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Milking my Playmate



2 minute read

Originally written under my old profile November 2019 On all fours and milked… I have fantasy about a new prospective playmate, and something I would find highly erotic to do to him, with and experience with him. He has a handsome, manly face and sparkling fun, sexy eyes, that would make the play so, so hot. We meet for a drink and sexy fun conversation and banter, and then head off to a Hotel room. We light some candles and sip on a glass or two of champagne while kissing and fondling one another. I lay a towel across the bed, and then ask him to get up on to the bed and to kneel on all fours with his gorgeous bod exposed to me. I go around to the front and kiss him full on the mouth; I whisper into his ear……...just enjoy……. I move around behind him so that his strong back and bum are exposed to me. I start to massage his shoulders and back and then move down to his bum. I massage the cheeks of his bum and while doing this my nails gently tickle his bum, the inside of his thighs and the back of his balls. I take a mouthful of champagne and let this wash over the crack of his bum and down to his asshole…the cold champagne makes him gasp a little. I dry the crack of his asshole with a fresh towel and then with my hot tongue start to rim him. I reach through with my hand and start to wank him; while all the time lapping at his asshole. His cock is rock hard now and starting to leak a little pre cum……. I stop suddenly, and in a moment, I slide under him and turn around. I look up into his eyes and whisper “I’m gonna milk you now”, I start to wank him again with my right hand, while my left hand nails tickle and tease the cheeks of his bum and his asshole. I wank him and tease him…. all the time looking directly into his eyes; his cock is aching now, and I can feel his cum building in his balls. I stop and suck at the helmet of his cock……both hands and nails teasing the cheeks of his bum. In a moment my right hand goes back to wanking him…….harder, faster….he kneels up now….he is close to Cumming, and then with one final wank, his back arches and I milk him; his cum spurts on to my hard nipples up to my neck gushing. I suck his cock and the last bit of cum spurts into my mouth……. spent he lays down beside me………

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