Written by vampypet


I am walking slowly on my own. I feel like your behind me but turn and your not there. I walk a little faster, my breath starting to quicken. I feel a touch on my shoulder and stop in my tracks, you must be here, I can feel you but you a nowhere in sight. I shrug and turn to walk again and there you are! I walked right into you. My heart skips and I scream a little. You grab my hand and make me run with you. "Where are we going", I say. You turn and say "shhhhh, just follow me".

We run for a few minutes then we turn into a dark gateway. A Graveyard?! You slow to a walk and pull me towards a seat. You sit and pull me onto you. I feel you hardness under your jeans and lean to kiss you hard. You kiss my neck while I straddle you and start to unbutton my top. You lift my tits to your mouth and moan as you suck my nipples. It is so dark I can barely see you. I feel my way around and pull your shirt off. I rub my hands on your gorgeous muscular chest. You stand me up and turn me around, kissing the back of my neck. I moan and buckle a little and you move down to pull my skirt off. You push your hand down between my legs and kneel behind me. You kiss my butt and lick me spreading my legs you push your tongue to my pussy. It is wet and hot for you, wanting you to penetrate it. I turn around and you push your tongue into my open puss and I gasp breathlessly. I feel your tongue making me moisten more. I pull you up to me and kiss you hard tasting my juice on you. I reach down and pull your pants off and grab your hard erection. I kneel down to lick and suck you fast and hard, our passion exploding. You lay me on the seat and kiss me from my clit to my neck and slide your hard shaft into my hot wet cave. YOu push hard and we moan together and you pound my pussy deep and hard, faster and faster. I am coming already, it is so hot. Oh god, I am cumming my baby. You grunt as the feeling of my tight hot pussy is filled with your gush of cream. "Oh fuck", we both exclaim together. So good, so hot, so passionate. You kiss me on the lips and say "Goodbye my love".

I close my eyes and take a breath. When I open them you are gone. I look around satisfied and confused. I realise I was dreaming of you again. I look beside me and find myself sitting beside your grave xxxxx