Written by H.L.PhuckAg


Sean hadn't done much with his young life. He was socially awkward and even tho he stood a good foot over most boy's, he had a way of not being noticed. Chriss was his best mate they worked labouring jobs together since they'd been old enough to and they took care off each other." Sean!" Chris called " look at that" pointing at the girl across the road from where they worked. "Isn't that Penny from school? " He carried on knowing full well it was and that Sean had lusted after Penny from kindergarten till high school. Sean blushed as Chris's voice caught Pennies attention and as she looked over he felt like that awkward kid again. She was more stunning than he remembered auban hair caressing her cheak as she turned and her wild green eyes met his."Sean, Chris"she exclaimed which surprised Sean who had thought himself invisible to girls especially Penny! He didn't have time to come to grips with the situation, before she was across the road first hugging Chris and then Sean who still wasn't sure if this was reality or if he'd slipped and hit his head. "How have you boys been its been years, " She said to a still stunned Sean ,who slowly gained his composier and after exchanging stories for awhile Sean almost forgot Penny wasn't just another one of the lads, "so what are you guys working on " she said "this part of town used to be beautiful" To right "said Chris this areas mostly Victorian and their finally going to spend the time and money to restore it , its been abandoned as long as I remember" he looked at Penny and added "Sean's the real craftsman why don't you ask him to show you?"What's Chris talking about Sean?she smilled a little as she spoke ,Sean had retreated into his shy awkwardness and if she was honest she had always found it more than a little attractive, a man Sean's size size so gentile and shy." I've been restoring the fountain in behind the old courtyard's if you think you might want to see it"Sean replied Penny reached out and grabbed his hand"let's go!" she exclaimed, her eyes flickering greener as she felt his rough and strong his palms felt compared to hers. After a short walk they entered the still prcially overgrown courtyard, There it was the fountain ornate handcarved marble allnost more extravagant than imaginable . Penny was awe struck ,but not to long to see Sean's intire being change brimming with pride, standing tall and skilling.Penny had never really realised how big a man Sean was ,and as she looked at the man standing in front of her, she started to tremble, she felt every nerve in her body become alive, every slight wisp of air caressed her she grabbed him and kissed him deeply,vto her surprise he kissed her back passionately without hesitation and wrapped her up tight in his arms,she almost melted.,then felt herself dripping, she'd never been so wet, She grabbed him and forced his hand up her skirt, As soon as his fingers found their mark she moaned almost sobing convulsing at his touch. He spun her around bent her forcefully over the fountain as he pulled out his fierce throbbing cock already dripping with precum and thrust it deep into her dripping cunt and fucked her with passion and such intensity that they became one, writhing in pleasure in the fleating eternity of Bliss, then they held each other tight, not certain whether the woman held the awkward little boy or if the little girl was held by the man ...... ..........The End. H.L.PhuckAg...please leave comment