Written by Anonymous


I glance over at my friend, he sits across from me. I take a drink from my glass and raise my eyebrow, conveying a certain something. He holds my gaze unwaveringly, almost challenging me.

I run my hand through my hair, arching my back gently, making my shirt stretch across my bra-less breasts, allowing him to see a hint of hardening nipple.

He stretches his hips up in return, adjusting himself. I like that I’m making him uncomfortable.

I slowly unbutton my shirt, pulling it to the side, slide my hand over and under my breast, feeling the weight of it. I lick my finger, rub my nipple, then flick it, pinch it, gasping at the shots of pleasure it sends through me.

He groans and unzips his pants, slips them down. I smile at the effect I’m having on him, at his impressive bulge.

I sling my leg over the side of the chair and shift slightly, allowing my skirt to creep up, making sure he can see my damp knickers.

He rubs himself through his jockeys, cupping his balls and spreads his thighs. He pulls his cock out and wraps his hand around it.

I am dying to touch that cock but the rules say I can only watch….for now. I rub myself through my knickers, feeling the heat, imagining I’m rubbing myself against him. I pull my knickers to the side, flashing him my smooth pussy, wet and ready.

I watch him stroking himself, steadily, stopping now and then to rub delicious pre-cum over the throbbing head, I am fixated on his cock.

I rub myself in time to his stroking, faster, harder, two fingers moving in and out of me, the other hand rubbing my clit. I can’t hold back any longer and close my eyes, lean back and letting go, I cum hard and fast.

I get up and go over to him, kneel down between his legs, close but still not touching him. I want to taste him, my mouth is open and ready. I look up at him, tell him to cum for me, don’t hold back. He breaths harder, starts to moan, his excitement building up. I lean in, his cock pulsates and spills cum all over himself…..I can’t resist and bend to taste a little, savouring his flavour and hoping next time I can have it all.