The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is coincidental. Mostly.

R18; sexual content may offend


We hadn't seen each other since she moved to a small town at the other end of the country, so when she suggested I come over and help her out with a project, I thought that might be a good chance to catch up.

First day there she had a couple of friends over for drinks (I found out later she had contacted them through KS as a special treat for my visit). We had a few drinks and got to know each other a bit while we played cards.

A little after 9:30 Jack announced he needed to go and relieve the baby sitter. Sally kissed him goodbye and assured him it would be his night out next time.

Trixie went to see him out.

"So what's with you and Trixie?" Sally asked while she was out of the room

"How do you mean"

"Oh, it just seems like you two have...history?"

"Well, yeah," I admitted, "but I'm trying to be good these days"

"What if we could make it tempting?, We could see if Trixie might have a bi side?"

That piqued my interest.

Guessing where this might be leading I broke a confidence.

"Trixie claims to be straight, but she did join me and my partner for a few threesomes when we were younger, and I know she has let at least one other girl go down on her, so you never know your luck."

Trixie returned and we chatted some more, and the conversation drifted inevitably to sex.

We started a game of X-rated "truth or dare" just for laughs, as we uncovered each other's fantasies, fetishes, encounters, what we'd done, like to do, . ..the drink loosened us up enough we probably all let on a bit too much about some of our secret fantasies.

We ended up naked -as you do- and began a bit of kissing and fondling as the game progressed from mild to dirty.

We moved to the bedroom where we could continue in more comfort.

I lay on my back and Trixie straddled me, but I grabbed her ass and pulled her forward so I could eat her hot shaved pussy.

Sally reach for my hardening cock and soon took me in her mouth, running her lips down my shaft and back again, teasing with her tongue.

I ran my hands up Trixie's torso while I probed her cunt with my tongue, up to her clit, sucking it hard as she ground into my face. She moaned as I lapped her juices.

After a while Sally stopped licking my balls and swung a leg over, guiding my hard cock into her hot cunt, slowly gyrating and taking me full depth. She reached forward and around Trixie to fondle her breasts and kissed the side of her neck.

Sally began to thrust against me, grinding her cunt against my pubic bone as she brought herself to orgasm, and me to the edge of coming. She cried out as she came and held her final thrust with my rock hard cock throbbing inside her as she rode a wave of ecstasy.

As she came down, Sally relaxed and slipped off my cock. I encouraged Trixie to lay back and slid out from beneath her while Sally crawled forward over her, hovering her freshly fucked pussy centimetres above Trixie's face and began to tenderly eat her cunt.

I lay there for a while watching, enjoying this hot moment, whispering encouragement.

After several minutes I got them to roll over and shuffle down to give myself some room and knelt behind Trixie with one knee either side of Sally's head. Sally licked and sucked my balls as I guided my cock into Trixie's wet cunt, slowly teasing until she begged me to fuck her faster and harder. I began to pound her deep and hard while Sally continued to suck and massage my balls. As Trixie began to shudder in orgasm, Sally lubricated her fingers and probed my ass, inserting one finger deep within me, and I came with a moan as I tensed around it, filling Trixie with my hot semen.

I stayed in that position for a few moments, then pulled out, and Sally began to hungrily suck my milk seeping from Trixie's dripping hole.

I kissed Sally deeply when she was done, tasting my own juices mixed with Trixie's, then we lay together in an embrace.

Later, as she was leaving, I told her how hot I thought that was and said it would be nice to do that again tomorrow.

"Not possible" she said "I'm on babysitting duty"


"...but Jack is free tomorrow, if you're up for fulfilling fantasies!" She added with a wink.

Hmm, I knew I had let on a bit much about some of my fantasies. Still, maybe Trixie would get that DP she craved, she deserved it after the night she had set up for me.