For the next hour we four fucked each other senseless. Till then, I’d never had sex with more than two people at the same time and even though this didn’t technically qualify as a orgy, I still had to pinch myself as I was fucking three stunning women at the same time.

My first attendant and I had started us off by beginning to fuck on the couch. I’d spent the last hour waiting to screw her and when I finally entered into her it felt so intense that I didn’t want to move. I wanted to stay in that place lost forever, but our bodies started moving on the own. She by moving her pussy against my cock and me trying to go even deeper inside her.

The other two attendants become our support, busy touching and kissing our bodies as we fucked. Her breasts and arse, my cock as it moved in and out, so it didn’t take long for both of us to orgasm together.

I would have stayed the forever enjoying that moment had it not been for our attendants continuing their touching and kissing, so when we broke apart, one instantly went down on my cock, almost hungry to eating it and stopping it going soft, while the other when down on her, cleaning up my cum as it seeped from her pussy. I couldn’t believe how hot that was to watch and I was ready to fuck again, and so was my first attendant too.

She moved her helper onto the couch and supporting herself, climbed onto her, sliding her well lubed pussy onto the red plastic cock. Her helper was straight onto her breasts, cupping them in her hands like a bra and licking each nipple in turn.

As she rode the red strap-on cock, her arse was in perfect view and was just asking to be fucked from behind, and I was more than happy to help. I knelt on the edge of the couch and started licking her arse crack from top to bottom. Sensing me there she placed her hands around her arse and pulled her cheeks apart and my attendant joined me and we kissed and licked together.

“I want to watch you fuck her arse,” whispers my attendant, “I’ll help you stick it in her.” And she takes hold of my cock and begins rubbing it up and down the other attendants arse as she moves on the strap-on in her pussy. Finally after several passes my cock is on her hole and she purses just long enough for me to enter her arse.

Our timing had to be just right or I’d come out as she’d move on the strap-on but my attendant watching us close up was there to help and soon we had it sorted so he was being fuck by her attendant and me at the same time.

Now my attendant moved to stand behind me and pushed her black strap-on penis onto my arse too. I could feel the burning of my arse muscles as her cock pushed it’s way into me, I loved that feeling. As my first attendant rode off her attendants red cock, I pushed into her arse with mine, and as I moved out of her, my attendant pushed her cock into me.

Our timing was slow and deliberate in the beginning but soon we were pumping in sexual harmony and all closing on another orgasm. At first because of concentration it seemed so far away but suddenly it appeared and I was aware I wasn’t able to hold back and came again in my attendants arse, as she also came too.

We all collapsed together on the couch, arms and legs intertwined in a hot sticky mess, till finally our two attendants removed themselves and started cleaning up before leaving.

“They’re going to get your purchasers ready and gift wrapped for you to take home, so we’ve just got enough time to have a quick shower together before you leave,” and she pulled me up off the couch and though to a small bathroom with a shower and toilet.

It was a perfect way to finish, soaping each other’s bodies and then washing ourselves clean, once dried and dressed she took me though to another room where my purchases were waiting, gift wrapped but in a discreet brown paper carry bag.

“This is our secret back exit for our special customers so you don’t need to go back out the front way,” she explained as she swiped my credit card though her Eftpos terminal.

She handed me my receipt and said, “I’ve included my business card, so you can ring and make an appointment next time, if you wish,” as she held the door and softy kissed my cheek, “bring your girlfriend next time and I’ll personally do the fitting for her, it’ll be fun...”