Written by JW27


We'd walked a long way through forest and across beaches until we found "our" isolated camping ground, located on the skirts of a beautiful white sandy beach.

We were both so hot, with beads of sweat gathering on our bodies. I looked over and he had started to take his shirt off. We were the only one's there, or so I thought. We both took our clothes off and walked into the warm, glistening water, feeling completely free and uninhibited. Moving towards each other, it wasn't long before he pulled me hard against his hot, muscly body and I could feel his amazing hard cock, pushing against my pussy.

Seeing him naked had started me to get wet, letalone having his hard, throbbing cock pushing its way, to get inside my hot, wet, pussy.

I moved my legs apart slightly and he grabbed one of my legs, putting it around his waist. Without hesitation he thrust his cock inside my wanting pussy ... I could feel all of him, deeper and deeper as he thrust harder and harder. Leaning forward and nibbling on my erect nipples and with my back arched he thrust harder, causing me to moan loudly.

I think it may have been this moaning that gained some attention from the shore. I glanced back at the sand and standing there were another two guys, naked and holding their cocks, rubbing them while they watched me getting fucked.

They called for us to come back in. My husband asked me what I wanted to do and I suggested that maybe we give this a go.

We waded back in and as we got closer to the shore, one of the guys came forward, took my hand and lay me down on the sand on my back. My husband gave me a knowing look which I knew meant that it was okay.

I could see the other huy kneel next to me. I couldn't believe what was happening as I spread my legs and guy number one lay between them and started sucking my hot, wet, clit. He started nibbling on me and I arched my back in esctacy. This prompted the second guy to lean forward and start licking my nipples and gently biting them.

I could see my husband watching, protecting me in case I wanted to stop at any time, but he could tell by the look on my face, that I was enjoying what was happening. He was rock hard and all I wanted to do at that time was to have him inside me fucking me hard ... this was making me wetter and wetter and next thing I felt were fingers thrusting inside my pussy. Three, four, who knows, but it was amazing.

I motioned for both of the guys to move and to kneel either side of me while my husband knew exactly what to do. He came towards me and lay down, pushing his incredible cock deep inside me ... he was harder than ever before. It felt amazing. One of the guys couldn't stop himself and pushing his cock deep inside my mouth while the other rubbed himself, watching what was happening. He continued to squeeze my nipples and everything felt so good.

The guy rubbing himself was getting faster and faster and by his expression I knew he was close, so I reached over and helped him ... it was only a few seconds and he came all over my mouth and tits. I still had a cock in my mouth and his cum was over both of us which excited me even more.

My husband could see how excited and turned on I was and pumped me harder and harder. I moaned as I started to feel that amazing hard cock in my mouth swell and push harder and harder ... I pulled him out of my mouth and wanked him until he too came all over my tits.

My husband then pulled me up to my feet and took me back out into the ocean where he cleaned me off ... within a matter of seconds I felt his cock deep inside me. I had both my legs wrapped around him and was floating in the water. He fucked me so hard I screamed. My throbbing clit pulsating around his cock, inadvertently I glanced towards the shore, the other two men were nowhere to be found ... was it a dream? I didn't care, I had what I wanted, he was inside me and the only one that was ever allowed to be ...................................

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