Sandra my partner and I joined a swingers group 5 yrs ago we were in our mid 40s living in P / Nth, we went to a swingers party in Paraparaumu one February. It started out as an evening BBQ there was the host couple 1 other couple 2 single females and about 7 single guys the host guy was a well built Maori guy his wife a beautifully slim part Maori woman both about late 40s the others were all different nationalities, French, Italian, Aussies.

I knew that Sandra was really horny as she had been pleasuring her self as we drove down to the party and I had been finger fucking her while I drove.

We had a few drinks outside and got to know each other, then Sandra stood up and said WELL l came to have some fun tonight so guys l will be in the middle bedroom open door policy no more than 2 at a time, and then she left with the Frenchman,

That got things moving l took the hostess up stairs to her room and we had a great time playing and fucking she sucked my cock until it was really hard and wet then mounted me and rode my cock until I shot my load deep inside her cunt, we then talked for a while before going back down to the group.

As l passed the room Sandra was in a guy came out and said shit your wife is horny, l have just finished and the Aussie is now having his turn, so that meant Sandra was on number 3.

l went outside and heard the French guy telling the others what a great fuck Sandra was and that they should give her a go,

l decided to go a make sure she was okay, so l went into the room to find the Sandra laying on her back legs spread and the Aussie fucking her hard and fast and Sandra really enjoying it then the Aussie starts cuming inside her cunt and she wraps her legs around him and pulls him deep inside her.

After he is finished l am sitting talking to Sandra and she is telling me about the 3 guys who have fucked her, this gets me really turned on and my cock is now rock hard Sandra sees how hard I am and reaches over and starts sucking it, then she asks me if I want to fuck her and spreads her legs apart and starts finger fucking her wet cunt,with that l get between her legs and slide my cock inside her wet cunt she has had 3 lots of cum shot inside her so she is really wet and juicy as l pound her hard and fast l can hear the slurping sounds and feel the juices on my balls, Sandra reaches down and slips 2 fingers inside her with my cock, when she does that l start to come, that is when we hear someone else in the room. We see the hot standing by the bed with the biggest cock l have seen in his hand, it was about 9 inches long and about 2 inches thick.

Sandra just steered at it for what seemed ages, l got up and sat in the chair, Sandra then reached out and tried to wrap her hand around the shaft of his cock her hand was not big enough, she sucked the huge head into her mouth but struggled to really give it a good sucking.

He said to Sandra get on your hands and knees as it will not hurt so much and is easier for him to enter her that way, so she did as he said and spread her legs wide apart, l watched him place the head of this huge cock just inside her pussy lips and then slowly push his cock further and further inside her Sandra is getting stretched wider and wider and I am sure that if she had not already had 4 cocks and all of their cum inside before this monster pushed into she would have been screaming the house down, as it was she had her head in the pillow moaning and groaning in pleasure and pain. Once he was well inside her about 6 -7 inches he then started slowly fucking her in and out went this huge cock Sandra was starting to relax and enjoy the feeling as long as he didn't go to deep. After a about 4 minutes he pulled out and laid down on his back and told Sandra to mount him, she stood on the bed and then slowly lowered herself down onto his huge cock, she then starts to ride his cock that is when his wife comes into the room, she comes up behind Sandra and reaches around her and starts playing with her tits and start asking Sandra how she likes having such a huge cock inside her cunt, she then reaches down and starts stimulatingSandras clit until suddenly Sandra starts to orgasam and that starts the guy to cum inside Sandra , when they finish Sandra gets off his huge cock there is cum and juices flooding out of her cunt.

l then leave the room and over the rest of the night fuck 2 other women.

We leave at about midnight to go to the Motel we booked for the weekend, l ask Sandra how she had enjoyed herself andshe said it was great she had 8 guys fuck her plus me and the Frenchman came back for seconds, we slept until about 8 o'clock when Sandra woke up she was horny and sore so she asked me to fuck her our special way, so I spooned her and slipped my hard cock inside her asre and anal fucked her until she and I both came at the same time

That would be a great weekend to have, l hope you enjoyedthe story Brian