Written by Suzynn


She was as nervous as hell, why did she think she could go ahead with this? Chatting online was one thing, flirting was fun and made her feel to wanton and sexy but agreeing to meet up with him for a coffee? What was she thinking! She had slept very little last night, thinking if all the scenarios that could happen, fantasising about some the possibilities and then dreading the others. What if he’s really ugly with missing teeth and all hairy? Or even worse – what if he takes one look at her and cringes?

Yesterday afternoon she went and bought a skimpy set of underwear, pretty blue and lacy, and even had her first brazillian wax. Why she bothered she didn’t know because this was only for coffee, they weren’t going to do anything more today even if she wanted to. She just wanted to feel sexy and confident so she had some control over the situation.

After spending an hour dressing and changing her clothes three times, she settled on a fine white shirt with a low neck and a plain black skirt which stopped just above the knees. She checked her makeup for the second time and took a deep breath as she locked the house and went out to her car. Why was she doing this again, she thought, while sitting in the drive? “I can do this, I am a confident, strong woman and I can do this!” she repeated to herself as she pulled out of the drive and drove the short distance to the arranged coffee shop. As she pulled into the café car park she scanned the few people standing outside, she knew she was looking for a man in his late 40’s with short hair and glasses who was wearing a blue t-shirt. She saw nobody fitting that description and relaxed a little – maybe he chickened out? Finding a park at the far side of the parking lot so he wouldn’t see her car (if he showed) she turned off the car to sit and watch. She looked into her rear-view mirror just to see a car pull in behind her; through the window she could see he matched her date’s vague description. Her heart was about to jump from her chest in her panic – “Shit, shit, shit.” A couple of deep breaths and repeating the mantra from her drive there she bravely got out of the car and looked at the man she was sure she was here to meet. As he got from his car she was pleasantly surprised that he was reasonably attractive and looked as though he kept in shape. He walked towards her and she knew it was him, he smiled and her chest gave another panicked thud. The smile reached his eyes and there was no sign of a cringe, relief flowed through her as she thought “This isn’t that bad.”

She went with the confidence she felt and said “Hello, I’m Sarah” as she leaned in for a peck on the cheek. He was smooth shaven and his lips left a warm sensation on her cheek, he picked up her hand introduced himself as David. He didn’t stop smiling and a blush started to rise in her, so much for confidence. David started to lead towards the café as he continued to hold her hand, very little was said, much to Sarah’s relief. They ordered their coffees and David pointed to the corner table far from other customer. It was 11am and there were few others here, Sarah didn’t know if this was good or bad considering the conversation that was going to happen between them.

They sat down and David looked into her eyes and spoke, “May I say how pleasantly surprised I am? You are a very sexy looking woman.” Is eyes sparkled as he spoke and Sarah blushed deeply this time, not knowing how to respond to such a bold compliment. She replied with “I’m so glad you aren’t fat and ugly” and then felt like shooting herself. Why did she say something so idiotic! Now she was the one cringing at herself. He chuckled quietly and she felt a little less stupid. She shrugged her shoulders and said “Sorry, nervous”. He chucked again and said “I’m a little nervous too, but a lot less now that I have seen you in person. I was hoping you’d show up and so very glad you did. You are so much prettier than your photo. Do I pass the initial looks test?” he asked. As she looked at him she noticed he actually seemed worried he wouldn’t pass. Flying colours was what she was thinking but shyly smiled and nodded her head enthusiastically.

They sipped their coffees and David came out with the first of the dreaded conversation. “Have you done this before, met someone from online?” “No, this is my first time” replied Sarah. He nodded “OK, I have met one lady once before but nothing came from that, we both wanted different things from it. I’ll be upfront – I don’t want a relationship that will lead to marriage and children. I want a casual physical relationship with passionate, lustful, erotic sex.” Sarah was blown away with his boldness in saying the words, but also incredibly turned on by them. That was exactly the kind of relationship she needed. She had one confession to make to him first though. A big deep breath and she spoke “I should tell you that I am married and I love my husband very deeply but our sexual needs differ greatly. I have a need for more variety and eroticism which he isn’t prepared to provide me with. A sexual relationship is all I am looking for with someone who can take me places that I have never been.”

David’s eyes seemed to bore holes into her as he sat there quietly. His stillness worried her and she raised her eyebrows questioningly. His hand moved under the table and brushed against the bare skin of her knee and rested lightly on her thigh. She felt herself start to tingle as her lustful ways woke up with his touch. His lips formed into a smirk and he leaned towards her and whispered into her ear, “I’d love to fuck you here and now! You make me very hot and hard.”

Electricity buzzed through Sarah’s body as she comprehended the words she was hearing. She heard herself saying “Oh god, yes please” without realising she was saying it out loud. David stood from the table and lifted her hand, encouraging her to rise also. “Follow me” he said to her and in shock that’s all she could do. Through the back door he led her to a garden bar that was for use in the evenings, it was empty although she could hear people passing by the alley beyond the fence.

He stopped and turned so that he was in front of her, she took a step backwards but ended up leaning against the back wall of the café, he took another step towards her, his chest was just touching hers and Sarah shuddered. She knew what was coming and couldn’t wait, her body was a bundle of nerves but she felt so exhilarated. His lips touched hers so very gently but stayed there, she moved towards him putting more pressure on their kiss. He parted his lips and she felt his tongue, she opened to it and tasted his mouth in hers, her breathing became harder and the kiss more frantic. His hands reached up to her neck and jawline and he made a little groan. Sarah loved that sound in a man and felt encouraged. She wrapped her arms around his waist and hips and firmly pulled him towards her, she could feel his hardness pressing through his jeans and against her. This was the lust she had been missing for the past 5 years of her marriage she thought.

David’s hands moved down her shoulders brushing across her breasts, over her waist and slipped under her shirt while his lips and tongue never let up on what they were doing. He stepped back from the kiss for just enough time to lift her shirt over her head and look at her longingly before continuing with renewed energy. Seconds later her new bra was lying on her shirt on the ground beside her. His hands gently caressed her breasts, teasing the nipples to erection. He broke the kiss and his lips travelled down her neck, gently nipping as they moved over the collarbone. Sarah shut her eyes and let he head fall backwards as David sucked on one nipple then the other, as he sucked a nipple into his mouth and his teeth grazed against it she let out a moan. He straightened up to kiss her mouth again and Sarah reached for the belt in his jeans. Undoing it she gained access to the button and zipper which she promptly undid. Sliding his jeans over his hips she ran her hand over the prominent bulge and she knew this was going to finish here. So great was the lust and want in her that she couldn’t leave today without release. Slowly dropping to her knees she kissed his chest and waist and as she lowered his underwear kissed the hollows by each hip. When he had been freed she ran her hands up and down his shaft, taking in the sight and teasing it with little licks to the end. Peeking up she could see David’s eyes were closed and a serene look was on his face, she open her lips to him and sucked him deeply into her mouth as far as she could, a groan came from above her and she began slowly fucking him with her mouth. Her hands travelled up from his hips, over his firm stomach and found his nipples where she gently squeezed and twisted them in her fingers. His hips began to move urging her to go faster but she instead she stood and pulled him close to her again kissing his mouth and sucking in his tongue.

David ran his hands up from her knees up to her hips lifting her skirt as he did so, his hand moved between her legs and his fingers started rubbing her through her panties. She felt so wet, soaking through the thin blue cloth. He couldn’t resist much longer, taking a condom from his jeans pocket he rolled it onto himself without his lips leaving Sarah’s body.

Sarah wrapped her arms around his neck and while she was kissing him he lifted her up so she could wrap her legs around his lean waist. She felt his hardness as she was lowered onto it. She moaned as it slid straight inside her and she struggled to keep quiet knowing that people could hear her but she just didn’t care at this stage. He started moving slowly but Sarah pleaded with him to go faster, harder. She was lost to the pleasure; it wouldn’t take much more for her to cum but she wanted this to last. David turned and laid her across a table and looked down at her, his hands on her breasts and lust in her eyes. He smiled and releasing her breasts to watch them jiggle with his movements he began to rub her clit. Sarah’s eyes shut again and her breathing came rapidly, small moans began to get louder and she could feel the climax building. David knew she was close and wasn’t far from joining her, so he really started pounding into her. Sarah’s fist went to her mouth to help muffle the scream she knew was almost there, and as she bit down against her knuckle she felt her body explode from the inside. She barely registered when she heard David say he was going to cum but heard his groan and felt the spasm of his release inside her, intensifying her pleasure.

A short time later she felt him pull out of her and opened her eyes to see him smiling down at her. She sat up on the table and covered herself a little with her skirt, eyes searching for her bra and shirt. David stepped back and pulled up his underwear and jeans and Sarah hopped off the table and got dressed with her back to him. Her mind was reeling, 5 minutes ago she was sitting having coffee and now? She’d done it and in no way regretted it, the sudden ravaging, the impulsiveness and the open location – she could really love this. After redoing her shirt buttons she turned to look for her panties turned to see David had been watching her. Forgetting her underwear she smiled and walked to him, he opened his arms and they hugged and she kissed him on the cheek and whispered “Thank you. That was wonderful”. He smiled at her and replied with “Any time you want”. They walked back into the coffee room and quietly back to their cars.

As they were about to pull away from each other Sarah rolls down her window, David winds his down to hear her ask “Until next time?”. He smiles and replies “Then it’s my turn to taste you”. He raises his hand and shows her a pair of lacy blue panties. He grins wickedly and drives off. Sarah shudders with excitement, already looking forward to the promise of more to come.