Written by Anonymous


Amy and I had been good friends since primary school. As we grew older we progressed through the same classes and schools together. We lost contact just after our first year at college when her father took a job overseas and her whole family relocated. This was not long after we both started puberty and we started to understand what sexual longing was.

Many years passed and I grew into a sensual woman with a vivid memory of my fleeting early sexual engagements with Amy.

Amy’s parents settled back in our town and their children remained overseas but I wasn’t aware of this until I answered an ad for a housekeeper in a large house in an affluent part of town.

I arrived at the house one Thursday afternoon after luckily being given an interview.

Amy’s mother answered the door. She was an attractive short-ish woman in her late 40’s but she didn’t look much older than 30. She had a rather large curvy arse and tiny waste and beautiful bouncy breasts.

I wasn’t sure if she recognised me when she answered the door but she welcomed me in and as I followed her down the hallway my gaze fell to her full arse cheeks moving up and down the fabric on the inside of her skirt with each step. I was fixated on her arse like an adolescent boy with his first hardon until she reached the lounge room door and stopped to open it. The sexy older woman stood aside as I moved past her into the large bright sunny room. The rust coloured leather couches formed a square in the middle of the room with the oak coffee table as the focal point. Large bay windows were along the outside walls. I sat down in the furthest corner with a huge weight.

I was wearing a floaty skirt that came just above my knees and as I collapsed onto the soft leather I sunk. The leather was hot and licked the top of my thighs just below my buttocks. My head fell backwards and found a resting place on the back wall of the leather studded couch.

All of a sudden I was really tired and I lay on the couch with relief as my legs opened like a knackered marathon runner.

I lapped up the warmth of the room and the bright sunlight and felt my host quietly sit down beside me. Amy’s mother started the usual small talk and gradually got into the informal interview. It was an easy situation and she wanted to make sure i was aware of what the role entailed. She got closer and touched my left knee then boldly started to rub it.

By this point I knew that this situation was not what I had thought it was and I was feeling pretty turned on but slightly shocked.

The sexy older woman leaned into me and then touched my neck with soft finger tips then ran them down along my cleavage all the way along my breast to my nipple. She rubbed the open palm of her hand over it so lightly that it became hard within a second. She carried on along my abdomen until she reached my upper thigh and slowly slid my skirt up and then her fingers to the inner side of my thigh and slowly pulled my leg towards her so that I was widely spread and exposed. She slowly and sweetly walked her fingers up further until she swept the velvety and swollen lips that were protruding from my crotchless red panties. She took a deep breath not expecting to come across skin that early. I loved wearing crotchless panties. They made me feel so horny. She concentrated on the delicate inner lips of my sex for a few minutes until i could feel myself throbbing with the amazing pain that happens when i get turned on and my vulva gets engorged. I couldn’t believe what was happening as I’d always entertained thoughts of Amy’s mother and father when I was younger. My knees were up to my chest and Amy’s Mum started to slide her index finger up and down my open engorged pussy lips. With each stroke I let her slip into my now very gooey and creamy hole. As she did this, she looked into my eyes so that she could see on my face what her fingers were doing to me. She kept a slow but steady pace and incorporated her thumb as well to rub my clit. I reached down to pull the fleshy hood back so that she had direct contact. I could feel the lubrication flowing from the walls of my vagina as it trickled down towards my asshole and into the leather underneath me. My breathing got shorter and sharper and I was moaning with each stroke of this beautiful woman’s fingers. Then she stopped. We hadn’t noticed Amy’s dad standing right next to us in the room. ‘I see you two are enjoying yourselves’ he said as he walked around to stand in front of me. I was lying semi upright with my knees at my tits and my very wet and swollen vagina throbbing at him. Then he knelt down and looked me in the eye and softly said ‘I think you should lick this lady’s sex, would you like to do that?’ By now his wife had already taken her panties off to reveal a very meaty hairy quim. I moved closer to her and buried my face in the thicket of damp musty hair and flesh. She moaned when I pulled her clit hood back and started to lick the delicate bud that was very purple and hard. I licked and sucked and as I did and felt her juices dribbling onto my chin. The protective pussy hair was getting more and more matted. I took 2 fingers and slid them first past her wrinkly fanny lips and then pushed harder against the resistance of the entrance of her vagina. Her husband was watching in fascination and I assume he was enjoying it as he had his sizeable cock in his hand. The head was purple and he had so much pre-cum leaking from the eye that I thought he’d already cum.

Amy’s mother was making weak whimpering noises as she squeezed and pulled at large her large nipples. My fingers were well inside her love tunnel and getting very well lubed up. I was moving them in and out of her and with each withdrawal I took the time to look at the beautiful wet slick that she was producing that was now coating my fingers. I could smell the musty smell of her with the heat and I was very aware that her husband was enthralled by what I was doing to his wife. They were both staring down at me intently as I worked this very gooey dripping vagina. Amy’s mother’s breathing was becoming very rapid and her father was wanking in desperation.

By now I was wondering if I should bring this woman to orgasm, suck her husband off or let him slide his thick purple cock into me. I decided to wrap my hand around the dribbling shaft and lick the tip. He was salty and made a sexy grunt as I slowly let no more than five centimetres of the head past my lips. I loved letting the tip of my tongue slide into the eye of his penis. He clearly did as well because he was now whimpering and begging me to take more of him into my mouth. That’s when I pulled away and guided him downwards to his wife’s hairy hole. She was so wet and swollen. The hairy pussy was so wet. I slid my index finder into her and withdrew it to coat the head of her husbands dick with her slimy juice. I did this about three times and guided his knob up and down the beckoning hole. He couldn’t take much more and leant forward to ease his thick veiny cock into the baggy lips of his wife. I watched as the head went in first and then the rest of the shaft slid in. They both gave out a moan that indicated the pleasure they felt and before I knew it Amy’s father was thrusting so hard and fast into his wife. It only took about 7 or 8 thrusts before the guttural grunts started and he ejaculated into Amy’s mothers pussy. I was shocked at the speed that the whole act was over and as he collapsed onto the large cushion like breasts beneath him I took my leave and exited the room and then the front door.

Something told me that I might be hearing from Amy’s parents again.....