At the same time my attendants hand has moved from my leg to my penis, and she’s rubbing it on the outside of my jeans...

It’s to much for me, and I quickly undo the dome and fly of my jeans, and her hands are in my pants and onto my pole.

It’s only a few rubs and my cock is rock hard, it’s only been this way a few times, and I mean really rock hard, “I’m going to give you a massage,” and she removes my jeans and pants, leaving me naked from the waist down.

She moves to the draws and grabs a bottle of red oil, and returns but not before touching and tongue kissing the two other attendants that happen to sitting on the floor in front of me and while touching each other begin to settle in for the show.

My attendant removes the top of the red bottle and starts applying oil to her hands, she then with a great deal of tenderness starts massaging my cock and balls.

It’s a never ending stroking and cupping that is strangely erotic.

For ages I lye back against the couch and almost drift off, the constant rubbing and pressure on my shaft and rim of my cock and delicious, but as soon as I’m about to cum, she changes and I’m put back onto the holding pattern, orgasm never far away.

Her fingers are experts and this type of massage, her hands enclosed over my cock, sort of simulates the feeling of penetration into your lovers pussy, the moment you first push in, the tightness over the the top of the penis and tickling of the edges of the hood which always sends you over the moon and causes the uncontrollable moan from way down deep, places that you never knew existed.

I’m suddenly aware that her massage has moved downwards further, every now and then her fingers stray a little deeper.

At first I thought she had accidentally brushed my arse as her fingers turned on their upward journey, but it started become more and more frequent, until most of the massaging starts from the base of my cock and ends rubbing the entire length of my crack and lingers over my hole.

More and more oil is applied to my crack and her fingers start to push their way in, first a little way, running around and around slowly, then deeper and deeper until most of her third finger is in up to the hilt of her second knuckle.

Strangely I’m enjoying this attention, I know somewhere in my brain I’m mean to be saying this isn’t right, but I’m finding this beautiful woman’s finger fucking my arse incredibly erotic and a massive turn on.

Her speed in and out increases and now it’s two fingers, fuck it’s an incredible feeling, and I think that if she touches my cock I’d cum.

Now it’s her thumb, slightly larger in size, thumb fucking me.

Finally she stops, I’m nearly crazy with the sensation, I hope I get the chance to do it to her but there’s no time.

“Ok, he’s ready,” she says to the other two attendants who stand and move to the draws and each remove a strap on.

My attendant stands and also goes to the draws and removes another set of lingerie, although these are made from leather.

She has a set for each of them, leather g-string and a boned leather corset that finished as a push up bra but when fitted, their breasts would be exposed.

As before they all slowly stripped and helped each other redress slowly, while lost of touching, licking and kissing was required, but once they were all satisfied, they again stood in front of me slowly turning so I could see them in all their wonder.

“Now then, what are we going to do with you?” She smiles, and helps her to assistants into their strap ons, they are 9 inch’s long and one is jet black and one is rocket red, and they look awesome.

I love the way they stick out front the girls at a 45 degree angle like the hardest of hard on’s, and also love the way the girls own them, unlike a guy, these women proudly walk around with them protruding from their sex as if they’ve always had them.

They stroke them as they walk, as if they can feel themselves pumping on these plastic cocks.

“Ok, let’s see if you arse can handle one of these babies “ says the blonde.

And as she walks over to me on the couch the other two settle down to watch the show.

She comes over and settles down in front of me, my legs are apart and my cock is right in front of her face, and I’m beginning to think she’s about to go down on me but she starts rubbing my legs, starting from my knees and rubbing her hand to my groin, slow and even pressure up and down.