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Last of the Summer's Fun (Part VI)

Coming out, and warming up in the spa.


12 minute read

We offered to hide out in Kat's room until we could sneak out, but it was heading into the evening and it wasn’t likely that G&T would be going anywhere until tomorrow morning at the earliest. That plan wasn’t going to work. “Fuck it” Kat declared, after thinking through some options. “Let’s just go and face them. Who cares what they think”. She didn’t look as brave as she sounded, but she’d resolved to do it. So, with Chris and Kat leading the way, we headed down the hall. Hearing us coming we heard Tracy call out. “So spill the beans you two, how long have you two been a couple?” Tracy had her back to us, standing at the kitchen bench pouring glasses of bubbles. Greg was facing us as we all walked in, and his jaw dropped momentarily when we emerged into the lounge. He composed himself quickly. “We'll need a couple more glasses hun” he said with an amused smile. “What do you mean?” Tracy asked turning around. She almost dropped the bottle when she saw Lea and I with Kat and Chris. “Fuck me!” she blurted out before she could stop herself. Lea burst out laughing and after a moment of confusion Tracy howled with laughter too. Greg got 2 more glasses and popped another bottle of bubbles while Kat introduced us and then explained that she and Chris weren’t a couple, but had sex every now and then. As if that wasn’t enough of a surprise for Tracy, Kat added that she had been having sex with me in the room, and Chris had been fucking Lea. Tracy’s eyes were wide open and Greg was smiling from ear to ear. “And Matt is my husband” Lea chimed in. Tracy’s jaw dropped. “We were hoping to pop around for a shower after the beach, and maybe a spa.” Lea added, glossing over the way we met and how our afternoon had progressed. “We thought you were both away for the night after that fight” Chris explained. Greg looked embarrassed. “Sorry to put you through that mate.” Greg offered. “We spoke on the phone and apologised and met up back here to ...ahhh... kiss and make up.” Greg explained with a smile. “Was it the kissing or the making up we could hear?” Lea asked cheekily. Tracy blushed, but laughed along. We drank our bubbles and Kat showed us to the shower and gave us fresh towels . She told us to join them in the spa when we were ready, heading off for her own shower. I showered with Lea and we chatted and laughed about what we'd been up to over the afternoon, as we washed each other. Lea asked me what I thought of G&T and I suspected I knew what she had on her mind. Tracy was tanned and athletic with long legs and long blonde hair. She had great tits and a nice ass, but came across as conservative - she seemed easily shocked, but seeing and hearing them having sex, she was certainly sexual. Greg was tall, handsome, lean and fit and seemed more relaxed. I knew exactly what Lea was thinking. I slipped a finger into Lea's pussy, and thumbed her clit as I whispered in her ear, suggesting she might like to be licking Tracy's pussy while Greg fucked her hard from behind. “You’re a trouble-maker” Lea said with a smirk, squeezing my hand between her thighs before pushing me away. Heading out to the spa, we were the last there. The others were in the pool already, in togs. Greg had set up a drinks tray and ice bucket alongside the pool. Chris and Greg each had a beer in hand and the girls were enjoying their bubbles, they were chatting and joking around. Lea walked up to the side of the pool and dropped her towel, naked, and the conversation stopped. “I hope no one minds” Lea said as she stepped down into the pool between the girls, without waiting for anyone to object. Chris and Greg were smiling, admiring Lea's body briefly before she slipped down into the pool, the water bubbling up around her neck. I dropped my towel, naked as well, and quickly jumped in sitting opposite Lea. Conversation turned to the living arrangements in the house and the fact that G&T had no idea about Kat and Chris sharing a bed sometimes. Each couple explained how they go to extremes to be quiet so as not to embarrass the other. “One of the trade-offs sharing the mortgage with flatmates I guess” Tracy said. “But it was so nice not to worry about the noise this afternoon” she added with a laugh. “No need to be quiet anymore” Greg suggested. “I think we all heard it all” he said. We all laughed. The drinks flowed and we all had a nice buzz on. With the evening darkening, Lea was less careful with her modesty and every now and then her tits would show, much to everyone’s admiration and amusement. Kat took her bikini top off and it took no encouragement for Tracy to follow, being careful to keep herself underwater though. Greg was encouraging Tracy to show off her breasts, but Tracy batted the suggestion away with a splash of water in Greg's direction. Lea had moved across the pool to sit on my lap and with everyone knowing we were both naked, they were teasing us, telling us not to get up to any mischief. Little did they know Lea had been stroking my cock for ages and I had fingers deep in her pussy. Whether it was the drink, the spa, or something else, out of nowhere Tracy started a new line of conversation. “So was it just me, or was it quite sexy hearing other people having sex, and knowing they were hearing you?” aside from the bubbles the pool was deadly silent. “Sexy as fuck,” said Kat eventually, “and it's even sexier watching other people having sex, and when they’re watching you. I honestly can’t say which one's better.” she said as if she’d been doing it for years. “Do you want to try?” she asked. Tracy smiled shyly, looking at Greg who was grinning broadly, and nodded in silence. Kat stood up in the pool and I saw both Greg and Tracy look at their flatmate in an entirely new way. Kat motioned Chris over and we watched as they stood, kissing. Their hands roamed over each other, driving each other into a frenzy. Chris leaned down sucking on Kat's nipples, and worked his fingers into her pussy under the edge of her bikini. When she couldn’t stand it any longer she took her bikini bottoms off and lay back on the edge of the pool, spreading her legs as Chris knelt between them. Chris leaned down and started licking Kat's pussy, bringing moans of pleasure from Kat. I'd started flicking my thumb across Lea's clit as I fingered her and Lea was moaning too, stroking my cock with a firm grip. Greg moved across the pool to sit next to Tracy. Tracy turned facing Kat, and leaned back against Greg's chest. Greg wrapped his arms around her, playing with her tits. I saw her hips lift and saw her bring her bikini bottoms out of the water putting them on the side of the pool. Her knees came up out of the water apart, and I imagined she was playing with herself watching Chris who was now licking Kat's clit while fingering her hard. Kat was moaning loudly with each thrust and soon she groaned with release, and her legs twitched into the air trembling, her toes pointing. Watching this, Lea moaned and kissed me hard, biting my lip slightly as her pussy spasmed around my fingers. I’m not sure G&T even noticed, they were transfixed watching the others. Chris was standing and Kat was now sitting up on the edge of the pool, holding Chris's backside while he slowly fucked her mouth. Greg was kissing Tracy's neck and his hands were reaching well south of her tits now. By the angle of Tracy’s upper arms I was sure she was stroking Greg’s cock, reaching back behind herself. Lea stood up and pulled me up with her, only to push me back down to sit on the edge of the pool. She leaned down to suck my cock, catching Greg’s attention. Turning, he had a great view of her ass and pussy, her tits hanging down, her lips moving up and down my shaft. Greg’s arm movements became more pronounced, causing Tracy to turn too. When she saw what he was looking at, an incredible look of lust came over her face. Their attention was only with us for a minute. Movement on the other side of the pool caught their eyes. Kat had turned around on her hands and knees facing the pool. Chris had moved behind her and was fucking her from behind. His movements were slow but powerful, holding her tits, squeezing her nipples, and pushing into her hard with his full length. The sound of her moans and his grunts were as sexy as what we were watching. Lea pushed me backwards, laying me on my back on the deck with my legs in the pool. Standing in the pool with her back to me, facing the pool she straddled my legs reached back between her legs and grabbed my cock. Pointing my cock at her opening, she slid down its length in one motion with a loud groan. Squatting, she raised and lowered herself on my cock as I thrust up to meet her. G&T clearly didn’t know where to look, but they were enjoying it. Tracy took the initiative and got out out the pool on her hands and knees facing the pool. Greg stood and it was the first time I saw his impressive cock, at least 9 inches and wide. Tracy took him in her mouth, sucking and licking him for a while, before asking to be fucked. Greg got out of the pool and knelt behind Tracy, entering her from behind. He was fucking her hard and fast. The pair of them seemed to be getting as much pleasure from their own fucking as watching us. Leaning up on my elbows it was a glorious sight around the pool. On the other side of the pool I saw Kat and Chris move into the same position as we were in. I was about to come, thrusting hard up into Lea, when she lifted herself off me. Moving to the other side of the pool she knelt down licking Chris's cock as it slid in and out of Kat's pussy, licking and rubbing Kat's clit. From their moans Kat and Chris were close to coming. Lea stopped and pulled Kat up, turning and sitting on Chris's cock in her place. Smiling, Kat walked across the pool and took up Lea's position on my cock looking back across the pool at Lea riding Chris. Now it was our turn to watch G&T. He was pounding into her from behind. We could no longer enjoy the sight of her tits swinging with each thrust - her head and chest were down on the deck and she had a hand between her legs, sometimes cupping his balls sometimes rubbing her clit. Seeing us watching them seemed to heighten their passion. Tracy pushed back into Greg hard. Fingering herself, she came loudly, like we'd heard earlier in the day and Greg followed soon after, moaning then grunting as he came in her. They moved quickly into a 69 position with Tracy on top - obviously something in their repertoire. Tracy licked and sucked Greg hungrily while Greg watched his come drip from Tracy’s pussy, before licking her clean, his face buried between his wife’s legs. Chris was thrusting hard up into Lea and Lea was squatting, pushing down on Chris, rubbing her clit and playing with her nipples. Kat was mirroring Lea and they were moaning loudly. Lea moved away and turned towards Chris, straddling him, leaning down on him with her ass towards us. G&T had rolled onto their side, spooning, watching us. Greg had his arms around Tracy, playing with her nipples. I was building back up close to orgasm and pulled away from Kat. I moved her to the side of the pool, turned her around and bent her over, pushing her legs apart. Her hand moved to her pussy and she held her pussy lips apart for me as I pushed into her from behind. Grabbing her tits and squeezing her nipples I thrust into her hard, wanting to explode in her, as she rubbed her clit. Hearing Lea and then Chris moaning in orgasm behind me pushed me over the edge and I thrust into Kat as deep as I could, coming in spurts with a guttural moan. With my cock still in her, I pulled Kat up into a standing position, just as Lea appeared in front of us. Lea kissed Kat hard, her fingers replacing mine on Kat's nipples. I reached down and rubbed Kat's clit, as Kat's fingers started exploring Lea's pussy. As my cock slipped from Kat's pussy I started fucking her with 2 fingers from one hand while my other hand continued rubbing her clit. Still kissing Lea, Kat's moaning became louder and I felt her legs tremble as her hips bucked against my hands. Pulling away from Lea's mouth Kat almost howled as she came powerfully, her pussy clenching hard around my fingers. I felt her raise up on her toes before her knees went weak and Lea I supported her and turned and lowered her to sit on the edge of the pool. Panting and shaking she wore a blissful smile, her eyes were glazed over. Chris moved over to us, sitting alongside Kat, taking her in his arms as she leaned against him exhausted. G&T were smiling, watching us. “Oh my god” Tracy said, almost laughing. “That was so intense. Everything seemed even more intense by us all being together.” Lea raised her eyebrows and smiled. “I’m pleased you two gave it go” she said. “You’re both very sexy and you’re a lucky girl, Tracy, with that big toy of Greg’s to play with!” she added suggestively. Everyone chuckled, teasing Tracy gently. Greg looked pretty pleased with himself until Tracy elbowed him in the ribs. “How about you Chris and Matt go and fire up the BBQ. Leave us girls to talk.” Tracy ordered “If you behave, maybe I’ll think about sharing my toy with the girls after dinner” she added with a cheeky smile.

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