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Last of the Summer's Fun (Part V)

Back to our new friends' place.


7 minute read

I followed Chris's SUV out of the car park and we hadn’t reached the road before I saw Lea turn to look back at us and wave, before her head moved down and across to Chris and dropped out of view. Kat laughed and I smiled, knowing the wonderful experience Chris was having. I reached across and played with Kat's pussy, slick and sticky with come. She closed her eyes and sighed. Squeezing her pussy lips together made her moan, especially when I worked the top of her pussy lips against each other. I cupped her pussy with my hand, my palm on her clit, my fingers stroking her slit and pushing into her. I was pleased I was following Chris because Kat was in no condition to give me directions. She was breathing hard as I started thrusting into her harder, still rubbing my palm against her clit. Her hands moved to her small tits, cupping them, covering them entirely, massaging them before squeezing her nipples very hard. Her hips started twitching and before we'd reached the edge of town she arched her back and came with a long deep moan. I kept my fingers inside her, feeling the spasms as she squeezed her thighs together around my hand. She leaned over and kissed my cheek, rubbing my cock through my shorts. She pulled my hand out from between her legs and brought it to her mouth. I couldn’t resist turning away from the road in glances to watch as she sucked and licked my fingers, looking at me with a naughty grin and still rubbing my cock. We saw Leah's head pop up just as we came over the bridge into town. I was sure Lea would have kept going until Chris came, despite the traffic, so I guessed we'd both managed to give our new friends some pleasure on the drive to their place. Chris pulled into their drive, and I parked on the roadside. Kat jumped out and raced to Lea's door as I saw Chris get out of the drivers side with a huge grin, adjusting his shorts. “Fuck man” he said smiling “that was insane!” I laughed, knowing what he meant. Kat had pulled Lea from Chris's car and they'd run off together chatting and laughing. We followed them around the side of the house, across the deck with an in-built spa, and inside through ranch sliders. As they entered, they stopped suddenly and as we approached behind them Kat turned to us and put her finger to her lips. We all stayed motionless and silent. There in front of us, on the lounge floor were a pair of shorts and a skirt, with a couple more garments further into the room, and just visible at the entrance to a hall. As we stood there quietly, we could hear the unmistakeable sounds of fucking coming from down the hall. “Fuck” Kat mouthed almost silently. “It’s G&T”. We stood listening for a while and it was clear Greg and Tracy were enjoying great sex. They were loud , grunting and crying out, and the bed or headboard was slamming against the wall. It was quite a turn on listening to them, and I could see Lea was thinking the same thing. Still semi-hard from my drive home, Lea turned to me and kissed me, rubbing my cock. She moved away to Chris, and kissed him deeply, taking his hand and putting in up under her dress. Kat moved to me and took my hand. “Come to my room” she whispered, motiniong to Lea and Chris to follow. Leading me by the hand, we tip toed to the hall, following the trail of clothes across the lounge with Chris and Lea behind us. The sounds of bodies slapping together stopped and we stood still, holding our breath wondering if we'd been heard. Soon we heard shuffling on a bed and new noises, wet and slurping, and the grunts and shouts were replaced by moans. We entered the hall, looking carefully around the corner, and saw the first door open. It was clearly Greg and Tracy's room. The door was open but the way they were positioned with their heads between each other’s legs, we weren’t going to be seen. Moving silently past their door, we passed several others before we reached Kat's room at the far end of the house. Inside and with the door closed behind us G&T's noises were less audible, and we allowed ourselves a quiet laugh. Without a word Kat moved over to me, pulled my shorts down and started stroking my cock, while kissing me. Chris moved Lea to the bed and lifted her dress off over her head. Laying her down, he opened Lea's legs and buried his face in her pussy, licking and fingering her. Kicking my shorts off, I lay back on the bed next to Lea and Kat leaned down, taking my cock in her mouth. Turning to Lea, we kissed and I played with her nipples. Lea was moaning but with G&T's noises picking up in volume again we wouldn’t be heard. With both my and Chris's attentions, Lea was peaking quickly. Her moans became louder and I saw her grip the sheets. Her face was reddening and soon I knew she would let go. Trying to hold back the noise made everything more tense and she finally climaxed with a scream and release she couldn’t contain. The scream seemed to stop the noises from down the hall. Lea's noise continued as her body convulsed and trembled, her hands now flat against the bed, her fingers spread wide and her back arched. Her release was huge and sent squirts onto Chris's chest with each tremor. Chris stood up with urgent desire and plunged his cock into Lea making her call out loudly again. The noises down the hall had resumed, even more loudly now and we gave up any attempt at being quiet. Chris grunted his thrusts into Lea, who pushed back against him with a matching moan. Kat got on the bed astride me, and guided my cock into her slick, tight pussy. She moaned gently as she lowered herself onto me, taking me fully inside her. Soon she was making shrill yelping noises as I thrust up into her hard and fast. I reached up and squeezed her nipples hard, as I’d seen her do to herself. She closed her eyes and ground down hard on me, moving her hips to fuck me. I moved one hand to her clit making her hips drive even harder and faster against me. Chris moaned loudly. Standing up, he pulled his cock out of Lea's pussy and stroked it a few times before grunting as a shot of come erupted from his cock over Lea's tummy and chest. Once he’d finished, Chris moved behind Kat, kissing her neck and playing with her nipples. Lea sat up. Kissing Kat deeply, Lea moved my hand away, rubbing Kat's clit expertly. I grabbed Kat's hips with both hands and fucked her hard and fast from below. Kat was calling out with each thrust. Lea's hand started to move faster and Chris squeezed Kat's nipples harder, twisting them slightly. Lea's hips started bucking against me and soon she called out in orgasm with a loud “fuuuuuccckk”. She pushed herself forward flat onto me, her legs tense and pointing backwards, pushing Chris and Lea away in the process. Her pussy pulsed around my cock, gripping it incredibly tightly, bringing on my own orgasm as I pumped come into her, moaning and holding her small ass tightly, pulling her onto me. Suddenly we were aware of the silence in the house, and then just as suddenly we heard laughter and applause from down the hall, soon joined by our own quiet laughter. The laughter died down and after we'd lay there a short while, we heard movement and then footsteps coming towards us. There was a tentative tap on the door and a woman’s voice. We could hear the smile in her voice. “Hey you two” she said. “When you’re decent we need to talk! Greg’s opening bubbles, so don’t be too long or there won’t be any left”. We heard her walk away and noise and voices in the kitchen followed by the unmistakeable pop of a cork. We all pulled on our clothes, stood, and looked dumbly at each other. Lea broke the silence. “So, this could be interesting?”

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