongue against my clit.

I hear the sound of somebody’s build up to climax and realise through the fog that it was me. I begin to almost convulse as the intensity builds beyond anything I have ever felt before. Suddenly I orgasm, I suck Brad in deeply to muffle my cries, my thighs squeeze in against Johns head, holding him firm against my clit. He doesn’t let up, and I cum for what feels like minutes. As I come down from the release I am moved about on the couch. John is now sitting on the back of the couch and I am kneeling on it facing him, all of his clothes have been removed and he is quite stunning in his nakedness. I rest my arms on his thighs and look at his erection before me. I watch his face as I move to take him in, as my lips close around his cock his eyes close and his mouth opens in delight. A hand runs down my back and comes to rest on my buttock; I feel a touch against my pussy lips and open myself to it. Brad slowly slides himself into me, gently in and then withdrawing to push in further. Soon he was all the way inside me and my mouth began to match the rhythm of his hips. I felt amazingly full, these men were so gentle yet forceful, demanding yet attentive, and I had one filling my pussy and one filling my mouth. Brads pace began to increase as did mine to John, guttural moans came from behind me as he was now pumping hard into me. I heard him say “Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum!” and he withdrew suddenly. I felt instantly empty and felt the warmth of his juices on my lower back.

My enthusiasm continued while sucking on John as I wanted to taste his pleasure. Brads fingers made their way to the now empty cavity and began to probe me, his thumb rubbing against my clit. John’s hands rested against the back of my head and his hips started to move, he was starting to fuck my mouth and I couldn’t have stopped him if I had wanted to. My arousal rose again quickly as another orgasm worked its way to the surface. I moaned loudly as a finger began to press against my anus, it was an incredible feeling that I had never experienced before. I pulled back on my lips so my teeth were able to run against the veined skin of his cock as it was being pumped into my mouth. His cock seemed to swell even more and the moans from above were becoming less controlled. “I’m going to cum” he says as he pulls himself away from me, I lean forward and take him again in my mouth sucking him deeply as I look up to meet his eyes. I feel myself about to go over the top and hope to take him with me. He winks down at me, the wink that started this all, it threw my body into spasms as I came hard, clamping my pussy muscles onto Brads fingers, my juices running down his wrist. As my orgasm began to ebb John pulled my mouth deeply onto his cock, holding it there as his cock pulsated and warm sweet juices began to fill my mouth. I swallow hungrily as my own body twitched in pleasure, sucking every last drop of his cum and swirling my tongue around his now extremely sensitive knob. Feeling satisfied and completely sated I sat on the couch and John slip down to be beside me. Though only wearing my now rather wet panties I felt comfortable and confident. Sitting between these two wonderful men we watched the other 4 writhing on the bed together and I thought to myself “I could really learn to enjoy this.”

John leaned in to kiss me and I could still taste myself on his lips, he smiled at me. “Did you enjoy yourself?” he asks quietly. “Definitely!” was my response. We dressed quietly and I and I thanked Brad for such a wonderful experience. He kissed my cheek and said “Anytime you want”. I blushed and John offered to walk me down to my car. Hard to believe almost 2 whole hours had passed and my eyes had been opened to a whole new world of pleasure. My insides tingled as I unlocked my car, looking up at John I said “Goodbye and thank you!” “The pleasure was all mine.” he replied. “Until next time?” he questioned and kissed me gently on the lips.

“Yes please!” I said, unable to hide my joy. “Until next time!”