Written by ericnvember


Dead, only a light wind gliding through the empty street. In the far distance the sound of thunder. The horizon just visible when you looked through the main street was black. No living soul visible in the street only that light wind.

All soul’s where hiding. They all knew trouble was on its way. The devil himself came to town. That was never good news. As the wise man predicted it days ago, and now everybody knew he was right. The only thing the wise man did not predicted was; 'why' the evil lord came to visit this time.

With sounds of rolling thunder, a red monstrous V8 came rolling through the empty street. The smooth roaring sound of eight cylinders and the sweet smell of high octane filled the air. When the hot-rod stopped close to the local pharmacy, a nasty chill filled the air. The light wind was behaving like fingers of an enormous hand, and systematically closing all doors and windows along the street. The people that where hiding inside their houses and shops had their view blocked. This visitor did not like being watched. The few people hiding outside their houses could still see how the door of the strange looking car opened and a thick rolling white smoke came out of the car. The smoke looked alive and seemed to be behaving like a person just like the wind that closed the windows. Rolling out of the door the smoke was opening the door as a piccolo would assist a welcomed guest at a hotel. A dark well-dressed man stepped out of the car. He did put on a valvet black high hat, straightened its long dark coat, and just before he walked of he made a small bough of gratitude to the mysterious smoke. As the door of the car slowly closed the strange smoke disappeared. The man walked towards the pharmacy store. The people that where brave enough to look where turned in to statutes, and looked frozen in time.

Inside the small pharmacy shop, there were only two people, Ezekiel the pharmacist and nurse Angela who just happened to be in the store to pick up the deliveries for the rest home. They saw the dark dressed figure standing before the glass door and both of them noticed they were nailed to the ground by an awful uncontrollable fear. the door opened without any sound. This was strange because the door had three terribly rusty hangers that normally screamed as loud as the trapped squirrel. When the door was almost fully opened it finally gave a small tiny little squeak. With a silence this enormous, it sounded like a gunshot was fired.

"Ezekiel!?," a dark but surprisingly warm voice said," Please, you should do something about that terrably noisy door."

"Yes yes, my lord, I’m on it right now." Said Ezekiel with a terrified voice.

" Ezekiel?? Please where are your manners? Please serve the lady first, your door can wait. I believe this lady here is just about to pick up her order".

"Yes my lord, yes the lady, and yes ill serve her as you wish, right away my lord"

" come-on Ezekiel, don’t overdo it hey, you know me I’m not just here to scare you, on second choice you go ahead fixing you door, and I will serve this lady as I understand she is coming here for me anyway."

A stunned confused lady in a nice nurses uniform was looking with dazzled eyes to this so-called lord. Too scared to talk and to puzzle to understand all this magic she just looked at him. In that short instant she noticed, he was actually not a bad looking man. From all the stories by wise man and street folk, she was imagining more a daemon than a good-looking man. Nicely dressed and well groomed, even the whole store smelled nice in this short time he had bombarded himself in it. Time around her stood still, or she was just thinking all this real fast. His hell blue eyes looking at her. she felt a force she could not resist. Her hands that where holding the paper order were controlled by him. She moved without thinking the paper in front of her till it was pointing towards the lord. Her fingers opened as they where controlled by him and like magic the order floated through the air.

"Now let me have a look at that order there nurse Angela.'' His low voice sounded even lower as if it was in slow motion.

'H..h.hooww... H...how, did you... know my,," was the only thing she could say.

"Aha, easy'', he said '' your order number starts with 666 and you told me you name in my dream last night. So really not that much magic involved here''

'I..I..I was ....i..told.. ''

''Yep the dreams I give people, sometimes they even scare me, they are so real. you look surprised, miss? didn't you have a nice dream last night? ''

She recalled a strange dream she had. She was the queen of a land called Nimbuzzia and could wish for anything she wanted. Everything she thought of happened. the only thing she could not wish for was love and as she was there in her happy dream world, love was the only thing she was looking for.

''I see you start to recall, miss. I am here to bring the last missing peace to your fantasy world.''

Stunned and puzzled she noticed all this was happening in slow motion. Ezekiel had not moved a muscles and all sound was gone. The only thing she could hear was his voice.

''The last wish; you wanted love. Well, I am here! You can have all the things of your dream and more. Ill promise you. You will not be disappointed. And the only thing you need to do is trust your lovely soul in to my good care.''

She wanted to scream in panic. She wanted to run and hide. The devil was after her!!. However, before she could even blink or think, she felt her air disappearing out of her lungs. Her voice was gone. Her muscles did not react on her brain, but slowly her panic strangely disappeared.

'Relax its only your soul, you get so much in return.' he grinned happily.

A warm glow shoots through her body. Warmth and happiness where replacing the fear. He lifted up his finger and as he did, her skirt was moving as well. It felt as if she was floating is the air. Warm air lifting her up, and lifting her skirt up. From outside the white thick mist came rolling in. her eyes told her to panic, but for some reason she felt save. As the missed slowly crawled towards her, she started to feel hundreds or fingers touching the skin of her legs. She closed he eyes and images of the dream came back. She saw all the lovely things she wished for all the things she desired and felt even more happy feelings than last night. All this felt real.

The touch of the fingers turned in to hands and after that, it started to feel like whole bodies gliding over her skin. The touches became so intense that she started to feel aroused. The need to give the touch back to whatever it was that was touching her became so great that she started to reach out with her arms. Desperately she was trying to hold on to the things that where giving here these feelings but she never managed to grab and hold the thing she felt crawling over her body.

She felt naked extremely aroused and hot. She did not care anymore that the time stood still, that there was a daemon controlling all this and she also had forgotten all the fear she had. She completely embraced the feelings and enjoyed the fact that she felt happy. On that moment, the urge for an orgasm became overwhelming. She felt a hard warm pressure between her legs pushing her vagina. Like tiny electric currents, running over her clit it did not take her long to reach an enormous orgasm. As she gasped for air, she was finally able to breathe out by passing a long and deep moan through her throat. Air filled her lungs and shocks went through her body when she loudly inhaled. The feeling slowly became less intense and she slowly became aware of her surroundings.

‘’That was only the beginning’’ he said with a soft deep voice,.

As she slowly opens her eyes, she saw his finger still pointing in her direction and still moving. It looked like he was writing something in the air. She felt his finger touching her lingerie, she felt that her skirt was completely rolled up and her nice red slip was in full view. She felt his touch going over her slip as if he was writing letters on there. The feeling was enormously erotic, and when she became curious of what was happening down there she looked.

SANTA’S LITTLE HELPER.., it read, in bright silver letters.

‘’ only one month a year they call me that’’, he said, ‘’ the other months those dumb humans can only see the daemon in me. Haahaahaa’’ he loudly laughed. ‘’ so what do you want, all this and more? Or you want back to the live that you believed to be the only thing possible in this world, just a minute ago?’’

Silence.. a long silence. Only slowly coming from some ware in the store the soft sound of a tiny clock ticking. Tik tik tik tik. She was just coming of her orgasmic cloud as she looked him straight in to his eye’s. ‘’Yes’ she whispered.

“yes what? Do you understand that I own your soul than?”

“Take me….. take whatever you want, but give me the power to control these feelings”.

With a loud bang, everything around her became normal again. The shop was just the shop, Ezekiel was moving towards the door, there where sounds again like the van on the sealing, the clock on the wall, and the wind from outside whistling through the small cracks in the wall. Also the voice of the mysterious lord was not that deep anymore.

‘’ follow me than” he said.

Was this real was this happening? Why did Ezekiel not look up did he really miss all this? She quickly felt her upper legs, as she was aware she had been practically naked just a second ago. She welt the cotton fabric of the uniform skit covering her legs. She breathed out with a small relief but when doing that she also became aware of the very wet underpants she wore. Pressing her hands against her skirt when she became aware of this she also felt cold metal shapes pressing her skin. As her face became red the lord said; ‘’ do not worry its real. You had your fun and yes you may call me Santa, now come on and come with me to the car. There are so many things I want to show you…’’

Strangely and without hesitation, she followed him to the door, passing Ezekiel who looked possessed and fully not aware of his surroundings. She did not believe what just happened and thousands of questions popped up in her head. Why does he want my soul? And what powers did he gave me. Powers, that was what he promised, did she have them right now? Why was she following him?

Outside the store, the whole world just looked scared and dead. She followed a couple more steps and then just before his hot rod car she stopped. Looking to her side through the empty street, she saw the dark thunderstorm on the horizon. She did not like thunder and was imagining how all this would look better with sun light instead of thunder. In a blink of an eye and the sound of that thunder the cloud disappeared en bright sunlight came towards her. quickly closing her eyes for the intense light she realized she had the powers.

‘hop in to my car, my darling’’ he commanded.

“ not so fast mister Santa,’’ she spoke with confidence. ‘’ that’s all good that you come to here to pick your woman. It is all good that you scare people with you presence, but if you want ME, you had better be a good boy. “

A grin on his face and the sound of air passing through his teeth “ ppff come on in now and let’s explore MISS…’’

And as he became aware of a ice-cold metal band sliding in to his pants and curling up around his balls and cock she said, ‘’I'm already exploring, and be warned, there are rules that come with me’’

As the metal band tightened around his privates and slowly caused just enough pain to get his full attention she continued, ‘’ I'm driving, so give me the key!!!!”