Written by Wicked1


My little quickie fantasy tale for you ( ...and me!)

You have arranged to meet me at a coffee shop after discussing it with your other... its our first meeting so you’re feeling a little apprehensive but confident.

I arrive and we chat for a short while, your looking fantastic & chatting has confirmed that connected feeling we have established over time.

We decide to meet again and I know I want to see you both so we can play.

Unfortunately were both pressed for time and only expected to have a short first meeting.

You hear your phone beep and you are expecting check in with you, for safety and to see what you think. So you make an excuse of using the rest room and get up to quickly nip and check your phone.

What you don’t know is I have followed you in..

I step behind you as you get your phone out and place my hand gently over your eyes, and quickly press my body against your back. My other arm goes around your waist and I breathlessly whisper in your ear " I couldn’t wait.."

Luckily for me you recognise my voice.. as you were about to totally kick my arse!

I feel you relax a little and the curve of your sexy ass rubs my already hard cock through my jeans.

I push you forward and into a stall, the door closing behind us. You are still facing away from me.

Then I take your hands and place them on the stall far wall and this makes you bend over with your legs spread a little.

I kneel down behind you and roughly pull down your pants and underwear.

You gasp a little at my roughness but let me continue as you are enjoying it.

I place my warm hands on each cheek of your oh so fine ass and pull your cheeks apart.. leaning forward.. you can feel the heat from my breath on your sweet chocolate starfish.

I gently nibble each cheek then my tongue slips between.. warm and moist. I tease your asshole.. circle it and flick against the tight muscle. Then push a little harder till it parts a bit letting my tounge just past your barrier.

You gasp and tiny moan escapes you. My probing tounge has made you even more moist as my wetness joins yours.

I can feel the heat from your body increasing and your pussy lips are open in front of my face..glistening with sweetness..

I move my tongue lower.. licking and sucking your lips into my mouth. Your bending lower trying to open your self to my tongue. I am enjoying the sweet yet musky taste of your lips in my mouth and the feeling of your pussy and asshole on my tongue.

I use one hand to free my bulging cock from its restraining prison.. pulling myself out of my jeans.

Then i straighten up.

As I stand my cock rides up to rest between your cheeks. My head gently but firmly pressed against your anus I push forward.

Your wet and slippery from my tongue..

This lets me push my head just inside your ass. The warm moist tunnel lets me in and your muscles grip my head.

As I slide deeper into you I run my hands up the sides of your body.. pulling open your top. I lift your bra up and your breast are free. My fingers grip and tease your nipples while I start to thrust my hard shaft inside you.. slowly deeper and deeper

Im thrusting into you.. keeping my pace measured but im also deep inside you.. the pressure is intense.

My mouth is pressed to your neck.. where it meets your shoulder.. softly biting and sucking on your skin. Your nipples are hard, being not so gently pinched and twisted.

Then I slip my self backwards. My head slips free of the warm tight grip. And i thrust forward agian.. plunging myself into your pussy.. roughly and forcefully.

Your so wet that I can feel the juice running down my legs.. im soaking from your passion.

My thrusts are gaining speed.. im keeping pace with your heart.

I can feel myself building.. wanting to peak and cum. I force myself to slow... back down.

I step back.. with draw myself from your sexy body and again go down on my knees to use my tongue on your pussy and ass. But this time i use two fingers to tease and flick your clit.. feeling you building towards your first orgasm.

Again I rise up and thrust myself into your now willing ass.. but continue to tease and stimulate your clit with one hand and pinch your nipples with the other hand.. and my climax starts to build again.

Your so wet that I can feel the juice running down my legs.. im soaking from your passion.

My thrusts are gaining speed.. im keeping pace with your heart.

I can feel myself building.. wanting to peak and cum.

My thrusts build as does your internal pressure. My cock is deep inside you.. each thrust the pressure inside you moves as far as your g spot!.

Suddenly I feel your muscles contract.. your orgasm rolls through tensing your entire body. My fingers on your clit slip in the wetness and i feel you squirt a little over them.

The feeling of your orgasm almost sends me over the edge. I pull back trying not to cum in your ass.. but just as my head reaches your sphincter and passes out of you I orgasm.

My hot liquid jets just inside your ass.. over your cheeks and between the cleft to cover your sweet hole.

I cant stop myself from taking things up one more notch..

I quickly kneel once more behind you and run my tounge between your cheeks. Then stand and turn you to me. I take you face in my hands and passionately kiss you. My tounge teasing yours you can taste my cum and the passion of our first encounter..

Just then the restroom door opens and we hear a woman enter, she takes the stall next to us as we quickly redress.. our hurried departure is accompanied by the sound of her quietly peeing...

My Authors note - I do NOT endorse unsafe sex folks.. I do endorse sexy meet ups!!