I had a great thing going with a workmate of mine. We got on great at a work level, and both of us were in relationships, but occasionally we would start sexting during the day, and if we got the chance we woud both stay late for a quick fuck or blowjob after work.

He got to know what I liked - which was being a sub and being fucked hard. One day I texted him to let him know i was feeling a bit horny. He told me to remove my underwear and to prove to him it was off. I did as I was told and discretely showed him my knickers among my work folders. I bent over another desk, just enough for him to know that, if nobody else was around, he could have slid his hand up my thigh and feel my wet pussy. I teased him all day and the seting got hotter and hotter. We were both so keen to see our workmates start to leave the office at 5. We agreed to meet in one of the private offices upstairs. i was waiting for him when he came in and walked up to me, his hand went straight up my skirt and his fingers were in my pussy. "take off your top" he commanded. One hand grabbed my tit before he slapped it. I groaned, and his fingers went in deeper into my pussy. He brought his face close to mine and i thought he would kiss me, but instead he said " you have been behaving like a slut all day.teasing me and making me hard. when you behave as a slut, you need to be fucked like one. Turn around." I did as he told me. He pushed me down over the desk and lifted my skirt as he undid his pants and took off his belt. I jumped slightly as my tits hit the cold wood then I suddenly heard and felt a sharp pain as he hit my bare ass with his belt. He had never done this before and I jumped, but he hit me again. He told me I was a dirty little slut, getting just what i wanted. He was right, so when he demanded i admit to what i was, i readily agreed to being his slut as the belt came down again on my bare ass. Our time was limited, so he soon grabbed my hips with both his hands as he slid his hard cock deep into my tight wet pussy. He quickly started fucking me hard, each time banging me aganst the desk as his cock filled me hard and deep. Again and again his cock fucked me, till he stood back and told me to get on my knees. My legs were wobbly and weak as I knelt in front of him and looked up. I barely had a chance to get my breath before his cock was in my mouth. He told me to keep looking at him as he told me I was a good slut getting what i wanted. he fucked my throat hard and deep till i felt and tasted his cum in the back of my throat. he held my head still with his cock still in my throat as I gagged. When he finally let go and i got my breath back, he smiled and thanked me before doing up his pants and leaving me there - naked and sore but having had a great time.