I had decided to buy my lover a special treat to spice up our sex life but I couldn’t say it was solely just for her.

I was off to buy her some drop dead sexy lingerie, and of course I got to view this secret purchase on her too.

I’d been told about a new and different lingerie store that had opened in upper Cuba Street that were specialists for the more risky styles of lingerie and not the run of the mill Farmers brands like Bendon and Jockey.

The store was an easy walk from work and I’d been passed a few times so check it out and was quite surprised, in my imagination it would be a little dark front hiding the naughtiest inside, but I had been amazingly surprised that the frontage of the store was quite architectural and could have easily been a designer furniture store, with its grey and silver paint finishers, and spot lighting which lite the models in the window displaying lingerie so nothing was hidden, all was revealed for all window shoppers to see.

So in I walked, pretending to anyone that may have been watching, that I was off to buy that designer chair but had perhaps dropped into the wrong shop by mistake.

It interior of the lingerie store was darker than the outside display and the first thing I noticed was there wasn’t much stock on shelves but lots of stunning attendants and lots of large fitting rooms.

Before I was able to think of anything else and lose my nerves and leave a very attractive attendant walked over and introduced herself as my personal shopper for my special purchases today.

What service I thought, and she lead me to a private seating area which I hadn’t seen when entering the store minutes ago.

“So what brings you to our store today,” she asked.

“Well I wanted to buy some special lingerie,” I tried to explain.

“Arrr... you might need to be more forthcoming,” she replied, “Here at the Lingerie Store we match our products with your exact desires.”

“For example,” she continued, “is the lingerie for you wife, you’re lover, or is it to be worn to dinner, or a special occasion, or is it for hot sex.”

She said all this as if we were discussing walking shoes or tramping boots.

“Oh for sex” I said, feelings my cheeks very red.

“Yes for sex” she continues, “What type? Vanilla or erotic or S&M... it all makes a difference,”

“Ok, erotic,” I say,

“That’s awesome, follow me,” she says and walks over to one of the changing rooms.

We both go inside and she locks the door behind us, “Now that’s more private, please take a seat,”

So I drop into a small two seater leather chair.

She starts to open up large display draws with all sorts of lingerie in lots of different materials and colours.

“So first,” she says and starts to undress, removing each piece of clothing very slowly, not a strip, but slow enough to get your every attention.

Soon she was totally naked in front of me, twisting and turning slightly so I didn’t miss anything of her body.

“Now,” she said, let’s try this set of bra and thong, it’s part of our Glow range and this is our pink colour.”

And will that she fits the bra and stepped into the g-string and started walking in front of me , twisting again so I could see her and the lingerie from all angles.

First I realised two things, my jaw had dropped open and I was swallowing, and my penis had doubled in size without me knowing.

“Now,” she says again, “what would you be doing with the lingerie, oral, 69, perhaps doggie style?”

“Yes all that and more” I manage to say.

“Ok,” she said, and walks over and sits beside me, “let’s try our lingerie out for that, please would you try going down on me.”

And with that she leans back into the chair, spreading her legs very wide and pulled her panties aside to reveal the waiting hot pussy...

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