After a while, like her friend, her supple fingers being to massage my arse, first one careful finger and then two and the thumb.

“Why are you still dressed?” She asks and the starts to help me slowly undress my top half till I’m completely naked too.

“That’s much better “ she says, “All the better to fuck you.”

And with that she tells me to turn over,

“Bend over the back of the couch,” she says, “knees apart and arse in the air,”

With that she stands behind me, about to take me doggie style.

The other two edge forward with one on each site of the couch for a birds eye viewing.

I can feel the plastic penis rub up and down my arse crack, up and down and finally it’s stops on my hole and for a few seconds nothing, all has stopped, until she starts pushing her cock into me.

Slowly at first, I feel the burning feeling and her 9 inch cock taking me from behind, the head edging slowly inside me inch by inch.

She stops moving for a wee while, letting me relax, I know she’s done this before.

Then she starts with small and slow movements in and out, back and forward, back and forward until she’s started to pick up some pace.

Her hands are on my hips and she’s pulling back on me and thrusting her cock in as hard as she can, her thighs and sex begin to slap against my arse cheeks, slap, slap, faster and faster, deeper and deeper she goes.

I can hear her breathing change and think she’s getting a little puffed but then I realise that she close to a orgasm, so I push back harder so her cock starts grinding into her clit.

“Fuck!!!” She cry’s as she cums and hugs me from behind with her cock deep in me, I can feel her spasm against me and the relax, her friends join us as she slowly withdraws from me.

We all kiss and cuddle till the next woman starts.

The darker hair woman with the rocket red cock tells me she wants me on my back.

She says she wants to play with my cock while she fucks me and wants to see my face as I cum.

The other girls help me spread my legs and then she starts diving her red rocket cock in.

There is nothing gentle this time, we are right into it, pounding away so hard and fast it take my breath away.

She has my cock in her hand and is stroking on it hard and fast too, holding on for life and pulling me in closer, it’s like, as we’re not close friends she doesn’t need to care and the experience is all that counts.

The other two are like coaching team, touching my cock, her cock as it enters my arse, her beautiful breasts, pinching my nipples, rubbing her arse and finger fucking her too.

It’s all to much for us both, such a exciting moment and we both cum together, both shaking together, and the other two licking up our mess.

“Fuck!” She’s say as she pull out, “You need some of this guy”

She was talking to my first attendant, who had the biggest smile ever.

“Ok!” She said, “You’re going to fuck me in my pussy while red here is going to fuck me in my arse, and while you’re fucking me, black here is going to fuck you in your arse, ok”

It’s a 4 some.

So we all join together on the couch, like a big team hug.

First I entered my attendants pussy, I’d been dying to do this for the last hour and that amazing pleasure as you first enter a warm pussy.

I just wanted to stay here for ever, not moving a muscle, letting my cock drown in her pussy juices, but I can feel her pushing against me so we start moving together...