Some friends came to visit me to get some movies off me. We were all in my computer room and I was going through what I had and copying over the ones they wanted.

I had not seen her for years as she had moved out of town but before she had moved away we had a long sexual history together and I had been hoping she would come over by herself so I could ask her if I could watch her fucking again only this time bee in the room with her instead of outside like she arranged for me one time in the past where I watched her fucking her husband without him knowing and was also the very reason why I loved to watch people fucking now.

Anyway as I was busy copying over the files I caught something out of the corner of my eye as she was sitting slightly behind me and he was standing next to her and as I looked she had taken his cock out and was sucking him while holding his balls on one hand. It turned out she had told him she knew I wanted to watch them playing and he had agreed to let me watch. With an instant boner coming to life I turned more to look at what was happening and she hand a hand down her top and she was taking her tits out so I could see them. She looked at me while still sucking him and pointed to her tit as a signal I could touch her. I carefully reached out and took hold of one gently as it had been years since I had seen them in person or touched them and wanted to savour the moment, her nipples were so still so yummy and large and hard. She let out a little hum around his cock as I touched her and he just stood there with his eyes closed enjoying what she was doing. She let out another hum around his cock when she saw how hard I was getting and that I was rubbing myself with my other hand but signalled for me not to take it out yet. I was just to watch at this point and I didn’t mind in the least.

He seemed off in another world as she sucked him all the way in and out getting quicker with her rhythm. I spoke finally and told her I had been dying to see her do something like this and how hot it looked to watch her do that. I moved closer to them even though they were only a few feet away to start with. She was awesome at sucking cock and I was transfixed watching her suck him into her mouth as I got closer still. He still had his eyes closed and didn’t know how close I had gotten and I just couldn’t take it anymore and just had to kiss her so I just dived in and started kissing around her mouth as she was sucking him still. I am still not sure if he realized it was happening as we both ended up kissing around his cock which I don’t think he seemed to mind. Our tongues were going into each other’s mouth and around his cock at the same time we both were going up and down on his cock also.

Then it happened, he started filling her mouth with cum and I was still trying to kiss her at the same time getting my tongue into her mouth and literally taking his cum out of her mouth while I did it, I couldn’t help myself I just had to have some of his cum and thought it was so awesome she was sharing it with me. This was as close as I had been to taking cum strait out of a guys cock, I had eaten several pussies that had just been fresh fucked and filled with a load before but this was as it was happening as he was still squirting still filling her mouth and im sure I even felt it squirt across the side of my tongue as I pushed it into her mouth. It was also at this point I realized I had actually reached up under her skirt and was rubbing her and realized she had no knickers on also and she seemed to be getting very wet all of a sudden, weather it was that fact that I was kissing her as she sucked him or that I was taking some of his cum as well I don’t know but I loved the feeling of her wetness. She started letting out a long low growl around his cock as she started to orgasm and by then I had my thumb rubbing her clit and several fingers buried in her pussy working away on her and when she came I felt it gush over my hand as she had squirted.

In the midst of all this he still had his eyes closed and don’t think he realized I had kissed her at all let alone that I had taken some of his cum into my mouth from hers and had rubbed her as well.

It was so hot to share in something like that with her after all these years and I still lusted after her so much. I had a folder hidden away on my computer with many pics I had taken of her at a few sessions years ago before she moved away and had wanked off over them many many times before. After she had remade contact I let her know quietly I still had her pics and she gave me a cheeky wink as if to say she was happy about that.

Anyway I asked them if they would like to go in onto my bed to go a little further with their show and she nodded yes so said for them to go in while I went and closed the back door of the house. When I walked into my bedroom the sight before me was so yummy, she was laying on my bed and had quickly stripped off (turns out she was just wearing a dress with no underwear or bra when they arrived) she was spread eagled holding her legs up so he could eat her pussy, I could have so easily just have got my cock out and cum over her right there and then she looked so yummy and with being on my bed as well made it even better. he commented at how wet she was already and so was obviously oblivious to the fact I had put my fingers in her and she slyly winked at me as though to say “our secret at this stage”. I just about didn’t know what to do with myself, I had watched couples fucking before but she was different, I had wanted to watch her like this for so long and last time I was outside the window watching, this time I could smell her and wanted to just start touching her all over but she signalled me to just watch. I asked if could lie on the bed next to her to watch closer and she patted beside her as to say yes. She was moaning at his attentions to her pussy and he had his face buried in her deep. I couldn’t help but rub my cock and she slowly reached over and rubbed it as well through my shorts which I so wanted to strip off so I could let my cock rest against her and feel her soft fingers around it. I could tell by her body language that she was wanting me to really touch her and she wanted touch me also but she wasn’t sure how he would react, it was one thing for them to put on a show for me but for us to be touching each other as well was something different so she didn’t let him see she was rubbing me. I asked if I could help by holding her legs back for them and he pushed them up further so I took the opportunity to grab hold and pull them up. I pulled them back in a way that it lifted her pussy right up and opened her pussy up to him and so I had a great view of what he was doing to that awesome pussy but also so my arm brushed against her breasts and slowly moved my arm to rub them to which she moaned again.

I finally had enough and asked if I could see them fucking as it would be so yummy to watch and she taped his head to come up to her. He raised himself up and I was still holding her legs back keeping her pussy up and open for him. He was just about to position his cock into her pussy when I asked coyly and more directed at her than him “can I put his cock into you, I would love it if you would let me do it for you” she had a slightly surprised yet exited look on her face like she would love it and gave him a look for approval. He stayed where he was near her pussy and I moved to take hold of him and also moved my other hand to her pussy lips to open them up whilst keeping her legs back with my elbows. They both looked like they were liking it and were both watching what I was doing to them as I did it, i gave her pussy a quick rub and dipped my fingers then smeared some pussy juice onto him then spread her pussy lips open wide. I slowly pulled his cock in towards her and put the head into her pussy. I put my fingers in slightly and spread her opening more as he went slightly forward and I feed his cock in. they both moaned in appreciation as they had not had anyone do that for them before and to me it was a way of sharing in their pleasure together as well and sharing in that moment.

God how I had so wanted to watch her fuck again and here it was finally happening and here on my bed. I was so hard and felt like I could just blow a stream of cum over them at any moment my cock was throbbing so much. He started a slow rhythm going all the way in and then almost all the way out so I could see the head of his cock appear at the entrance of her pussy. I had without realising it started going closer to watch and she didn’t stop me at all, I was transfixed with his cock gliding in and out of her beautiful opening it was so wonderful to watch. I was occasionally looking up at her face to see the expressions she made as he slid into her and she was dreamy eyed and I think loving the fact that I was watching her, she looked down at me and I mouthed “thank you” to her for letting me have this and she could see I almost had a tear in my eye as well.

I said to them I would love to see them with her on top and reverse cowgirl style so I could watch really close to the action. As he pulled out I could see his cock glisten with her pussy juices and my god the sight of her pussy still open slightly it took all my strength to not just bury my whole face in there. She got him to lay down and I moved to the end of the bed to watch the moment of penetration but this time without asking I just reached up and grabbed his cock and held it up to feed into her, as she lowered herself down I left my hand there a little while to feel her wetness as well. Her pussy looked so inviting and her outer lips had swollen so large and were glistening wrapping around his cock as she went up and down. I moved up between their legs and watched so closely and watcher her make his cock disappear into her. He couldn’t see me around her so I slowly moved a hand up and put it on her pubic mound and let my fingers go around the side of her lips as she raised and lowered herself. I was able to mouth to her that I so wanted to eat her as they fucked. She pushed herself down and moaned hard thinking about what I had just said.

So here I was on my bed with the woman I had fucked many times in the past and who I had watched through a window years ago fuck her husband at the time without him knowing and now she was on my bed fucking her boyfriend, a guy I had only ever met a few times and now I had also had my mouth around his cock kissing her and taken some of his cum into my mouth as well, and god the sight before me was beautiful, a couple fucking right in front of me so close I could smell them in fact getting so close I could just about put my tongue out and taste them.

She reached down and started to rub herself and I watched as she dipped fingers into her pussy beside his cock, she then stuck her fingers out so I could suck them, as I did she would push herself down hard and moan and I knew she was doing it to hide the fact she was moaning at me sucking her juices off while they fucked. After several times of her dipping her fingers I took a chance and moved my hand to where hers had been, she knew what I was going to do and smiled as if to say yes and she looked down and watched as I dipped my fingers in instead. It was yummy to be going into her as they fucked and she enjoyed it to so for a little while we took turns at dipping and while my fingers went in I was sucking hers clean.

I kept saying every now and then how awesome it was to watch and how good it looked and then I just couldn’t take it anymore, I looked at her almost crying and mouthed that I wanted to eat her as they fuck. She could see I really wanted to and gave me a nod. I mouthed thankyou to her again and then headed further down. As I did she lay right back on top of him and I slowly moved close enough to lick her. As I was about to his cock popped out with a splosh that sounded so yummy, I dutifully grabbed his cock and she smiled at me as I gave it a quick few strokes up and down and put it back into her pussy. At first I licked her clit and started just down the sides of her pussy lips and he still didn’t know I was doing it, but he soon would. I tried to get as much of her pussy lips into my mouth and pushed my tongue into her beside his cock. He certainly knew I was there now as I was going frantic licking her and him at the same time and started doing big wide tongued licks along them both, enjoying the taste of them, they both seemed to be loving it as they were starting to move more and starting fuck harder as I licked, they were both moaning and she was getting very very wet. I could see he was rubbing her tits and she was rubbing around her pussy and put a hand on my head as to say don’t stop. She was getting into a real fever pitch with her moaning, then to my delight she squirted and she squirted bigtime all over my face as I opened my mouth and tried to catch as much as I could and it was dripping back down all over them as well. I started really munching on her as soon as she stopped and started pushing fingers into her as well. I was basically fisting her with my hand and giving him a hand job inside her pussy at the same time it was fucking brilliant. I then felt him stiffen and so did she, she stopped moving but I kept pushing my fingers in and out of her and basically jacking him off fully inside her pussy at the same time, I wanted to be inside her when he cum, I wanted to feel him cum in her, no I needed to feel him cum inside her so I started wrapping my fingers around his cock all while still fisting her. Then I felt what I had waited for, I felt him start to twitch and I moved my finger in to the end of his cock as I felt him push squirt after squirt of cum inside her and at the same time I could feel her start to orgasm again as well.

It was so god damned hot and as soon as he had finished cuming I pulled my hand out and tasted my fingers then moved them to her mouth to and she smiled and sucked them. I asked them to stay just as they are and stuck my fingers back into her again but this time when I pulled them out of her I pulled the front of my shorts down and started rubbing their combined wetness all over my cock. I pushed my hand in again going in deep beside him and this time I pulled my shirt up and rubbed it on my body, the look on her face was still one of delight and of approval of me doing what I was doing, next I went back in and rubbed it on my face then after once more started to vigorously wank myself off just millimetres away from her opening and had started rubbing over her body with my other hand. The whole time I kept mouthing to her thank you thank you. It didn’t take me long at all and she knew I was close as she reached down and cupped my balls and the base of my cock and pulled me towards her pussy where he was still inside. I finally got there and just let it go and my cum went all over her pussy and down his cock, to my delight she started moving her pussy and it made his cock push some of my cum up into her. Apart from actually getting to fuck her I couldn’t have asked for anything more and who wouldn’t want another guy to push their cum inside a lovely lady for them if they weren’t allowed to do it themselves.

Of course all this is a fantasy but I am thinking I may just let her read it and see if she will let it become real.

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